Abe’s In Toyland Week 2 Starts Tomorrow

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow morning, Wednesday, December 18th, Week 2 (Act 2) of Abe’s in Toyland will be starting.  The official start time is 10am ET.

While the Week 1 questline won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished the prizes you’ll have a chance to complete it even after Week 2 starts, all of the Week 1 Premium items will be leaving the store.

So if you planned to purchase Old Tut do so before he leaves our games tomorrow morning. (SIBs Linked)

Also, here’s some inside info to help you prepare for Week 2 to start…

During Week 2 we’ll travel to London, as Grampa tells death another story about how he saved Christmas…or a story about how Abbey was conceived.  Grampa’s telling the story, so even Death is confused!  Of course, you’ll have to follow along with the dialogue to find out what happens, but the same characters used for Act 1 currency tasks should be used for the Act 2 currency tasks, with the exception Old Tut.  Again, the Old Tut will NOT earn currency for Week 2.  So we’re looking at:
New Premium Character for Act 2

You’ll also need Grampa and Death free for the initial questline objective…

There will also be one new premium character combo introduced during week 2, and that character will be able to help with the currency earning for week 2.  (150 donuts will be needed if you’d like to purchase the combo)

And that’s it my friends!  Be prepared for Week 2 to start up tomorrow morning!

Thoughts on week 1?  Ready for week 2?  Excited to see where the story goes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock

  2. It’s my birthday tomorrow!!! 31 😬😬😬

  3. It’s probably been posted here SOMEWHERE… but in case a few have not figured out this trick.. my hubby figured out how to get more bang for his 4 hour event currency… he staggers his people… so if he is 80/100, he puts 4 people for the 20 and the rest of the folks he waits and puts them after… so when the 4 hours is up, he gets the prize and the ‘extras’ go to the next round. I haven’t mastered this yet, LOL But he’s always ahead and he doesn’t always buy the premium for the bonus currency.

    • Thank you for sharing Kim , that sounds like a great strategy in getting the most out of Character Tasks 😊👍🏻

  4. Has anyone had an issue with neighbors? At least half of my neighbors have nothing to tap. This happens occasionally depending on when they played last but this is different. It feels
    like a glitch. A few neighbors are fine. The rest seem to be “inactive”.

    • Tap anyway, I had same issue, but was able to tap buildings and get cash / vandalize them

    • YES I have (since last weekend)… someone else posted this same thing in another post. I don’t tap neighbors daily… and I know who doesn’t go in versus who my daily tappers are and there’s nothing to tap! Only ‘other Springfield’ works. bummer

      • Same for me! I wonder what the deal with that is! I try to go in daily or at least every other day but most of them have nothing to tap. Frustrating!

    • Sunny (and to all with the same situation)

      Having inquired with @EAHelp , so far EA has no glitches involving Neighboreenos (nor new problems with Origin Accounts) …..

      EA Help’s suggestions (and I’m going by them) are “not every Building regenerates to Tap on as quickly as others, so please feel free to try visiting Neighboreenos randomly” (I’d say about 1/8 of my Neighboreenos had Buildings to Tap at this time).

      I suppose during an Event Tappers tap their Springfield’s more often (I just cleared my Springfield recently, I will do so again in another 8 hours – so feel free to visit before midnight Pacific Standard Time).

      If Tappers are clearing their Springfield’s every 4 – 6 hours now, I suppose that explains why our Neighboreenos have nothing for us to Tap as we typically have before.

      If anyone has received correspondence with EA Help that offers different suggestions, or answers, please feel free to let share (now please enjoy that snow 🎄❄️☃️😊 )

      • Thank you!

      • Susan C. (Suski33)

        Thanks for the update, CJBrown. I’m still confused though, as I have two towns, both with plenty of available buildings to tap. But neither show availability when I visit. This is true for a couple of RW friends, as well. I laid off the game for 36 hours to see if buildings would regenerate – nope, nada, nothing. If EA shows no problem, I’m not sure what to think.🧐 Oh well, I hope my neighbors will understand my dilemma.🤪💗

        • Susan C.

          I can take @EAHelp ‘s response to my inquiries as ‘generic way to deflect problem reported until real solution is available’ 😉

          I have visited my Neighboreenos and still find only 1/8th available with Buildings to Tap (I personally feel that there’s still an Origin Account issue that EA will not admit to).

          I have not seen anyone on Twitter inquiring with EA Help regarding lost / disappearing Group of Elves (ie whether this involves the Event Prize and/or purchased Premium).

          I hope if there are ‘issues’ and a Tapper gets actual help from EA, they will share here on TSTO Addicts.

          Constructive Criticism – I can’t defend EA’s decisions to keep the ‘same format’ (Simpsons Family Member tells a different story each Week, 1/2 the Event Prizes are not worth Tapping for, small stack of 🍩’s instead of actual Prize, half arse Winter in our Springfield aka snow on ground no Holiday music,, etc), but I can try to have some fun with what I can. 😊☃️❄️🎄

          • Susan C. (Suski33)


            I may try to open a ticket w/ ye olde EA, and agree that there might be something account/game related they’d rather keep off the radar.🤪 However, I’m with you. While I miss the days of more engaging (even neighbor-involved) events, I’m just glad that, after so many years, they continue to update, provide fun content for the newer players, and keep me laughing – pretty good upsides, methinks!😻 Holly jolly to you, and to all Happy-Tappers! 🥳
            P.S. Any word I may get from EA/other quarters, I’ll certainly pass along.👌🏼

  5. I thought I read in one of the comments that their group of elves disappeared…ditto! I placed them in a Santa village setting and now I can’t find them. Anyone else having this problem? I double checked my inventory, but they are definitely not stored. I guess I am going to contact EA…

    • Hg70

      I still have my Event Prize Group of Elves , are you (an other Tappers) missing those purchased with 🍩’s ? I haven’t seen anyone inquiring on Twitter @EAHelp , but I can check later.

  6. Thanks, Alissa! Appreciate your work to keep us in the know!

  7. Happy 30th Birthday Simpsons!!!!

  8. Abraham Jay Simpson II

    1st Week was alright obtaining his Dad (Orville Simpson) and Paternal Grandfather (Old Tut Simpson) ….

    Week 2 sounds like it’s going to be about Abbey and Edwina (you should watch the 4th Episode of Season 15 “The Regina Monologues” to appreciate this) 👍🏻

    • CJ Brown, I’ve been reading this forum for awhile and am curious… are you a professional complainer or do you just do it as a hobby?
      This is a Christmas event – did you not notice the snow? It may not be perfect for long-time players, but they have not forgotten us and they are still giving us something to do.
      I actually like it and appreciate the Simpson-type similarity to Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

      • I’m just a Long Time Tapper

        there are things I like about TSTO
        (I’ve said before there is no App like it)
        there are the things I miss and I’m not the only one (feel free to look and see for yourself, there are shared opinions)

        Have you not noticed that I appreciate the fact this Winter Event is the Father’s Day theme we never got? (I’m looking forward to the various Paternal Simpsons Relatives we can obtain)

        EA gets a thanks (or criticism) when it’s deemed – on par when tourists visit a theme park and give it a yay or nay (I’m personally giving a huge yay to Knott’s Berry Farm 100th / Cedar Point’s 150th in 2020)

      • Full of ….

        Are you a Russian Bot? or do you post the same thing over and over 😂

        I actually ♥️ my Paternal Simpsons Relatives obtained this Week (I encourage everyone to watch the Episode mentioned to get an idea what to expect – 2 Characters that will bring a smile – and if we’re lucky? something related to the Episode such as Judy Dench Fish and Chips) 😊

  9. No Gill deal this event?

  10. Week 1 very weak, week 2 even weaker ect ect ect!!!!!

    • Keith

      We definitely are not getting an Xmas Event this year 🙄

      It’s alright to obtain some Simpsons Paternal Characters (it’s Father’s Day in December), but it’s not alright to blow off Long Time Tappers … we deserve something for our efforts before years end.

      • Ah, the age of entitlement.

        • Yes
          I’m entitled to cheer Keith up ❄️🎄☃️
          (agree with his feelings, encourage enjoyment of new Characters)

          and I’m enjoying the Toys r Us pop up that’s open nearby (this is awesome)😊

    • Awwww…and you were so excited for the event too! 😞🎄🚫

      • Yes I know, even the snow let me down, usually the best event of the year for me, sorry for being miserable lol ⛄⛄

        • Keith ❄️🎄☃️

          You’re not alone … it’s always been a pleasure to be surprised and delighted each time for Halloween and Christmas in TSTO (only this year it’s kind of not what many expected, it’s been the “what happened?”)

          I’m choosing to go “hey this is the Father’s Day we didn’t get” , because we’re getting some cool Paternal Simpsons Relatives (some even Safi didn’t bring up because they’re not seen in Episodes except in a flashback, or one off). I’m fine with that now after the “what the” has worn off ….

          Maybe Christmas will be finding a Toys r Us boutique store open nearby and having fun inside it (I am hoping your Celebration off TSTO is pleasant) 😊

        • Its ok. Im pissed cuz they screwed us outta decoration lights!😡

          • sandytoes74

            Yes we have sooo many Buildings (along with an entire Pier) but no way to turn on Christmas Lights for them (Springfield Heights to Shelbyville deserve this – I’d have spent the sprinkles to make it happen) …. ❄️🎄☃️

          • And I want to buy a bunch of elf houses, and be able to add neighbors (neighbours if you are Safi). Oh yeah, and I want Mrs. SINCLAIR in my new town.

            But do you hear me complaining? No, you don’t hear me complaining. But everyone else is complaining, yet I, who have every right to complain, just sit here quietly.

            And furthermore, happy holidays!

            • And a pony.
              I’ll put in a good word with the big guy.

            • Sounds like complaining about us complaining, I hear you, 🎅🤶

            • Everyone is offering constructive criticism (some actually take the time to tweet and/or leave a Facebook comment so that EA can gauge what Tappers like / dislike).

              I’m fine with it not being Christmas in Springfield (honestly? a late Event release made me think we’re getting Hanukah finally – that would’ve been fun, too) .

              It’s nice that Tappers are not upset like they were during Pagan Event, I’m with the majority who want Holiday Lights everywhere (and a Happy Winter to ye)😊

              • 🤔 I liked the pagan event 🤔

              • I ♥️’d that Event, too (although I get it if many were super offended that they didn’t get a Christian Holiday in their Springfield that year, especially Maggie sacrificing a plushy seemed to irritate many – I felt that visual Task was clever).

                This Event is winning me over with the Characters we obtain.

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