Christmas 2019 (Abe’s In Toyland) Week 3 Is Live!

Full disclosure…it’s Christmas. (Merry Christmas!)  I’m not here.  I’ve prewritten this post and scheduled it in advance to go live when Act 3 hits.  So all of the information in this post is based off of the information EA has provided us in our event packets.  I have not verified in-game.  So if something is incorrect, I apologize and i’ll fix it tomorrow…maybe. If not tomorrow, then Friday. Today, I’m spending the day with my family…as you should be too! 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast, and that means Week 3 of Abe’s in Toyland is live in Springfield!

Things kick off for week 3 with some more dialogue between Grampa and Death…

Death: Look, you need to hurry up these stories. You’re supposed to be chewing coffin dirt by dawn.
Grampa: Don’t get your ghoul underpants in a ghost knot, I’m getting there. World War Two was over. I had an honorable discharge from the Army, and a dishonorable discharge from a skin condition I picked up in Paris. The economy was booming, and every veteran was dating a nurse he’d kissed on V-J day. And yet America was threatened by internal Communist subversives from the USSR. We were headed towards a Christmas nightmare!

This triggers the week 3 questline, Abe the Toy Solider, and is followed by 4hr task for Grampa, as well as a task to collect Week 3 Currency (50).  Abe the Toy Solider is the questline that will take you through unlocking all of the Week 3 prizes.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during week 3…

Here’s EA’s synopsis for Act 3/Week 3:

Death starts to get annoyed at Abe’s long stories, but Abe starts to tell the story about the FBI and the Communists. Philip Hefflin from Whiz Bang Toys wants to make Abe the model for his line of toy army men and offers to pay him a penny for every thousand toys sold. Abe agrees, and models for the toys. He then meets an FBI agent working for J. Edgar Hoover, who informs Abe they plan to use the toys to root out communist infiltrators. Each of the toys has a tiny radio transmitter in it so the government can spy on them. Abe lets this slip to his girlfriend at the time (who was spying on him for the CIA). The CIA confiscate all the old army men toys and melt them down. Whiz Bang Toys made new toy army men in someone else’s likeness.

As I stated above, you’ll basically go right into the Abe the Toy Solider questline, which is what the week 3 story will follow. This questline is how you’ll unlock the Week 3 (Act 3) prizes.

The currency we’re working on collecting for Week 3/Act 3….

Toy Soldiers


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 3:

Abe the Toy Soldier Pt. 1 and 50 (Winter Wonderland Box token)

Abe the Toy Soldier Pt. 2 and 100  (Whiz Bang Toy Company)
Abe the Toy Soldier Pt. 3 and 100  (Abe’s Rainbow Statue)
Abe the Toy Soldier Pt. 4 and 100  (Winter Wonderland Box token)

Abe the Toy Soldier Pt. 5 and 100  (Philip Hefflin)

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 3:
Krusty the Christian (New Premium)

Characters earn:

5/4hrs for Freemium
8/4hrs for New Premium

Act 1 and 2/Week 1 and 2 Prizes

These are STILL unlockable if you haven’t completed that prize track.  You have until the event ends to unlock ALL the prizes.  So keep going with Week 1 or week 2 if you haven’t yet finished it.


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

   Evil Candy Cave w/ Krusty the Christian- 150 Donuts.  Leaves stores January 1st. (This is a COSTUME for Krusty. Premium payout).

All other returning content, that arrived during Week 1 (including the Mystery Boxes), remains for Week 3.  For a list of what’s available check out the Week 1 rundown post

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week three of the Abe’s In Toyland event.

Your thoughts on the week 3 content?  Did you finish weeks 1 or 2 or are you still working on them?  Premium content you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

21 responses to “Christmas 2019 (Abe’s In Toyland) Week 3 Is Live!

  1. Looks like I don’t need to worry I’m missing much while on vacation.

  2. Hmmmm, just a skin and a very small building, initially I felt very cheated, then I remembered it was Christmas and I already had plenty of spare 🍩

    And the 4% bonus is VERY NICE !! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  3. I bought Christian krusty but can anyone tell me what the blue part of the writing on the sign outside the evil candy cave says as it’s way too small for me to read.

  4. On the opening screen, the explosion between the reindeers looks like a sweet lion cub. I see it all the time now. And I don’t want to unsee it. I think I’ll go and watch the Lion king. Ok bye!

  5. Alissa – Merry Christmas – you deserve the rest of the Week off to be with Family 🤗

    Act 3 / Week 3

    For Long Time Tappers, you might as well spend the sprinkles and rush thru to get the Event Prizes you want (especially if your Silver Tokens are now 12 🍩’s!) I did and have no regrets (regerts) 😂 …. One new Building, one new Character (does anyone want another Krusty Character Skin? Yeah, I didn’t think so!) …. and I’ve got the rest of this week off from having to Tap thru anything. 👍🏻

    Noobs! Your advantage is utilizing those Silver Tokens to your advantage (honestly? There are better Ice Caves and Krusty Character Skins, use those sprinkles in the Mystery Box instead !) Don’t rush, you will get all of the 3rd Act Event Prizes, but you decide which to keep and what to store! ) 👌🏻

    Happy Holidays to All 😊

  6. decided to take a look at the christmas event since i stopped playing because of the never ending login error that happens every week & had locked me out for 3 weeks back in october. so i downloaded tapped out again & behold! an error has occurred during the login process. please try again.
    so i tried again. and again. and again. i hate this game so much. i’ve put up with this login error since christmas 2017 every single week & it’s an absolute joke. i’d love to know how many cases i opened with ea about it, but nobody has ever been able to work out why it occurs in 2 years. ea made me hate this game & i still hate it after today

    • Amber

      Merry Christmas 🎄

      Please don’t let L-EA-Z-Y ruin your 🎅 Day
      I think you have to log into your Origin Account on a PC, then set a new password (you will re-log into TSTO with this updated settings).

      I ran into a similar situation in October (EA has Origin Account network issues, with no solutions). I agree 💯 that EA’s lack of managing this Game App is ruining it .

  7. The items at least have the same theme with the prizes being from the episode “Mad About Toy” and Krusty the Christian + the Evil Candy Cave are from “The Nightmare After Krustmas” (which a lot of the pagan stuff is from). I look forward to unlocking these prizes because I plan on putting the statue in front of the toy company and I really hope that Philip Hefflin at least has a task there. Merry Christmas everyone.

    P.S. Everything is correct on here I believe, Alissa.

    • Philip Hefflin as a Character relocates from Texas to Springfield (and I won’t reveal any more) … I agree that the Prizes are Xmas themed to their Episodes …. it’s just another Character Skin? (that’s my 1 gripe) … so Merry Christmas and a Happy Day to ye 🎄 ☃️🦌🎅

  8. Thanks a lot for this post, Alissa, and a merry xmas to you, your family, the other curators and all tappers 😊
    The krusty skin is a swing and a miss, imho, since it’s not even strictly necessary to complete the event. Plus, without a “skin-separating discombobulator” in-game object (whom I will continue to suggest), a skin is just a replacement, and not an addition 😁

  9. FYI: The Evil Candy Cave has a 4% bonus.

  10. A SKIN for a Character!!!!.. A SKIN!!!!…. hmmmmm….

  11. Happy Christmas everyone

  12. I was looking for new % bonus items, and we have one… with a skin. Oh well, I already baked some free sprinklies for an item. Looks like this may be the one.

    • For the last 2 years in the Christmas events, the premium decorations don’t have any bonus % on them so this makes the combo more better instead of just having a skin and a decoration without any % on it.

  13. Big Big miss for me

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