Black History Month Act 3 Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry about the late post of this one, weekends can be unpredictable around here! 

It’s officially after 10am here on the East Coast, and that means Act 3 of the Black History Event is live in Springfield!

Things kick off for Act 3 with some dialogue between Ralph, Lou, and Wiggum…

Ralph: Uncle Lou the cop, will you tell me a story for my school report? You’re my favorite policeman ever!
Wiggum: What about me, Ralph?
Ralph: You’re not even my favorite Daddy ever. That’s Babar!
Lou: How about I tell you the story of my toughest case? The disappearance of Lewis Clark.
Wiggum: Ooh, I never heard this one!
Lou: *sighs* You were there, Chief.

This triggers the Act 3 questline, In the Lukewarm of the Twilight, and is followed by 4hr task for Wiggum, as well as a task to collect Act 3 Currency (400).  In the Lukewarm of the Twilight is the questline that will take you through unlocking all of the Act 3 prizes.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during Act 3…

Here’s EA’s synopsis for Act 3:

Lou relates the story of one of his toughest cases when a child goes missing and the trail leads him and Wiggum across time and space as things get really meta!

As I stated above, you’ll basically go right into the In the Lukewarm of the Twilight questline, which is what the Act 3 story will follow. This questline is how you’ll unlock the Act 3 prizes.

The currency we’re working on collecting for Act 3….

Police Badges

I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 3:

Crowd of Bullies- 400

Bully Bus- 350

Cretaceous Park- 375

Token- 400

Bully Boss- 475

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 3:
Bernice Hibbert
Dr. Hibbert
Hibbert’s Dad (New Premium)
Stogie (New Premium)
The Patriarch (New Premium for Act 3)

Characters earn:

5/4hrs for Freemium
8/4hrs for New Premium

Max of 79  every 4hrs

You’ll need 2,000 , total for this one.  This will be the hardest currency amount for this event (you’ll need if for Acts 2 and Acts 3).

Act 1/Act 2 Prizes

These are STILL unlockable if you haven’t completed that prize track.  You have until the event ends to unlock ALL the prizes.  So keep going with Act 1 or Act 2 if you haven’t yet finished it.


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

     The Patriarch & Mega Church- 150 Donuts.  This is a GIL deal.  I’ll cover the rundown on Gil later.  It’s Sunday, it’s family day.  

All other returning content, that arrived during Act 1 remains until the event ends.

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Act three of the Black History event.

Your thoughts on the Act 3 content?  Did you finish Act 2 or are you still working on it?  Premium content you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Black History Month Act 3 Is Live!

  1. I’m playing this event from 6am every day and usually getting in 5 rounds a day. I’m yet to finish act 3 and can’t see any way that unless they patch i’ll get close to finishing act 4.
    I normally finish an act 2 days before the next launches but i’ve been falling further behind every week here. Easily the hardest yet in the 6+ years I’ve been playing.

  2. Any one else noticed this is the hardest event/task EVER to complete (without cheating) with the least amount of prizes given out (regarding buildings) and just happens to be about Black History Month……hmmmm spider senses ting-a-long or am I way of the mark. Thoughts?

    • For a multi-event yes but for a general event no since there was harder events to complete. I remember in 2016 the Superheroes 2 one was difficult to get all the prizes and trying to get the film studios at the end was near impossible until it got patched and the requirements were lowered. 2017 Halloween event was also very difficult to get Lord Montymort without logging in frequently. I remember hearing Whacking Day being difficult but I never played it so I can’t say anything about it.

      A useful tip if you don’t have the act 1 and 2 prizes: try to get to part 5 of No Laughing Matter and Fair-Weather Father (when you’re working on the character) before the end of the event because you likely can still work on that part of the quests and get the character after the event ends on March 12th.

      • You remember back as far as 2016 and the specific name of the task as well lol. I think you’re reaching tbh.

        I play everyday and this is definitely the most difficult task to complete EVER with the least amount of worth while prizes too (a lot of ‘decorations’ btw which does not necessarily add content to your overall town).

        Plus usually you can still send characters on other jobs but with these tasks all characters have to be used every 4hrs for you to even think about completing the full event.

        Not a coincidence imo more down to the event being about black history kmt

        • I wouldn’t say EVER…this game has been around for A LONG time, with clunker prizes in a variety of events.

          • Oh I definitely remember the 2013 whacking day event was most terrible. I went on a hiatus afterwards and didn’t play a few years. This event feels pretty difficult to achieve compared to other recent ones (but only by waiting around, no need the hours of tapping with older events back then). I’ve been setting 4hr timers and am still behind this event…! Averaging 4 to 5 log ins a day.

  3. That’s good to know too. I did get the Gil deal so I’m working on that storyline now.

  4. Ugh. The grind. No thank you. I’m speeding through with doughnuts.

    • Just did it. Boom! Done. The dialogue is weird, quirky and funny.

    • I don’t blame you but I tend to just rush through some of it with donuts. Feel they are still to precious to squander, harks back to playing the game in the old days I suppose !!!

    • I play this game everyday so I think you’re missing the point so let me explain again;

      1. Event requires all characters participating to be set on jobs every 4hrs in order to complete the full event. Never has this been the case usually you can manage to send characters involved on other tasks eg. recycling jobs

      2. Regarding recycling; just so happens during this event, glass bottles to collect seem to appear randomly much more often then usual as the characters required for this especially Bart, Marge, Quimby and Moe are also required for the event so make it much harder to collect glass bottles and in turn gain donuts.

      3. Even if you manage to complete each task in the event the prizes are less worth while eg. A lot of decorations rather than buildings.

      Now compare this to other events in the past this is definitely the hardest event EVER with the least amount of good prizes and just happens to be about black history….. coincidence I think not Sherlock

      • Well…conspiracy theories aside…it is mostly just lazy programming.
        They did all of the things you mentioned to make it harder, without having to do much of anything new. A couple of tweaks of the code (one for length of time, the other numbers needed) and BOOM! You have the same gameplay…but just harder to accomplish. It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with being lazy, and apathetic.

        • C’mon mate the first time they have a black event with black characters they just happen to be lazy with this….excuses or on purpose

          What’s the saying that comes to mind…. ‘if you’re black you have to work twice as hard just to get the same credit’…..damn man even in apps

          As I mentioned before not just hard in trying to complete each task and this event I full….btw I’m still behind even though I play nearly every four hours (guess they don’t want us to get any sleep)….you get nothing for all this effort just a bunch of decorations and animated jobs and 1 god damn building

          “Call a spade a spade”

          • Well…if this really is a matter of racial inequality in TSTO events…I’m appalled. Because with all of the bias, inequality, and abuse to minorities in the world, including the fact that it took more than 200 years to make lynching a Federal crime, we should clearly reserve our real outrage for the grave injustice of having to tap longer, and more frequently during this event!

            But…let’s not forget, it’s leap year…so you get one more day to catch up, and be pissed off about it.

            I honestly don’t think any of the writers even thought about making it harder as being associated with Black History Month…or EA’s “Bob the Programmer.” Cluelessness is like apathy, just another form of ignorance.

            • Look at you go…Don’t get your kkknickers in a twist cause it’s obvious

              Out of a million tasks this one happens to be the hardest to complete with little reward and your making excuses for the writers being just to lazy or it never crossed their minds….and now it’s ignorance

              But your lot always want to take it back 200 years to tell us it was worse back then so we shouldn’t complain and just get on with….guessing that’s not racist either….not here for a history lesson mate

              What’s next Carl’s your best friend and you don’t see colour when it comes to the simpsons they all look the same to me..

              • No. What I am saying, is that not everything that looks like a conspiracy, is a conspiracy. Sometimes, people are just lazy dumbasses.

                I’m far more worried about society being dragged back to the 1960s, than I am a silly ass game. I marched for civil rights…equal rights…and have thousands of hours of actual “boots on the ground” campaigning for both. But, I’m not stupid enough to think that changing the length of time, or the numbers involved, in a silly ass mobile game is going to make a spit of difference for real problems.

                You can be pissed off…or you can DO something about it. Your call.

  5. No need to apologise Alissa, you went out of your way today to give us a rundown on act 3. Luckily for you, the simplified format of each act is usually the 5 prizes, new premium character (sometimes costume) and building (sometimes decoration) combo for 150 donuts, new questline and tasks to progress through and the dialogue up until the end of the event or when the next act starts.

    At least there’s no task prizes this time and finally a building prize in its place (there better be a permanent task there, EA). The Gil deal looks interesting and its probably the first non futuristic building in this event. Apart from the Gil Deal and building prize, this is the bully act of the event.

  6. Any idea if there are alternate uses or prizes for the token? I only had two characters to get from it, so now I have no use for the token in this act, and for act 4.

  7. I don’t quite get how/why this acts premium character/building combo is a Gil deal, when it’s the same price as the others? 🤷

  8. Okay, typically Gil deals are on top of whatever’s for “normal” sale in an event. Wonder their rationale for having it literally be the only item for sale that’s new this week…

    • Can you say Lazy? And knowing that some people respond to Gil deals more than standard premium offerings.

      • MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

        I always reject the gil deal. His comment are hilarious, but not this time.

        Then, I go and buy the character on the store because his comments are funny, but not this time.

        I noticed that this was the only premium for the act too. My first thought was disappointment, my second was how Lazy, and then on to the “gee is this the new norm”?

        I sure hope not.

        • The only “Normal” has at this point, is lazy. Really hard to say if this becomes the “new normal” or if it was just a lapse, because the rest of the math in this event is so weird.

          • MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

            Norms are changing all the time. Just this weekend, people are suggesting that a knuckle isn’t a knuckle.

            • You can’t claim something that isn’t there, is there…

              • MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

                I took a look at the sky finger monument, the sky finger icon that you boink to collect income and the animation after you boink it. They all look consistent with the splash screen.

                So, when there are for of these appendages together, there is no comment, but have one solo and the conspiracy theories start emeging?

                What’s up with that?

              • I will address this on Friday…along with mathematical proof.

              • MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

                You cant say happiness without saying pe- nevermind,

      • You took the words out of my mouth…LAZY… exactly.

      • Happy Monday all.

        I need another character to help me finish Act 2 with Hibbert’s Dad while the others do Act 3.

        Any opinions out there? Hard lads or Gils deal?

        I may get them both in the end, but only have 150 sprinkles and farming only yields 6-9 donuts every 4hrs 😔.

        • If you want to get the character just for the currency then neither will make any difference since they’ll both help out and earn the same rate of 8 event currency so 71 event currency every 4 hours for acts 1,2,3 and eventually 4. It is also mainly down to which one you prefer or are leaning more towards buying.

          Pros and cons on Stogie and Hard Lad on here:
          Pros – Helps with the event, earns a special premium rate (will help for the entire event); Comes with a questline;
          Cons – Not voiced; Hard Lad does not have tasks;

          Some extra info that I’ll include: Stogie has a 1 hour permanent task at MoHo House (a building from 2 years ago); has 2 visuals (12h and 24h) one where he plays the piano anywhere and another where he has mini pianos and tries to sell them; Hard Lad can be used by characters that have tasks at shops but trying to get them there is tedious (Wise Guy’s 10h task; Weird Al’s 12h task and L.T. Smash’s 1h task to name a few); Hard Lad can be put in a futuristic part of your town or a nightclub district or even with other Lard Lads’ buildings.

          There’ll probably be a should I buy on The Patriarch and Mega Church in the next few days here but some info which I am assuming that may or may not be true since I didn’t buy it.
          Another church for your town; Mega Church may or may not have tasks; Mega Church is huge in height but not ridiculously huge (it takes up 12×7 or 7×12 small squares or 6 4×4 tiles); The Patriarch is likely not voiced since he’s voiced by the same person who voiced Stogie; has 2 visual tasks (likely 12 and 24 hour); earns the same rate as Stogie and Hibbert’s Father and goes to the Springfield Library instead of the location of the freemium characters.

          Hope that gives you some insight into which one you’ll buy for now. 🙂

      • Ugh, I’d hesitated to use that word but after hitting part 2 of this week’s chain I’ll wholly agree. Previous events you could buy the “Crowd of ____” decorations with cash after unlocking it in the prize track, but the previous “Crowd of Presidential Kids” is nowhere to be found to my recollection (nor my store). Come this week and when you get the bully crowd you *can* buy more… for 10 donuts a piece…

  9. I guess other people are having a hard time getting the tasks done for each section. I noticed from the beginning that each task was taking 300 – 500 currency for each prize. In the past the last took that many but the tasks leading up to it took far less gradually increasing. Logging on 2 or 3 times a day is about the most I can do so I fear I may not finish this one. I like this page because the info is great. Thank you.

    • Happy to help. Sorry we can’t change/fix the numbers.

    • If it still applies to this event then you should be able to earn the current prize you were working on after the event has ended. So if you already have the token and are working on the last prize (Clarissa, Abe Simpson I, Bully Boss and act 4 final prize) you could still earn them after March 12th but if you were working on prizes 1,2,3 or 4 then you won’t be able to earn prize 5 after March 12th but only the one you were working on. That’s the one good thing and catch there is to multi and mini events lately.

      To summarize, get to part 5 of No Laughing Matter (act 1 questline), Fair-Weather Father (act 2 questline), In the Lukewarm of the Twilight (act 3 questline) and the act 4 questline before March 12th so you can still work on the 5th prize after the event ends.

  10. Thanks for putting this up, Alissa (please have your Family Day).

    All Tappers need to know are –

    Best Premium Character Building Combo for this Event (snag this Gil Deal in Act 3)

    You get to use every new Premium Character in Act 3 (14 Characters earning 79 Event Currency per 4 Hours)

    9 Days to complete Act 3 (take today off, enjoy that new Simpsons Episode tonight)

    Act 3 Event Prizes aren’t going to impress you (just enjoy your time away from TSTO today and decide how you’re going to do Act 3 tomorrow)

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