Friday Filler – Video Extra – The TP Solution

OK…so it appears that many are suffering out there, from a lack of perspective, humor, and real solutions to real problems.

Well… I HAVE THE SOLUTION to our Current Toilet Paper Shortage! 
Hope you enjoy watching as much I enjoyed making it…
Stay Safe out There… Watch Yer Backsides! 

Yes…I am practicing social distancing. But, with videos like this…people just naturally stay away from me anyway.

I will continue providing helpful hints during this pandemic of panic.  If you want more, got to…

31 responses to “Friday Filler – Video Extra – The TP Solution

  1. That was hilarious thanks Patric I needed a good laugh.

  2. Ooh, I laughed out loud over this one! Well done, Patric!

  3. Must admit that was pretty darn funny !
    Man that must been real cold !!! The look of your face ha ha

  4. Funny, but obviously you have too much time on your hands. (So many flaws).

    Went to grocery store for milk, saw a lot of people leaving with just one jumble size TP. The store was about 1/7 full of items, mostly with stuff with items being replenished or stuff no one wants. Most of the meats and cereal and frozen food was gone. The parking lot was full.

  5. 💙

    See ya bye . 👽

  6. This was HILARIOUS!!! OMG Patric! I may need to borrow that contraption as I’m peeing myself!

  7. Oh man..!! that was pure gold… thank you Pat..rick… Patric… i sing:… “let it dry, let it dry, then it will sweat and drip your leg ’till it stains your pants..till then… let it dry, let it dryyyyyyyy!!!!”

    • Lol!!! Nice I had a shot with my wet pants that didn’t come out… and I didn’t want used against me if I ever run for political office.

  8. Well geez, I wrote a big comment but lost it. Ah well, I’ll try again 🤞but briefly, has there ever been a fix to the neighbor problem that I haven’t heard about?

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to be around here for the past 6 months or so. I’m still tapping daily, though I still can’t see the little signs above my neighbors buildings to tap on; I miss my neighbors.

    I just figured out that if I can find the right buildings & tap them the graffiti will appear to me though I don’t know if my neighbors can see it. And in some towns I can’t seem to find the right buildings, but all our towns are so big these days. Stay safe everyone! RachelS

  9. Is it normal for it to take me to WordPress to put in my password each time I want to comment over here? Looks like I still might be having problems posting here. ☹️ RachelS

    • When that happens to me i cant comment or like until it goes away. Try force closing and clearing cache….

      • Thanks for the reply, I’ve done that often, I’m pretty sure. I wish I didn’t have so much trouble posting over here, after an hour or so of losing all the comments I try to post I just get frustrated and give up. That happens to me every single time.

        Years ago all my info used to stay in the boxes below (email, name, website) now it’s always blank, I have to fill it in each time, it takes me to WP, makes me sign in there & if I’m lucky like today, it’ll post most of my comments. I’ve already lost two so far, one was a real long one I spent time on – so frustrating! 🤨 RachelS

    • Happens to me ALL the time. Always have to re-enter my email address on the reply form, then it takes me to another page where I have to log in and put in my password despite checking the “save” box. Kind of annoying.

  10. Nice surprise! Not sure why I was have so much trouble a few months ago, possibly I was doing something wrong. 👏 RachelS

  11. Let’s see if I can post to the comments these days 🤔

  12. Ok… I’ve been following you guys for years but never commented… have to after that video.
    LOL… I was like… is he going to do this outside with cold water???? Yes he is…really did LOL
    Thank you for all your years of TSTO help and updates, you guys have been saviours many times, given many laughs (which we need a lot of at the moment).
    Thanks again… Aussie TSTO fan since 2013 (probably when it saved my life…long story but short story – found a lump thanks to dropping my phone while playing TSTO!!)

  13. Creative, talented, and so funny! Very American! Lol

  14. So every time I go into the game now it asks me to do a 1Gb update. Is this happening to anyone else?

  15. Halarious 😁🤪😂

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