(Minor) SPOILER ALERT!! Wrestling Event Info!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some exciting news…

EA must know we’re all getting antsy at home because, for the first time in a very long while, we’ve received the content package for the next event from EA…BEFORE the event hit!  Which means…we can share some details in advance with you guys! Remember, we’re all under NDA, so please bear with us as we can’t share EVERYTHING we know until EA tells us we can (which is usually how we operate anyway). And/or the event hits the game files.  But we have the green light to release some basic info about the next event.

So no more guessing, we now know WHEN the next event will start and WHAT the next event will cover!  Pretty exciting stuff huh? 

So I know there are a bunch of you who like to remain spoiler-free (and this, to me, will not violate our spoiler-free policy as this is information provided to us directly from EA.  They’re giving us the go-ahead to share…) I’ll post the WHAT below the fold. However, as we all thought, the next event will start tomorrow, April 8th

So be prepared on Wednesday, April 8th for the event launch

Now on with the spoilers…


While we can’t give away too much of the what with this event, we already know the theme as that was teased out on The Simpsons Instagram this past weekend…

So, yes, this event will be all about Simpsons Wrestling!  With a very disturbing splash screen:

And for the theme of this, our old friend Aristotle Amadopolis makes a return.  You can imagine the twists the story will take knowing Mr. Burns and Aristotle are involved.

We can also tell you that it will have an auto start prompt, so no worries about keeping anyone free to get the event going. However, the usual suspects will be needed to earn event currency.  So make sure you keep your characters free Wednesday morning…don’t send anyone on long tasks until AFTER the event hits and you know who you need.

Here’s a little more…

-This is another multi-event.  4 Acts. However, at least according to the info we’ve been given, this will be like the Black History Event and run for 5 weeks not 4.  So be on the lookout for funky start dates for each Act.

-This event is slated to end on May 13th.

-I have no idea of the item limits will be increased, and we won’t know until it actually hits and those who are at their limit can check.

-Despite the multi-event format, this actually looks like a very FUN event.  Lots of characters and buildings.  4 of the 5 prizes on the prize track are original, new content.  1 of the 5 prizes is a Mystery Box token for a box of returning content (or, I assume, donuts).

-1 new premium combo per Act. Like the Black History Event, you’ll need 600 donuts to unlock it all.

-Gil we be making a return, in the very same manner he appeared during the Black History Event.

Overall this is very similar to the Black History Event, just Wrestling. Dialogue should be excellent, prizes are good, but yes, the same format.  So those wishing for things to squish or additional challenges will be out of luck this time around! But, the content looks great (event Patric said so)!

Once the update hits the files I’ll post some spoiler images for those who wish to see them, until then this will have to do.  So, be ready, tomorrow (April 8th) for things to get a little wild in Springfield!

Thoughts about the next event?  Pumped for what might be coming? What do you think we’ll see?  Will you be ready? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “(Minor) SPOILER ALERT!! Wrestling Event Info!

  1. great info!

  2. item limits NOT increased. Darnit! Been up against it for almost a year now. Completely inhibiting my ability to design. Will have to consider culling its of areas.

  3. I think that I mentioned enough from the Simpson’s involving Wrestling (or Wrestlers) glimpsed in Episodes, but I’m sure there are more (besides Gorgeous Grandpa Character Skin offered up years ago but never given a proper chance to wrestle).

    I will hold my excitement / criticism for when the Event starts (new Content that’s not Dumb Decor is nice, I’m hoping for new Permanent Character Tasks at new Buildings).

    If EA Bob (or Barbara ) heard our pleas, then they have definitely heard our demands for increased Item Limits (and there’s zero excuses for why this isn’t implemented).

    So let’s get the download and begin 👍🏻

  4. Looking forward to this event, however isn’t there going to be anything for Easter this year??

  5. Anyone having login issues? I keep getting messages that there is an error and to try again. I’ve reset my password. Verified my email address. Nothing works. I guess I’ll try restarting my phone. Anyone else????

  6. There is a pre update in the App Store .
    Look under installed apps .

    See ya bye . 👽

  7. I got the screen stating I hit the item, or building limit. I sold/stored a bunch of items…what exactly does this mean? Is a piece of fencing considered the same as a home or building? I know items can still be added to my game, but it may affect performance of the game…if I get rid of a 10 trees, can they be replaced with 10 buildings?…and each considered 1 item?….thanks for the help.

    • No.

    • Item Limits includes Decor mostly (fences, trees, bushes, monorail track) but if you have Buildings not connected to a Character (or Character Task) store them ….. yeah Item Limits suck (going over will effect your Game App).

  8. Yay! Something new to pass time with during social distancing! Thanks for all the info on it! You guys are great!

  9. Jack Anonymous

    So have they completely abandoned most Holidays now? They did nothing for Valentines, St. Patrick’s day, looks like no Easter. I can’t remember if they did anything for New Years even. If they don’t want to do a big themed event that’s fine but could they at least do a small dialogue and release a couple of themed items to the store for a day or two? They don’t even have to be new items. Is that so much to ask?

    • This isn’t new. Some years they cover holidays outside of Halloween and Christmas and some years they don’t. Go back and look at the event history, you’ll see there’s no regularity for events outside Halloween-christmas

    • And they have unfortunately not included other Holidays / Celebrations (ie Passover, Solstices).

      Nor capitalized on International Days (where is my National 🌮 Day? I need 🌮’s in this Game App (lol!).

      8 years later and a mobile Game App is still going – that’s impressive when you think about it. ☺️

  10. Can’t wait !!!!!

  11. Another multi-event. No thanks.
    I have been playing this game since valentine 2014.
    I have survived the great lull of 2019.
    But no more.
    I wish everybody in this community good luck and good health.
    I’m giving up this game for good.

    • You will be missed, but I can relate to the burn out when any Event is too long and not rewarding. Please come back when you can.

  12. Matthew I Castaneda

    I’m looking forward to this i cant wait too see and design. One thing though they NEED to increase the item limit it cant be avoided anymore.

  13. I’m so excited about this event
    that I dropped my taco .

    See ya bye . 👽

  14. Yay. Something new to pass the time.

  15. I’m glad that there is at least an update since its a first world problem to complain about the theme and type of event at this point plus remember what the game was like this time. It’s great that there are more buildings and character prizes in this event since Black History lacked the building prizes (No Bucks Given did kind of make up for it). I hope I have something in the mystery box and that there’s a donut option with the tokens which again was missed out on the Black History event. I’m not sure about the 5 weeks and 4 acts but at least I should have more time to login thanks to lockdown, I hope the totals are not as high as Black History or there’s more characters to earn the currencies aside from the new premiums. I can’t wait for the update, I sent my characters on 24 hour tasks last night and they have about 10 hours left so everyone should be ready for the update. 😀

  16. Well I’m excited!! Sounds interesting and I’m very happy to hear about all the new content! It’s nice we are getting an update right now, it’s good timing I’ll give EA that much. Looking forward to the calendar Patric! Thanks for the spoilers Alissa! Hope everyone is staying peaceful and healthy. Happy Isolation Friends and Happy Tappin!

  17. I’m very excited about this. There have been so many fun wrestling characters on the show over the years. This sounds like it will be a silly and frivolous event, and exactly what we all need right now. Thanks for passing along good news!

  18. Thank you for the update!

  19. So EA as usual have completely ignored our comments about hating the grind we had with the last main event ?
    I’ll probably go through the motions as there should be some interesting content but this repetitive format is now beginning to wear thin.
    If it had been like this when the game started I would have closed down the app within weeks.
    Sorry to be so negative but I certainly won’t be ” pumped up ” for tomorrow.

    • It’s interesting…in times of crisis, they say that personalities are amplified. Just sayin’…

      • Ok, in the current climate who cares about the format for this event & the fact that EA no longer recognises Easter etc.
        However folks are leaving the game & not all are as easily pleased as some.
        I care about TSTO & want it to be improved as many others do I’m sure….just sayin.

    • Well I got no place to be, nothing pressing to do and all day to do it- so a little extra grinding between prizes? Not a problem.

    • I’m going to wait and see (but I do have 3000 🍩’s so I can expedite anytime if it feels like a dumb grind).

      I’m just glad we’re getting wrestling in this Game App (something that was glimpsed in the Simpson’s as far back as the 1st and 2nd Seasons). 👍🏻

      • Yes I must admit the event itself looks quite fun & like you I have plenty of donuts, over 4,000…. might as well spend them.
        I’ve gotten over the initial disappointment of EA not changing things up, just got to go with the flow I suppose.
        Hope you guys all stay safe.

        • I spent some 🍩’s I farmed them back (I got some Bart Screens) but I ♥️ my Mexican Duffman (and Gorgeous Grandpa Billboards) 😀👍🏻

  20. Yay,
    Like all other events…
    I am really looking forward to this!
    Stay well everyone : )

  21. This 4 act Multi-event / 5 week format is worst then the 4 week / 4 acts Multi-event format.

    How the duck can anyone keep track of when the next act is suppose to start ?

    EA has gotten Lazy by stringing mini-events together instead of doing main events.

  22. Add me staticsim

  23. david a cantrell

    Happy we are having a new event… but sad to wake up to the blue screen of age. Wont do anything when I click on it. Can’t enter my age. This has not happened in some time for me. Common problem? I don’t want to miss the new content.

  24. MangoFusion01

    Don’t worry, I won’t breach your NDA. 😉

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