Simpsons Wrestling – Calendar and Math Needed to Get It All!


I know…everyone will complain that this is the “same old grind.”  But, come on. Who here wouldn’t like to have SOMETHING be the same as it was a few weeks ago?

I for one, appreciate that there is still something…that happened…when it was predicted to happen. Because, let’s face it…predicting anything these days is a “darts on the board art form at best.”

But, the good news is…This Event Looks Less than Brain (and lung) damaging!
So…Let’s Dig Into the Numbers!!

I’m not going to lie…I was bummed that Bob crammed four mini events into five weeks. But, again…we really kind of expected that…right?

But, this stuff seems fun…even if it was clearly written and programmed before Covid Craziness hit the world. There is no way they are going to allow wrestlers to wrestle without social distancing. Right?

Oh…wait… READ THIS… and then think “Natural Selection.” 

But…again…this is TSTO…and isn’t “real.”  And…well…Burns is in charge, so what the heck did you expect???

And for those who just want the basics…

Pull on those tights…Let’s Get Ready to RUMMMMMBBBBLLEEE!!

56 responses to “Simpsons Wrestling – Calendar and Math Needed to Get It All!

  1. I love an EAsy event but so far this one is way to easy & has given me no sense of completion.
    Started 16hours late & was able to knock out the entire 1st act by Sunday with no rushing.

    • I got Captain Flag a few hours ago and was surprised that I got the fourth and last prizes on the same day without the new premium. Looking at the calendar, this is the easiest act in the event while act 4 is supposed to be the hardest (it is also a day shorter than the rest of the acts) and acts 2 & 3 are the same. Unless EA changes the numbers, I think all the prize totals this time are much lower (but not as low as the last 3 four week events of last year) to make up for the prize totals from the Black History event which were pretty high.

  2. Great calendar! Looks like I’m already behind on this one…

  3. „Natural selection“? The WWE stayed on the safe side by reducing the people involved, in and around the ring and by leaving some personnel at home.
    Pretty negative comment from your side.

    Any idea why the chili pot does not prompt Homer‘s task?
    Could that be due to the bugs that hit lots of games years ago and that killed the functionality of the people search button in the upper left corner? EA was not able to fix that without rolling the game back to an earlier date but I did not want that because I worked hard for all the stuff in my Springfield. I was so disappointed by EA that I quit playing this labor-heavy game for years and am only back for the wrestling event.

    Does the chili pot still let Homer go on a mini game in your Springfield?

    • Seriously?? Exactly how is anyone going wrestle without touching each other.
      Sheesh. Social distancing? Come on!

      • They have medical checks but lots of people have to go to work as receptionist or to go by public transport… those people are way more in danger than healthy people under controlled circumstances on a closed set.

  4. Hey guys quick question: On Friday 17 will the game just automatically jump to Round 2? Or will there still be an opportunity to get items you missed in Round 1…thanks in advance! Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe

    • You have until may 13th to finish each act. Round 2 starts on Friday and runs concurrently with round 1.
      However it gets harder to finish each act with every new act that starts.
      So it’s in your best interest to finish act 1 before act 2 hits

  5. This event is way easier then the black history event which I just got the final prize a few hours before the end of that event. You do have to scroll down to make sure you are doing everything but overall a good event with some decent prizes.

  6. I totally blew it today and didn’t notice the 12 hour task to send Springfielders to do something (gotta remember to scroll that little tiny section with the tasks in it). Now I’ve pretty much lost the whole day, since I could have sent them on the task last night. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll still come out ahead.

  7. I got the mystery box token today, but it didn’t give me the option to convert it to donuts like in previous events. Did they get rid of that option or is there some where I can go to convert it.?

  8. A nice variety of prizes with most of them looking like they’ll fit in a wrestling themed area. We get 16 new items that isn’t a task or a token, the first skin for Town Hall and the prize totals are not too high. I’m about to unlock the first prize in a few hours so its nice to be a bit ahead of the calendar without a premium currency earning character so it’ll be good to have a few days designing the 3 items before the next act starts.

  9. Necromantic Nightmare

    I really wish the game would tell me when new events start… If I don’t get the want want want screen I often miss out on things…

    • You’re here now, why not just check here more frequently between events?

    • Usually events start on a Wednesday at 10am ET or 3PM BST (depending on your time zone) but a store update is usually released the day before an event starts. The event started 22 hours ago (18 if you didn’t rush the two 4 hour tasks to start it) so you are not that far behind, plus if you see the calendar you can finish each act before the next one starts by logging in around 3 times a day.

  10. My Grandmother died Yesterday from Covid. She was 89 years young, great, amazing Lady.Tons of memories come flooding back. Virus go into her Retirement complex. Transferred her to hospital and would not let any relatives in to visit or comfort. She pretty much died alone with a bunch of us in the parking lot..

    • That’s awful. My thoughts are with you all.

    • Not a fan of the herd talk.. Everyone is loved by someone..

    • I am so sorry. When I was reading about nursing homes not allowing visitors, I thought that was horrible. I understand the desire to avoid the spread of the virus, but I also know how lonely people in those place can be. My mother was in a nursing home, and she hated it. I used to visit her daily, as did my father, He started wanting to cut back, and she was devastated. She developed aspiration pneumonia from a bit of hot dog, and was taken to the local hospital (a term I use loosely). It was a small town in Florida, and the medical care was pretty bad. She clearly did not want to go back to the nursing home, and gave up. It was hard.

    • I’m so sorry. Please take comfort in that at least she’s not suffering any longer. I can’t imagine being so scared and in so much pain and on top of that being alone. This FU##ING VIRUS IS A HORROR!!!!! Unfortunately, both my daughter and I got infected. We are 9 days into this, but it feels more like months. We’re lucky that we are able to stay at home and at least we have each other. As afraid as I am , i’m more afraid for my daughter. There’s nothing worse then seeing someone you love so much that you would gladly give your life for them suffering and feeling so helpless. Because there’s nothing I can do expect try and be strong. Funny thing though, she’s doing better then I am. So she’s acting like the Mom. She’s constantly making sure I’ve checked my temperature and taking some Tylenol. We had thought about doing a live pod, to try and help others who might be home alone , but we just have no energy. Just texting this is wearing me out. I have faith that we will come out of this fine. We both feel like it’s even bought us closer together and its helping with the grieving process over the loss of her dad/ my husband. Who passed away last July 21. Geez, talk about getting sucker punched by life. Sometimes I wonder what the Hell did I do that was so bad for life to punish me like this. Anyway boys and girls, enough of this PITY PARTY. stay safe and be kind to one another. You never know what’s lurking around that corner !!LOL. Love you all, it’s time for another nap. 😷 😴

      • Hang in there…both of you!!! Im sending you healthier vibes and prayers…if you’re ok with those…and a big healthy virtual hug❤❤❤😷❤

      • Hang in there @crazymom732 … i keep reading accounts of people dealing with it and it is a challenge, but you guys will get through it. as Sanytoes74 said.. virtual hugs 🙂

        • Thank you guys. You have no idea how much your words mean. They really help. So do those VIRTUAL HUGS. I want to thank Alissa and her crew for this blog that helps unite and offer comfort to one another. 😞
          …………………..WASH YOUR HANDS……………………..😷 😠

          • We are doing our best…and know that the community here is real, when we see posts like yours. Yes…please…take care of yourself!

      • Please…take care of yourself. If there is any silver lining here, it sounds like you and your daughter may end up being part of the solution. Those who have it, and make it through (the vast majority, by the way) can become part of the need for antibodies for the cure. I hope you get the chance. All my family is going to do the ani-body test. As many of us had illnesses that are exactly like this in regards to symptoms…but early on, starting in January before it was reported. I think we may have been lucky enough to have “version one” before the virus morphed and replicated into the harsher version, that puts people in the ICU in a matter of hours. In any case- the antibody test will be important. I am pulling for you to be one of those who comes through it…and can be part of the solution.

        All of the best to you and your daughter. Scary stuff. But, I sounds like you will soon be on the mend!

    • Geoffy2357

      Very sorry for your loss ♥️
      Please know that this situation is terrible when it comes to controling where one gets infected (if not an old folks home, it will occur anywhere once the virus is present). 😮

      It saddens me that immediate family aren’t allowed to comfort family in a hospital (1 or 2 in masks would seem reasonable to me after they’re screened for being a virus carrier). Please take time away from all of this and know that we care. ♥️

    • My sympathies!!! ❤ This is just horrible😞

    • My thoughts and sympathies go out to you.
      I am so glad that my father, with COPD, passed away a dozen years ago in his nursing facility, with me by his side. I can not imagine his fear and my frustration were he alive today and enduring this isolated from me.

      Please, eat well, try to sleep and stay healthy.

    • I hurt for you, Geoffy2357. As your post reminds us, this is not a faceless and nameless crisis. Your grandmother seems to have been a wonderful woman. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

      I have been calling my parents and checking on them often. I live on the West Coast (in the San Francisco Bay Area). My family is thousands of miles away. While they aren’t elderly (and both are healthy), I still urge them to stay home. If they need anything, I’ll simply order it for delivery.

      Thank you for sharing, Geoffy.

    • am sorry for your loss. my thoughts and sympathies are with you.

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your Grandma. It’s awful that she was alone at the end. That really makes me angry. Why can’t they at least let one person in so that they can offer some comfort , hold their hand remind them that they are loved and will be dearly missed. I’m sure they could rig something up like they have for incubator babies. At least you could hold their hard. This is just so cruel. I may not know you but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel some of your pain. Lots of us have become a little virtual family. I’m crying right now (no joke) for you,, your Grandma and for all the others in this same awful nightmare. I wish there was something I could do to help you through this. Hang in there and know you are not alone. May the GOD’S bless you. 👼💔

    • Geoffy. I’m sorry I missed this comment. I am very sorry for your loss, and the horrible additional circumstances that you and your family have had to endure. Best thoughts and hopes for healing.

      • Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.It’s been a sad week. Dozens of family and friends are in mourning. Worst part is only 10 people are allowed to gather at her funera,l dictated by province next week. Given she had six children who are still here Thankfully! Only four spots left for life long friends…14 Grandchildren and 11 Great Grandchildren. Plus many others would want to attend.

        This new reality sucks. Never crossed my mind I probably can’t attend my Grandmother’s Funeral. Unless my name gets picked out of a F’ing hat 🙁

        • I hate to say it…but, this is where technology could be of some solace. I have heard of many such events being broadcast over FaceBook Live, or other mass streaming devices. You can set up an iPad or phone, in an inconspicuous place to let others “attend.” These are awful times…no doubt about it. I hope that the family may also think about putting off the memorial. My best friend’s mother passed Thursday night. They are having to make similar decisions.

          Again…our hope for healing and grace go out to you.

  11. Bob (or Babs) is still working at EA and the glitches are still present with this Event …. but they’re laughable vs those glitches provided by anyone who still doesn’t take the coronavirus seriously (I’m all for thinning the herd, just not at my own peril by coming in contact with this lot!) 🙄

    Thank you Patric for thee Calendar (we do get plenty of new Content) 😀👍🏻

    4 Acts, lasting 8 Days each, means I spend 🍩’s rushing thru it (taking time to admire the funny dialogue) for 2 Days …. and spend the next 6 Days farming back those 🍩’s (carefully, because that ‘Bart Screen’ pops too often!) during an on the job shift that doesn’t offer free time (but I’m working!) 😂

    So glad to (safely!) be back at work, still have concerns about an economy crashing (again!), keeping über protected from everything outside of the Condo (too many ways to get infected!), thankful to EA for this silly escape from reality (still going to ruuuuuumble on EA about the obvious aka playfully heckle!) you never know if this is it Event wise (’til the quarantine ends!) 🤔

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Pzzt, just farm up the donuts and rush everything. I’m already done with the event.

    Just kidding. Hope everyone is doing well.

    • that’s actually the way to do it if these Bart Screens are appearing too often (a little at a time) –

      2 Days of Playing
      6 Days of Farming 🍩’s

      You also get more time to redo your Springfield so that there’s room for the new Content. 😀👍🏻

      • I don’t rush this one. No need to. I farm just enough as needed, i keep my donut stack at around 2000, not much more. If you have to log in just to farm, you might as well clear the 10 tasks needed for the event? Farming costs more time than that. Besides, the Bart screes kinda ruins farming

        • I did because of work (Networks are strong on my end, but non existent on EA’s end during work shift). But I took the time to read the dialogue (very very funny this time!)

          I’m fine with the extra time to redo my Springfield (prep for Act 2). Sure has given me a chance to Store lots of Dumb Decor I forgot about. 😂

          Started with 3,000 🍩’s
          Used 500 🍩’s
          Earned back to 3,060 🍩’s
          (and Act 2 won’t start until the 13th)😀🤘🏻

    • LOL… I’m actually working more than I did before this craziness… Insane. I haven’t really had time to farm yet much. But, I will. Just glad that there are a few things that are constant. TSTO being one of them.

  13. Act 4, prize targets you list total 850 and the calendar comes to 828, is one of the targets wrong or is the daily amount too low ??
    > targets per prize as shown are . . .

    Thanks, Patric

    • I overshoot so you hit it. Ya? Don’t want anyone missing a prize….

      • If the individual prize targets are correct I make it 95 a day for 9 days to hit 855 in total

        If you only need 92 a day to hit 828 one of the prize targets is over by 25 somewhere.

        Not sure which one is wrong, but they can’t both be right.

        I’d be grateful if you could take a look.
        Thanks again.

  14. MangoFusion01

    Were you listening to my conversation the other day? I was discussing the culling of the heard, and Darwin being at work. I usually bring it up everytime someone does something stupid.

    Well, you know what they say, great minds think alike. Or is the saying fools seldom differ?

    • MangoFusion01

      PS, thanx for the calendar.

    • Yeah…I’m counting on Natural selection to take care of a few of our problems. We’ll see. I’m just a spectator at this point. Can’t watch too closely from 100 years…which is about as close as I will get to some of these clustered morons.

    • Should people who don’t know the difference between the word Heard and Herd be added to natural selection?

      • MangoFusion01

        I here you!

        It depends, are you going to include typo’s? If you are then I am screwed!

        Spoiler alert! I was just messin’ with you in the first paragraph.

      • The saying used to be “Don’t blame malice for what can be adequately explained by incompetence…”
        Nowadays it is more like “Don’t blame stupidity for what can be adequately explained by autocomplete…” 🙂

        And I’m sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Geoffy. My parents are both about 85, but still in their own home – I -want- to go and visit every day to check on them, but all I can do is phone regularly and deliver shopping to their doorstep every few days, yelling hello from the end of the garden path.

        This virus REALLY sucks, so follow the advice and try to stay safe, everyone!

      • Ewe our write!!!

      • I’m really pulling for some that that to happen. That may be harder to track. But, we’ll see…

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