Simpsons Wrestling Week 1 Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Update time in Springfield!  We’re all getting antsy sitting at home, so it’s nice to have an update to focus on!  And highly amusing that it’s based on wrestling, when this may be how some of us are treating our families after a few months of quarantine!  😳

Anyway…what’s in store for us this time?  Well, it’s time for Burns and Aristotle Amadopolis to have yet another clash of tapping proportions! Loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Once again we see another multi-event in Springfield.  So love them, or hate them, they’re still here.  So let’s all try to make the best of this…

Anywho….things kick off with 4hr tasks for Burns and Bart.  Note it’s FOUR hours, not the usual 6s. 

After you’ve completed these initial tasks you’ll kick off Simpsons Wrestling Week 1…

First, remember this was an app store update available for download yesterday (Tuesday 4/7).  So if you haven’t already done so, and you don’t see the Splash Screen above for your game, head to your app store and update TSTO.  You may have to search the store for Tapped Out, as it doesn’t always appear on the update list initially…

Curious on what this event will be focused on?  Well, here’s the event overview from EA:

Mr. Burns has purchased World Class Wrestling and is making the wrestlers do things his way. But things take a turn when Springfield goes crazy for hipper, more extreme wrestlers — who soon have the run of the whole town!

Follow along as the fate of Springfield comes down to a battle royal between Burns’ old school wrestlers and the new crew backed by Burns’ arch-rival, Aristotle Amadopolis! Can even Bart’s wrestling hero, Dr. Bonebreak, save the day?


Seeing reports of Bart Screen of Death and/or password lockouts.

If this happens to you, try the usual troubleshooting steps first.
-Hard/force close TSTO and restart it.
-Hard/force close TSTO and restart your device
-Uninstall/reinstall TSTO

Many folks, myself included, are saying that these steps helped resolve the issues.  DO NOT reset your password.  It won’t work to resolve the issue.

If the problem persists, Contact EA HERE.

And don’t panic.  There’s plenty of time for this event, and the goals aren’t insanely high.

Now on with the update…

We should all know by now unless of course, you’re new to TSTO that the prizes for this event follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

Just like every large event recently, this is not your typical Major Event.  And there are pros and cons to that, and everyone will find their own pros and cons.  And some people’s pro will be someone else’s con.

As always, I just ask that you have an open mind, and reserve judgment until we’re into the event.  It’s 5 weeks long, it should be fairly easy to complete, you’ll unlock a bunch of new prizes, no crafting to grind through, and we’re all going crazy at home so let’s just have some good old fashioned TSTO fun!
And, as long as you don’t rush things, you won’t get bored because it’ll change each week!

As I stated above, the initial quests are 4hr tasks .   Once completed you’ll start the Enter the Golden Ring questline, which is the Act 1 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Act 1 prizes.

Wrestling With Success
Auto starts

Mr. Burns: What a sad little imp.  I hope the sadness is from something I did.
Bart: I wish.  This is worse than anything you could do.
Mr. Burns: You insult me.
Bart: World Class Wrestling has gone bankrupt!
Mr. Burns: Smithers, I smell something delicious.
Smithers: I did mix your Bengay with VapoRub.
Mr. Burns: No, I smell opportunity!  Purchase this wrestling company at once.
Make Mr. Burns Purchase the Wrestling Company- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Bart Celebrate that Wrestling is Back- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Mr. Burns: Hence-here-for-after-forward World Class Wrestling shall be known as… Golden Ring Wrestling!  In honor of the rings I’ve taken from my adversaries’ gravesites.
Smithers: Sir, that seems very wrong.
Mr. Burns: Shut up and have a golden ring!

And this triggers the entire story premise for each act…

(and yes, just like I did for the past multi-events, I’ll be posting full dialogue for this one before each week is over)

And here’s the Act 1 Synopsis:

Mr. Burns buys World Class Wrestling after it goes bankrupt and makes it focus on his golden oldies wrestlers, rebranding it Golden Ring Wrestling. While initially popular, Burns soon squanders that popularity by having his wrestlers do embarrassing advertising for his business interests. Aristotle Amadopolis’ new Springfield Elite Wrestling rolls into town, led by Iron Yuppie, and is immediately cooler than Burns’ Golden Ring Wrestling. To try to win the public back to his wrestlers, Burns makes a deal with Amadopolis: they’ll stage a unification Super Slam bout that Burns’ wrestler will win – in return, Burns will give his rival a prized gold statue of Glamorous Godfrey.

Now let’s talk about what’s included…


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Currency Act 1: Feather Boas

Here are the prizes for Part 1:

Springfield Center for the Performing Arts (Building) Enter the Golden Ring Pt. 1 and 175

Mystery Box Token Enter the Golden Ring Pt. 2 and100

Tofu Bell (Building) Enter the Golden Ring Pt. 3 and 175

Wrestlers Dressing Room (Decoration) Enter the Golden Ring Pt. 4 and 125

Captain Flag (Character) Enter the Golden Ring Pt. 5 and125

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 1:
Professor Werner von Brawn (New Premium)

Each Act will have a new premium character that will earn event currency.  From what I can see, based on the info from EA, characters will be used throughout the entire event.  So Act 1 will be used in Act 2, 3, and 4…etc. 

Characters earn:

5/4hrs for Freemium
8/4hrs for New Premium

The Daily Challenges have NOT converted over to event currency.  They remain exactly as they’ve been prior to this event launching.  Cash, SH Currency and Donuts.

The Store

Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

  Professor Werner von Brawn & University of Heidelberg- 150 Donuts.  Earns event currency for entire event.  Leave stores May 13th


Mystery Boxes…

Wrestling Mystery Box-  Mystery Box Token from Prize Track.  Includes:

  • Bare Chested Willie
  • Strongman Homer
  • Springfield Coliseum + Drederick Tatum
  • Pyro
  • Muscular Marge
  • All Night Gym
  • Sportacus
  • Lugash’s Gym
  • The Gridiron

Returning Premium:

Aristotle Amadopolis- 60 Donuts

Mexican Duffman- 100 Donuts

Lucius Sweet- 75 Donuts

Gorgeous Grampa- 65 Donuts

Kung Fu Comic Book Guy- 65 Donuts

Anger Watkins and the ESBN Sports Desk- 110 Donuts

Sakatumi and Sumo Stadium- 150 Donuts

Colosseum- 100Donuts

Duff Center Arena- 200 Donuts

Gorgeous Grampa Billboard- 60 Donuts


Item Limits

Waiting to see if they’ve been upped.  I’m not at the max so I can’t check…feedback would be great 🙂

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Act 1 of the Simpsons Wrestling Event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

66 responses to “Simpsons Wrestling Week 1 Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Hey guys, just a question. I don’t have Smithers yet and I need him to complete Act 1. Will the quests completely change when Act 2 comes around?

  2. Hey what if you have all the items in wrestling mystery box? Does this mean you don’t get tokens and get donuts instead?

  3. Loving the buildings, especially churches and university. But first have to get it working again. Will try the hard close and uninstall and so on. It worked in the past so not worried yet.

  4. What’s the deal with “Mexican Duffman Part 2” How where do we get Lady Duff?

  5. Wow! I see some posting that they don’t see the Gold Wrestling Mystery Box in their Game App OR they can’t exchange a Token for 12 🍩’s. I can only confirm that having obtained the 2nd Prize (Wrestling Mystery Box Token), I used it to obtain 1 Building (the only one I didn’t have – Sportacus) and then the Gold Wrestling Mystery Box disappeared from my Game App.

    This means, if you have everything already? You won’t see the Gold Wrestling Mystery Box in your Game App.

    You should still be able to trade in your Gold Wrestling Mystery Box Token for 12 🍩’s (or it’s automatically done for you by EA).

    Check carefully, because I can’t confirm what occurs when obtaining a Gold Wrestling Mystery Box Token if you already have everything until Act 2.

    I can guarantee a lotta mad Tappers are going to gripe about Grinding for Nothing – including me – but I’ll send that directly to EA via Facebook and Twitter (I would encourage every Tapper to do so if this is a glitch for EA to fix – but check carefully as you play to see what happens in your Game App).

  6. I don’t have Strongman Homer but don’t have a Mystery Box to get him. 😾

    • The Wrestling Mystery Box is GOLD coloured and it’s available

      1 – if you updated your Game App
      2 – if you’ve got Content to obtain from it

      Obtain a Token and enjoy

    • I got my Strongman Homer skin from the Yearbook Mystery Box.

  7. Just so happy to have some distraction tight now

  8. I’m happy with new content. I hear a lot about the Bart screen….if I don’t farm, I never see it. I get through every event, accumulating all new material with no problems and with very little “speeding” things up with donuts…as long as I start each new event with approximately 350 donuts. After I complete the entire questline for the event, I just send all characters on 12 or 24 hour tasks and check in once a day until the next event starts, and I’m back up to the 350 donut range. No more farming, no more Bart screen. Although, I would never have gotten here if I wasn’t able to farm in the past, large amounts, ……until that very long lull between events, and some were questioning if the game was finished. That’s when I started noticing the Bart screen…when farming. I haven’t been able to place more than 5 or so Rat Trap Trucks since then, without getting the boot.

    • I’ve had the BART screen/disconnection in addition when winning a donut for whatever reason while picking up finished tasks and guiding income and also when getting something from the Yearbook.

      So I think it has to do with donut transfers, not with farming itself. It’s just that we do multiple donut transfers while harvesting.

      So far, I haven’t lost any donuts. The game takes me back to just before the disconnect and shows the pick the donuts game just as it was before disconnect, I hit the button and poof – there are my donuts.

      In the case of the Yearbook, sometimes it takes me back to before I opened the Yearbook (no lost donuts). Sometimes it take me back to the confirmation thing for using the donuts.

  9. Fiendish Thingy

    Update has not hit Canadian App Store as of 11am PDT.

  10. So… the second prize is a Coin.. to use in the Mystery Box.. since I don’t get the Mystery Box because I have all the items it holds… the coin should have then given me the option to get 12 donuts like they have been doing in past events. BUT.. not this time. got the coin but no where to be found and not showing up to claim donuts.
    Not that it matters to me since I have well over 50k of donuts.. but for those who don’t get the Mystery Box because they have all the items.. but need donuts.. really sucks.

    • Yeah? There should be a means to turn that Token into 12 🍩’s in the menu of the Mystery Box (if this isn’t so? EA is definitely getting heckled today!) 🤔

    • Yeah, the same thing happened to me (which I also posted). I don’t have nearly as many donuts as you — but it felt strange to have completed something only to not receive any prize for it.

    • PyanfartheHani

      Same here. And the usual complaint that a token that can be used to buy items worth 50 or more donuts can only be exchanged for 12. But I didn’t even get that. Maybe because the moment it was awarded I got the Bart screen of death.

  11. This is a general query about events but it applies for this. As an example, if I have 10 Feather Boas left to unlock the next prize & I send all the characters to do the task to collect them, do the extra Boas count towards the next prize or is it just a waste?

    Alternatively, could I send 2 characters to get the 10 Boas, then send the other characters an hour later so they’d count towards the next prize when I collect them an hour later than the 2 I sent before?

    • No.. they don’t roll over to the next prize. so just send them on the tasks and then when you get that prize .. move on to the next. one.

    • They are wasted since they don’t carry over. I’m not sure if it changes to one of the prizes once they have been unlocked but the characters go to dumpsters to earn the feather boas and they are all at 3 different dumpsters in my town. If you’re close to unlocking the prize, you could send the required number of characters to one dumpster first then send the rest of your characters to another dumpster so the extra currency hasn’t gone to waste.

    • If you reach your goal and haven’t collected from all your Characters on Task? Stop! Read the funny Character Dialogue! When next Event Prize Task starts, continue to collect (you’ll get a nice headstart!) 😀👍🏻

    • The latter strategy is what I do so I don’t earn wasted currency. It works great.

    • Yes the alternate strategy should work. Send 2 to get the 10 and a little while later send the rest to collect. Just be sure to collect the first two for the prize before the others finish or the boas will be wasted.

    • They can carry over depending on how your town is designed. The collecting boas takes place at dumpsters, except for the new premium character. If your town has multiple dumpsters spread out the characters will go to the one they are closest to. My characters are using 5 different dumpsters currently. When you are close to unlocking the next level collect only enough to complete the task. Wait until you have started the next level to collect the leftovers.
      I have been able to get a head start of up to 25 boas for the second and third levels.

  12. I can’t sign in either 🙁

  13. 1st – the load screen (c’mon this is L-EA-Z-Y! Fix it! Yeah that’s a gripe – along with the cache Game App glitch – and there’s no defending EA over these! patch fix it already!) 👉🏻

    2nd – there’s plenty of new Content (some of the best are Premiums, so I hope everybody 🍩 farmed!) along with returning (Mexican Duffman says, “¡Si!” as in hope you 🍩 farmed ’cause you will spend ’em on what’s not in the Mystery Box!)

    3rd – new Characters, Buildings, Decor (if the last is dumb? trust me, I won’t defend it as an Event Prize! neither should anyone!)

    4th – Tokens are great as a way to obtain Content, still not so great if you’ve got it all (I have the Sportacus Building as 1 Item to obtain, then it’s 12 🍩’s each time afterwards – Whoop Dee Doo – can’t change that, nor the stagnant Event format!)

    5th – writing has improved, if you’ve got 🍩’s to burn and kinda rush thru this – be sure to read the Character dialogue (it’s great!) and use those 🍩’s wisely (earn back what you burn off!)

    6th – No Item Limits, No New Land (Mexican Duffman says “¡No Bueno!”) and I’m not defending these (zero expectations doesn’t mean EA Bob, or Barbara, can’t get these accomplished by now!)

    I’m going to have fun, I’m going to thank EA where they deserve it (and I’m going to heckle them over the obvious – they deserve that, too!)👍🏻

  14. The new site banner is awesome. Thanks as always for giving us the 411!

  15. So, I completed the 2nd part of Act 1. However, I don’t have a Mystery Box. Once I completed the 2nd part, I was not awarded any bonus donuts. Instead, it took me to The Store; but, everything for sale was for donuts.

    • So, whenever you have everything already that’s in the new Mystery Box (and it’s Gold Colour) the Mystery Box is typically still there …. you just don’t have any Content to obtain (because you have it all!) – but you should still be able to click the Mystery Box and in it’s menu exchange a Token for 12 🍩’s (tell us you can do what I described, or it’s another problem in this Event that’s a gripe we all need to send to EA Bob / Barbara!)

      • I don’t see a Mystery Box at all. I completed Part 2 — and the store opened. However, the items were just the regular store items that require donuts. Unfortunately, I did NOT receive a token or even twelve donuts.

        • Wow!
          If EA is cheating Tappers out of 12 🍩’s in exchange for the Token, that’s crap! (you can’t accept this! that’s saying it’s ok to Tap and get nothing for it!) 🙄

  16. Is anyone else not seeing the update available? I’m on an iPhone 11, all updated and everything…

    • Have you tried manually searching for the Game App and then initiating the update download? 🤔 It’s something Alissa has always encouraged via the advice of other Tappers on an iPhone

  17. I can’t get past the title screen with the spinning donut. Tried all the usual troubleshooting steps. Still can’t get past it.

    • on the iPhone.. go to the app store in the update section.. let that load.. then swipe down. to refresh the updates.. I had to do this in the past when I didn’t see the event update.

    • I’ve usually just restarted my Motorola, or just waited for when the Game App isn’t overwhelmed with Tappers (EA obviously isn’t updating this Game App’s Network) how is your internet access? strong? weak? 🤔

    • General Splattin

      Same thing with Huawei Mediapad. At least the donut is spinning. 🙄

  18. That’s a shame, when I saw it was wrestling, I was hoping the format would go back to some of the old events, like the World Cup and other events where there was some sort of battle between characters.

    • How cool would that have been?!?

    • I know the Event Format is soooo meh (don’t get me started on repeating the obvious) but even I’m having fun with the new Content …. let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble! 😀👍🏻

  19. Smithers is also collecting currency =)

  20. Had a weird bug. Most of my townies were in Krustys completing a mission. When I tapped the long line of thumbs, they all exited but then turned around and went back in. The icon in top left has the blue check but when I tap again nothing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled but now it won’t load 😔

    • This problem has been seen before (the characters going back in). To resolve, store the building, then place it again.

    • When this happens to me (usually a daily task for Springfielders to shop), I have to put the Krusty Burger into inventory to free all the people, then place it back.

      However, if you want to earn a bunch of cash & XP, when they’re still stuck at Krusty Burger, tap on the Friends screen, then go back into your Springfield. You should be able to collect the tasks again (and they’ll still be stuck). Repeat as much as you like before storing your Krusty Burger to free everyone.

    • Store where they are Tasking at
      Problem will be fixed
      Then put what you stored back into your Springfield

      Now go have fun 😀👍🏻

    • When you get your game back working just store the KrustyBurger if they’re still stuck in a loop – claim the task, pop to friends towns and back, then claim again until bored if you want to make a bit extra from the glitch first !!

    • This has been an ongoing bug for a long time. What had to be done to get out of the loop was to put your building in storage and then bring it back out again. It only happens on the original building not that extra ones that you could buy.
      So try putting the building in storage and then put it back in the game.

  21. Billboard 50 donuts, bought 4, don’t have a mystery box 😟, don’t like this format but hay hoe that’s the way it goes. Bart screen of death different, it now says I hate this screen? I think it’s new?

    • Mexican Duffman + 4 Gorgeous Grandpa Billboards = more fun for me (so I ignore the fact we’ll get a Building Skin & a Character Skin as new Prizes in this Event) ….. I hear you about the obvious changes EA Bob, or Barbara, could do (but won’t) and trust me I heckle EA over it 😂

    • no.. it’s not new.. the I Hate This Screen has been around for quite awhile.

  22. This is the first event in a while that I’ve had everything in the mystery box so the tokens will be used for donuts instead (anyone else notice that the tokens looks exactly like the Black Friday tokens?). Still it looks like a good event that most of the items will fit together.

    • I have four items in my mystery box. It’s not a matter of which ones, bit just the order that I will receive them.

  23. Misery box – Bare Chested Willie ?!? ( not Homer )

  24. Interesting
    I can purchase an ambulance
    through the event for 30 donuts, or
    Through my weekly box for 30 donuts with 10 donut rebate
    Both appear to be the same, each with 0.50% bonus

    • Correct! Not a bad way to increase Bonus% if you got the 🍩’s with a good discount (I had to get Mexican Duffman & Gorgeous Grandpa Billboards – those have a nice 2% Bonus each!)

  25. I can’t sign in! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😢👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    • Same here. It has been that way since last night. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling and keep having the same problem.

    • Cache Glitch – Alissa is nice enough to give you step by step instructions to fix this listed above (it’s better then waiting for EA to help you)

    • I got the Bart screen several times yesterday (though I eventually got into the game), but now it just loads infinitely on the splash screen (the donut has revolved for at least half an hour without even offering the chance to log in). Weird.

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