Friday Filler – The Dangers Of Too Much Nuthin’ To Do…

Thank Grog it’s Firday…

So…yes…I am starting to see a clear delineation between how people are “dealing” with the current Covid Pandemic Pandemonium.  Some are bored out of their minds, and have binge-watched more TV in the past month than they have the previous year. Others are so busy “Zooming” their way through jobs and meetings and other volunteer work, that they have started to really dread even thinking about opening another screen…especially to play a game.

Count me in that second group.

I’m not trying to be a martyr, or whine about doing things that are important…but, damn…I admit that mostly I am sick of people. And that is really weird, because I hardly see any people live and in person.

Having my wife home 24/7 is a blessing that many wish they had. She is a lovely person, when she isn’t driving me batshirt crazy with “her ways” of doing things.  We never comes to blows…but, it comes close.  She is like a family cat…who is ALWAYS under foot…placing herself in the direct line of traffic, and plopping her computer down for HER zoom meetings…in the middle of kitchen.

And yes…it’s all my fault.

I remodeled the kitchen for her.  The new island is the perfect place to perch.  You can work, eat, and even watch the TV in the family room through the new French doors. I made it too nice.

However…she also has a condition called “Mesophonia.” Don’t laugh. It’s a real thing. Trust me.  Here is a brief explanation. Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstance. Those who have misophonia might describe it as when a sound “drives you crazy.” Their reactions can range from anger and annoyance to panic and the need to flee.”

In actuality, it is me that is fleeing.

This condition is compounded by the fact that she is VERY left-brained…to the point of having “Tunnel hearing.”  In other words…if she is reading something, or watching something, or playing her ridiculous “word game” on her phone…she doesn’t hear a word I say.   I’m not kidding.

However, if I am typing on the keyboard…or listening to music on earbuds…or chewing ice…she hears it…from rooms away.  It. Is. Very. Weird.

So…I saved our marriage, and got my “freedom back,” by dismantling my entire workspace IN MY ROOM upstairs…and gave it to her.  I moved everything down to my basement studio…and am now in heaven…mostly. We’ll make it. Really.  Compromise is a good thing.  Unless you are chewing ice.

But, for the life of me…I am completely unable to give a rat’s patoot about TSTO right now.  I haven’t even gone so far as to “Donut Farm” so I could just blow through it. I’m sure it’s hilarious.  But, nothing seems very funny to me right now.

Between the folks who are demanding to be “set free to make their own choices about taking a chance on Covid” and those who want to spend all of their time doing the “Tsk, Tsk” bit when they see someone who isn’t social distancing, I am pretty much fed up with people in general.

Except for my family…who I can’t really see…unless I sneak away to a SOCIAL DISTANCED meeting halfway between Portland and Eugene…to get a load of toilet paper (we were almost out), and share a meal…from 15 feet apart. But, we have no choice…my daughter’s significant other works in the ER at the VA in Portland- aka Covid central. But, my oldest grandsons made the journey as well. And laughed at me from across the parking lot.  That’s dedication. Or real boredom. Their baseball seasons were cancelled. Bummer.

I miss my East Coast family…that just gathered on ZOOM to celebrate my Grandson’s 2nd birthday. It was nice…but a great deal of it was spent trying to see who was on…and singing happy birthday…while the GREAT grandparents squinted at the screen, trying to see and hear everyone.

Yes.. Jake was suitably confused by so many people singing Happy Birthday out of sync. 

I wanted to be there. To read to him. So, I did the next best thing…and created two “Grandpa Reads” YouTube videos.   If you have little ones at home…or away…but want to share… these go ahead. I love reading to kids.


I also miss my “Head Start” kids. One of our Rotary projects is working with the Head Start Pre-K kids…reading to them a couple of times a month.  I love it. They love it. I miss it. The rest of the school year is now “remote,” (which is why my teacher/counselor wife gets the upstairs to do her distanced learning and counseling with her students).  I really hope things are “back to normal” by next fall.

Delivering food boxes to them…with social distancing…isn’t nearly as fun.

OK. That’s enough for now.  I know. Half as long as usual. But, the fact is…it felt like a huge effort, to switch gears…write about a game I’m not playing, and not lose my shirt over the comments about the game not working right.  Come on, people. 

If you really need perspective…I’d be happy to share first-hand accounts of ER workers in NYC.  Not here.  I guarantee they would terrify and horrify you. And perhaps humble you a bit. I’ve been asked NOT to share them with the media…but, trust me. I think there are a few folks who should suit up, and see it for themselves…before demanding to go back to watching spectator sports or hanging out at the beach, or holding any more press conferences with people stacked in front of the cameras. But, I digress.

People are going to do what people are going to do. Right?

OK. Back to delivering food boxes. It’s been one of those days…but I never miss a deadline. So, there’s that.

Happy tapping…or tipping…or whatever you want to do. This event…and hopefully a lot of other things will be over soon enough.

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  1. You made me think back when I would read to my niece and nephew and I started to tear up, oh how I miss those days. Love how Pierre has a bit of a Jersey accent and want to ask him what exit he lives off of.

    • His family is from the French side of Jersey…I think it is Montclair? The original title was “Pierre from Montclair Who Doesn’t Care While Eating an Eclair.” But, it really didn’t roll off the tongue and wouldn’t fit on the tiny book.

  2. If you have a big screen TV you should cast your computer screen to the TV.

  3. Patric, I LOVE your rendition of Pierre. We all know you are an expert story teller but to hear your special Grandpa voice reading a lovely book, important to you… well, I was a kid again! Or my kids were kids again. My first grandkid is due mid May. What a terrible era to arrive into but thanks to the gods and Mother Nature, kids do what they gotta do. My son is setting up his house with a special window viewing area for friends and family. Not how I recall life when he came into the world, Halloween in San Francisco, college buddies hanging around our tiny apartment because we had a baby, but times they are a changin’. THANKS for the bedtime story. 🥰

    • On the other hand…your grandchild will have a great, “when I was born…” story! Being a grandparent is the best.

      I love the story of Pierre. “Caring” is one of the most important lessons anyone can learn!

  4. Hey Hey HEY!!!!… Hi Cranky… 🙂 stay safe, and remember a wife is always right.. at least that’s what my wife says… 😛

  5. Sounds like you need to just go in a different room and read a book for awhile. No electronics for a bit. As for me it’s so nice out and I haven’t been going anywhere but the Safeway since I live with someone elderly. Might try a walk but I hate the mask. So hot and uncomfortable plus now the hall monitors on fb are saying it’s the wrong mask because there is a little doohickey on the front. Meanwhile 2 days ago the n95 was the best mask. Make up your mind. I had it leftover from the bad air quality from fires and it’s all I got.

    • The halal monitors are wrong. The N95 is the best… we were just supposed to give any we had to First Responders. However…I had two left over from construction. I kept one…and gave one to my wife…as we are both doing emergency food box deliveries.

      I WISH i could turn it all off. I do have book club tonight. Zoom version. But, ironically…I read the book on KINDLE. So…another screen. It is Nicolas Kristoff’s book about the opioid crisis, and how it has decimated small towns. Seemed like a downer…until reality hit. LOL!

      We will be drinking a lot of alcohol to get though this meeting. We do anyway. But, this one, nobody has to drive home.

  6. Out with my wife for our daily walk/exercise and out of the blue she called me a cranky old guy, 🤷‍♂️don’t know were she got that 😁

  7. Both my wife and myself have been at work (according to the UK govt.), We are both key workers, she’s home care, I’m railway. To say it’s stressful for her is an understatement as she gets worked up, but I hope everyone on here are doing well, it’s good to read posts, keeps spirits up.

  8. Is it actually Friday? Because going back to work has made me lose my place of the time, date, day (all of my concentration is to get home safe & virus from work!) … the good thing about this Covid-19 pandemic is I only work Monday thru Friday (oh yeah, petrol is down to $1.97 a gallon!) …. the really bad part? 11 Members of my Union have been infected, 3 have died (none of them were over 53 years old – but that’s 3 Union Members we consider to be Family!) …. and we have a Mayor who wants to “open for business” 🙄 – notice her Husband hasn’t uttered a word to the media (is it because he quietly quit being the Las Vegas Spokesperson due to Covid-19?) 🤔

    Back to Friday – TSTO – Life at home …. we have enough space away from each other working (I’m out in the field, she works from home) that we don’t get on each other’s nerves – we save that for all of the eeediots out there who don’t wear masks 😷 , who don’t wear gloves 🧤 , who don’t practice social distancing (we stay far, far away from this sort – let them infect each other and thin the herd!) 😮

    So, yes, certain people irritate us, but those we hold dear? We miss being social with (online Google Duo, or Zoom just doesn’t cut it!) We’re not perfect (who is?), we’re not bored (plenty to do), we carefully volunteer with the food bank (twice a week), and we securely drop off the goods (🧻 & 🧼 & 🧤 & 😷) to the seniors in our community. 👍🏻

    TSTO is a nice escape from it all (I don’t worry if I can’t Login – this Game App isn’t going anywhere, right?) TSTO Addicts reminds me there are wonderful people who enjoy the Game App experiencing similar situations due to the pandemic (I hope we all survive this!) Not much else to say except see you for Act 3 and time to feed the 🐈’s who are ruuuuuumbling for din dins! 😹

  9. It is very unfortunate that some people are able to appreciate what they have. I feel blessed that I have a roof over my head, some food on my table, a bit of toilet paper! A patch of garden. Ok I am in lockdown, I live aline and have not seen a real human friend for like seems like ages, but I am truly ok with it. I make my day special every day. A prayer for the world, a French breakfast, cooking naked! All the extra jobs that were put aside. Not a dull moment. I am even enjoying it. It will eventually pass anyhow. This is not the end. We have to accept it.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Good stuff Patric. My wife and I get along very well so it’s been no problem for us. My stress levels are so low now, it’s unbelievable.

    Yeah, I know some people doing Covid testing, their stress levels are understandably very high.

  11. Nice post, stay safe and play golf, unless they shut them as like here, me I prefer a good long walk, Pentland hills and the water of Leith, Edinburgh, look it up, Google it, stir crazy loony times 😜🤪😂

  12. Haha. Needed all that.
    Have you seen this? (Hope this works…)

    • That IS US!!!!! I am writing this from my basement bunker…where I can do anything I want, MY way. The rest of the house? Not so much…

  13. Patric, it sounds like you need to hit the reset button.

    I have a friend that is a nurse I Boston and a sister who manages a doctor’s office near Toronto. Both of them have been run ragged and have found themselves in tears due to the reality that they and their communities are facing.

    The real hoax is people suggesting that this COVID-19 is a hoax.

    No it is not just like the seasonal, the seasonal flu does not cripple hospitals and so on and so on.

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