Friday Filler- Wait…So This Is Still A Game??

Thank Grog It’s Firday! 

I had to laugh at the opening screenshots of this new “event.”  The whole bit with the mysterious “TGM” (The Game Master) revealing that their reality was a simulation.

With the response being a very appropriate “Duh!

But, of course, as I have discussed in many other posts over the years, I absolutely loved the possibility that there may not only be different versions of our reality, but that all of what we know is but a simulation…like a video game.

Until recent events.

If this is all just a simulation, then the “player” (our own version of Sky Finger) is a total jerk.

But, let’s be honest…this event also proves once again, that “those who make our reality” in TSTO, are also a bunch of lazy jerks.  Yes. I’m talking to YOU BOB!!
I know…I know…my constant reference to “Bob the Part-time EA Programmer” who also delivers pizza’s as his “side hustle” is confusing.  No. He isn’t real. He is an amalgam of all of the EALPish (EA Lazyass Programmers) who work (or don’t work much) on this game.

I could go on and on and on…but, we know this chorus to the same song…right?
“Same old format, same old math!
Same old numbers, you can kiss my ‘stache!!”

Yep. No increase in Item Limits.  Same tired format, of 4 weeks of content, stretched across five weeks for good measure. Same combo of skins, buildings, and loosely tied-in clutter…with some pretty funny writing.  It’s a shame.  Good writing…poor execution…and you end up with a “bad production.”

But, let’s get back the “Reality is an Illusion,” bit. There are loads of theories, which I have shared in the past.

This article from 2012 (the year the Mayans predicted that the world would end), states “Do we live in a computer simulation? UW researchers say idea can be tested!”  Cool idea…but I’m not wild about the lack of choices. Some else is pushing the buttons?

The fact is…if this IS just a big virtual game, being played by a higher power, then I am asking for a favor…

PLEASE STOP HITTING THE RESET BUTTON that loops us back to the same old behaviors…same ways of thinking…with the same damn outcomes.  I don’t re-watch movies…or series…or re-read books. I don’t like reading something when I know how it turns out. Which is why video games in general are boring to me in some ways.  Yes…there are loads of choices…but, they are all pre-programmed into algorithms of tendencies.  They call it “computer logic,” but it is actually more like “computer reaction to a set of predictable conditions and responses.”

But if it IS TRUE…whoever is “Programming the Game” is really piling on the Special Effects!

Let’s see, we have a Pandemic that is being likened to 1918…Civil Unrest that is being compared to 1968…Weird weather patterns, storms, and flooding that is being compared to Biblical passages…and leadership that is starting to feel like the worst days of the Roman empire.

Can’t we get someone with some creativity to program this game??

Oh…wait. Was I talking about TSTO or Life?  Probably both.

The fact is, I am encouraged, in many ways. If there ARE multiple universes, (the proof of which may have been found in Antarctica) with loads and loads of optional outcomes based upon the choices we make (I am a huge believer in Free Will), then that means we may actually have a chance to divert what is revealing itself to be a pretty awful outcome.

Or…we are just going to be stuck in the same place…over and over and over again, with no real options to “get the game going again.”

It is going to take the Free Will of millions upon millions of people, to agree that change needs to come, and that they are going to be part of that change.  If the game needs to change…then LET EA KNOWstop spending money on donuts until the increase ITEM LIMITS.

If you are upset with the way our leadership is “leading,” then USE YOUR VOTE to make a statement. Get out there…raise a fuss…let them know that you are choosing a different path.

If you are tired of living your life in fear…then break loose of inaction, and get things done. Volunteer. Spread the word. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! (but please wear a mask, at least for a while longer).

I get that we aren’t going to solve the world’s problems, until we start “loving one another unconditionally.”  But, I guess I am starting to realize that hoping for someone, or something, or a game to change, when it is basically abusing your common sense and patience…is pretty much on you.

There’s room in the world for “Positive Thoughts and Hope.”  But, the fact is, wishing and hoping for change doesn’t do much…until they develop a “game controller” that uses thought, intention and brain waves.

But, maybe that’s where “Prayer” and “Positive Affirmation” comes in. Maybe…what we are doing when we are screaming out loud to ourselves, is really trying to connect with the ultimate “Game Master,” to let him/her/it know that we are tired of their choices.  HIT THE DAMN “JUMP” BUTTON TO GET OVER THE ROLLING BARREL YOU IDIOT!

Action. It’s all about action.  In games. In life. In this, and any other reality. Those who focus on the tiny stuff…and make excuses for inaction…end up losing focus on the big picture.  It’s time for action…

Those who continue to excuse bad behavior, or irrational actions, end up losing their own Free Will.  It’s time for action…

And those, who continue to support those, who actually don’t give two rips about us, are doomed to be heartbroken by the same outcomes…while refusing to accept our role in the process.   It’s time for action…

Get up. Do something. Stop waiting for “Sky Finger” to fix things.  He/She/It made this. It’s up to us to do something good with it.

53 responses to “Friday Filler- Wait…So This Is Still A Game??

  1. Colin Dawson

    I figure that they create a item limit because if people create cities with too many items it make the game hard to load. Given that the game is online it might cause a huge lag in the system. I have not hit the item cap but I do avoid getting unnecessary decorations.


    C.B.G. 🍕

  3. So,
    The WARNING actually says:
    Congratulations, you’ve maxed out,
    HOWEVER, if you want more you must store or sell

    Shouldn’t it be:
    THEREFORE, if you want more, you need to sell or store
    HOWEVER, you can get more if you sell or store

    Grammar is more than warm, fresh baked cookies and milk

  4. Thank You Patric,
    You inspired me to vent/rant my thoughts mostly on an educational level on s different (and less popular social media) app.
    If your interested I’ll send you a copy of it via email (I still have your email as long as it is still the same address)
    no problems if you do not.

    Keep being you

    • Please do. Yes. Same email.

    • I keep coming up with new things to add, like I could have just said That Common Sense and Sensitivity Training should Be done in school before someone goes to a job and has to watch a training video, because by the time someone gets a job they usually have their feelings made up toward people of any kind.

      • True. But as the wife of an elementary teacher/counselor, I can tell you that it is taught.

        However…if you look at stats for other developed nations, you will find one thing that may or may not shock you…In England, France, Germany, and several other countries that have almost no killing of citizens by police, (1-3 annually,, compared to 1,000+ by US)their training is an average of 18-24 months…and does not focus mostly on “boot camp” kinds of experiences…compared to most urban areas in the US, where training is between 120-180 days (even shorter in rural towns). So…there’s that.

        As you said, they may come in with a bias, and because the short training focuses mostly on tactics, weapons use, and crowd control, there is little or no time for “cultural education.”

        • Maybe be need another “Police Academy” Movie (kidding)

          Yeah police reform and training needs improvement but I wish regular students get their share of lessons how to treat and react with others. There is a number of people who feel as if they are considered “old dogs” as they believe it is too late to undo the stigmas and hate they have developed,
          It’s obviously a heavy and complicated topic, will you and I fix the problem (rhetorical question)?
          But as I mentioned before I like use my odd perception to come up with solutions even if it’s not always an unique solution.

  5. I feel like Matt Groening is just trolling us now with innuendo in the opening screens. First, was it Christmas that sparked the great Sky finger appendage debate? Next, I still have PTSD from the wrestling update of an obviously masochistic Captain Flag grinning maniacally as Sky finger crushes his pelvis. Now I have over a month to be traumatized as The Game Master leers at Homer two-fisting the longest purple Monkey Kong joystick I’ve ever seen. [Shudder]. Not cool Matt.

    • He does seem to have a strange fascination with the male appendage. But, there are also loads of female “parts” in the decorations if you look. He’s a funny guy…but, I agree with you. In some ways, he never got past his “8th grade bathroom humor.”

  6. It is reassuring to know that I’m not the only one thinking the world is in crisis. I’ve been anticipating the collapse of Western civilisation since around 1990 when the first gulf war started and now that a lot of others are seeing this now too is oddly comforting and at the same time scary and ominous!!!

    • The fact is…I am not worried about the end of civilization. In fact, as a student of history, I know that sometimes the best change comes from shirking off the greatest oppression. Change is never easy. But, I have faith that we will ultimately find our way…and make the kind of changes that will last. Because we have to. We really do.

      • I agree about change needed. The problem I see is the changes that are really needed must be drastic, and to fundamental systems that have been in place for decades. I’m not just talking racial issues. Serious…drastic changes need to be made to the educational systems, from pre-k through doctorates, health care, the judicial system, pharmaceuticals, social security, military…..EVERYTHING…basically an entire restart is what is really needed. But, the U.S. Bureaucracy is just way to big. Politicians would never allow the necessary fundamental changes that are needed because it would end their way of life. Politicians can’t DO anything….that’s why they’re politicians. Little changes will be made…to placate the masses…but in 25 years, we will be saying the same exact things, just like we were 25 years ago…like when Captain Planet told me I would be under water by now.

        • I agree with much of what you said. However, the real issues come from larger societal problems that have to do with marginalizing a larger and larger percentage of the population. When so few have most of the wealth…most of the power….and make the rules, an eventual explosion of rage is bound to happen. But I agree…”the system(s)” need serious overhauling…from politics, to school fairness in how all people are treated.

      • Patric, Yes indeed crisis can be an opportunity for change and of the need for change i have no doubt whatsoever. Similar things have been going on here in the UK in recent years with an increase in xenophobia and increasingly an attitude of callousness toward the vulnerable and needy within our society. The fear that I have particularly as one of the vulnerable ( I have physical disabilities ) is that throughout the process of change things become very unpredictable and that our increasingly limited systems of support collapse down to nothing. I have 2 kids so I do care very much about their futures, we have tried to keep them very aware of what’s going on in the world just now because it is their generation that will be cleaning up the mess that previous generations have left for them.

    • Must have been your first war. The world has always been changing and history has even overkilled in showing that. It’s not going to stop changing.

      • War…against a foreign power…while regrettable, is often accepted (even the bad ones)…war against our own citizens? Never.

      • Probably it was as I was only 16 so it was the first contemporary war I was old enough to comprehend.

  7. No increase in Item Limits!!!! I have been up against this for a year? Keep deleting fences and small items but still rapidly hit The Limit. Getting boring – I can’t design my town as I would like to.

    • Trust me. You are preaching to the choirmaster here. If I stop playing TSTO, it won’t be because of the format…or the prizes…it will be because they too damn lazy to up the limits in the code. IT’S ONE FREAKIN’ NUMBER in the overall code. ONE. Those who love designing, like you and me, shouldn’t have to degrade our towns, to allow for their laziness.

    • Spare a thought for Kindle users. I start experiencing performance issues even before reaching the 10K mark! In fairness though I do play on a very basic model. If I could get bluestacks to run on our PC that would be my preferred means of playing TSTO.

  8. Historyguy303

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in? I can’t get in. If I hit the “Get Help” button it says that link does not exist.

  9. “loving one another unconditionally.” what the h*ll does that mean? I can go along with “treat others as you would like to be treated”. But I am sure not going to love the mass murderer unconditionally, that only happens in families.

  10. As someone who has pretended to be a time traveler, in a parallel universe I probably am.
    My observation concludes life is much like “Mad Libs“ but instead of filling the few blanks of our own choosing to fit someone else’s story, it is mostly blank pages with just a few predestined words/events that are unavoidable. Thus there is free will, and a destiny and some fate.

    As for a skyfinger goes.. as far as we know it started with the Big Bang (Bazzinga!) things Have Changed, and yes history tends to repeat itself, there have been good old days and a sense of peace even in our own lifetime, blessings and joy,.. drama and tragedies happen and Like I mentioned before we can blame our ancestors or whom ever… even blame the dinosaurs or the first humans for eating from a garden they were told not to or skyfinger for setting everything everything and everyone to fail the game they were programmed to play. To everything (turn turn turn) there is a season… I tried to set up my life in certain extremes (Not going to share those personal details here) but it was unhealthy and I had to change, such is nature of your personal journey.

    Yes it is also part of nature for fight or flight, neither extreme or Any extreme is healthy long term. Even if you look at personality types (Meyer Briggs) or Zodiac sign personality types (if you believe in those) people change in time,
    If we are individually simulations we are still an evolving simulation, just because we have seen stories of the past and lived through events ourselves According to the Earth timeline, humans haven’t been here very long, yes we wish other people of the past could have fixed these problems by now, yet what efforts are we making, what are we contributing to?

    I know some of your good deeds Patric, and it’s ok to find down time to rest and tap silly games, and there are times to question and vent, have faith that future generations will take the metaphorical torches you wish to pass along, as those torches are of love and understanding and they don’t twist your request in an extreme or hurtful way, you did your job and Skyfinger might take you to a more peaceful simulation as Skyfinger may have previously shown you (just try not to swear as much next time you visit there)

  11. No offense, because I really enjoy your work on this website over the years, but you complain a lot yet do not offer any solutions. Again, I am a fan of your writing and very thankful you take time to entertain us about this game week in and week out. Sincerely I am. Why not dedicate a column to ideas on how to improve the game? Crowd source it. We all enjoy the game enough to visit this website and we want to keep playing – so why not help improve things instead of tearing the game down? We know you want be able to place more items – very fair – but do you have other ideas on how to improve the game? I know I liked the Christmas update years back where you could drop off gift bags to some of your friends and they were very valuable so it encouraged people to be a good friend. I miss the friend aspect of the game. They should bring that back. Thank you for your dedication to the game and website, Patric.

    • I’ll second the “brainstorm solutions” post part.

      Personally I know 01001110 01101111 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 when it comes to programming (I had to look that up, but since I know they use some binary I guess that was untrue)
      However I like to brainstorm and creativity and strangely enough Thinking Outside the Box. :p

      I mentioned in posts a couple times I’d like a way to store items while maintaining the income or bonus points (or at least a fraction of it while stored) I think the Genesis Tub would be a good excuse for that (I have an explanation behind why the Genesis Tub would be the right choice for that) However again, as far as I can assume the programming behind such a task might not be so easy..

      Anyway, Patric and Patrick have a good day :p

    That’s when this game used to be fun… collecting, searching, tapping, visiting your neighbors.. Every holiday was fun! Now it’s so lazy.

  13. If you want to blame someone start with the person you see looking back at you in the mirror (this is why Vampires are jerks, they don’t take a good enough look at themselves).

    let’s leave Metaphorical enemies alone for a while, that’s right even the “devil” or “The Illuminati” or “political leader” or whoever or what ever it is we blame our problems on, because each time we blame “them”/“the others” we are taking away our own responsibility to our own lives.
    Easier said than done, but I’m mad as Mel and I’m not going put a bone in my hair Anymore. (I was programmed to say all that btw)

    • To be clear, this/that comment (the one I’m replying to here) is not directed to anyone specifically, and in honesty mostly directed to myself.

  14. Always great Patric..this one especially!! But I thought everyone knew that the Mayan prediction of 2012 was a transposition error…it’s actually 2021….

  15. 🤓Professor Frink & Farnsworth would certainly approve such fine analysis⚖

    …”Let’s see, we have a Pandemic that is being likened to 1918… Civil Unrest that is being compared to 1968″…
    Hmmm, multiply the ratio of catastrophes, divided by responsive stupidity squared, subtract multiplying levels of lack of intellect tangent to qunification of levels of disassociation & ignorance…
    Carry the 1, reconfigure the triangulating congruence of human error by infinity…
    Every 50 yrs higher powers apparently attempt communication… & now 52 years for 2020
    & we get…
    ⚠️Aha⚠️ double dosage to double the lessons☯️ …but, will anyone learn?
    …Well at least maybe EA?👌

  16. Got to agree, we need some kind of action, haven’t played properly for months, I rush all jobs get the prizes I want, 4 hour turnaround not cool Bob, and no were to put the stuff Bob, raise the limits Bob, think I am getting annoyed at the world, stir crazy in isolation watching news reports about eejits defacing statues, Robert the Bruce the latest to be graffiti, time for action in this simulation and the one I live in.

    • I will never understand those who protest violence and destruction, with more violence and destruction. Just weird and counterproductive.

      • Will see even more violence and destruction today when the protests in London start ,is this the new normal?

      • Mrs. Bouvier

        Patric, perhaps you will truly never understand. Peaceful protests on bended knee were met with rebuke. And ZERO change. MLK was beat and thrown in jail and eventually murdered. Ghandi was peaceful, Mandela thrown in jail. If change always came about by peaceful measures the USA would have been born by a series of nicely worded letters and polite requests. The USA fought a war to achieve freedom, only to take freedom away from others. Those that control the power structure never relinquish their way of holding onto that power by peaceful means. Fairness and equity do not come about by asking politely. Perhaps the more appropriate question should be what makes someone comfortable with the status quo that keeps another human being marginalized and treated like a criminal? Why does the discomfort only come when one is forced to see it? There is plenty of destruction now. Some are doing it from anger, some are doing it to create chaos and others do it because they haven’t yet been voted out of office. Which type are you willing to put up with before change happens? The ugly truths that are rocking the entire planet have never been fully addressed. There are many that are tired of asking politely, hopefully now they will be heard.🙏

        • Perhaps I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND? Excuse me…did you read last week’s Filler?

          Everything you write is absolutely true. Everything.

          But those who affected the most change in the world for civil rights, preached and acted with Non-Violence. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela. What they knew, is that violence begets violence. Destruction of private property, of those who had no role in the oppression, only gives oppressors reason to ignore the plight of the oppressed.

          I am very much for the rallies…and protests…and everything that is happening in the streets, EXCEPT for the destruction. You make more “noise,” and draw more attention, when you don’t lower yourself to giving your “oppressors” a reason to oppress.

          • Mrs. Bouvier

            I too would like to see the violence end. I am hopeful some common sense change will occur. It’s long overdue. It seems different this time.

            • I agree. Because this time, the numbers of whites is almost as large as the number of blacks. It is way past due.

        • Gandhi was successful in freeing India from British rule. It worked because the ruling class at the time had a conscious. He was not killed by the British but by someone who had a different vision of what the future should look like. The Montgomery bus strike was peaceful and worked. MLK was not killed by those in charge but who someone who did like what he believe the future would be. Peaceful resistance would not work against the Nazis. But they also would extract extreme revenge against those who violently resisted them. Mandela was not initially peaceful, which is why he was in jail. But he changed over time, preparing himself for a time when those in charge had to give up power (from internal and external pressures). My personal belief is that the majority of the vandalism, looting and arson done during the recent protests didn’t care about George or black lives, but by criminals and those who want to overthrow the government.

          • I was with you until your last line. Most don’t give a rip about politics…most looters are all about the “free stuff” they can get during times of chaos.

            • The criminals were the looters wanting free stuff, the anarchists were the vandals and arsonists who just want to destroy the current established order.

        • For me the methods of Ghandi were the epitome of the power of peaceful action, but I do agree that many of the positive changes that have come about throughout history have required blood to be spilt.
          It is my sincere hope that at some point we will have evolved sufficiently as a species to be able to achieve positive changes without the spilling of blood.