Friday Filler – Is The Anticipation Better Than The Actuality?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

Yes…it has continued to be one of those weeks/months/years that just keeps piling on the fun. But, I won’t take up more space here to talk about all of the family challenges in our neck of the woods. Especially, when we have a new update, and those woods are scary!

Well…maybe not as scary as many hoped for…but, at least it’s “hellish?”

And that’s really kind of what life has become at this point. Anticipating something great…counting down the days and hours…only to be disappointed in the outcome. And, let’s be honest about it. Almost everything that is highly anticipated leaves someone feeling disappointed.

But for me, there was one surprise that I have been begging for over the course of more than 18 months. Yes…those that know me, know that I am patient when it comes to begging. And, there are a few things that I have been hoping to come true, even longer than 18 months. But, my desire to be the nation’s first WWI Fighter Ace/Cowboy/Astronaut becomes more and more distant with each passing year.

However, I’m not going to complain. Because EA…in their infinite wisdom…FINALLY INCREASED THE HARD ITEM LIMITS!!!!!

I found out, via the email we got, including this message from “Cat,” the latest in a long line of Associate Producers for TSTO: “One thing not mentioned in the document that we’d like to make you aware of – with this year’s THOH we have increased the building cap by 1,000, bringing it from 13,000 to 14,000. We know this has been long requested, and we are pleased to grant that wish!”

We are pleased to grant that wish?  After 18 months?  Not one to look a “gift Item Increase in the face” (mostly because they don’t have faces), I immediately went about testing said limit, by adding back a ton of my bonus Wailing Walls and Tennis Courts!  And BOOM! I got the warning.


But then, I remembered that they do that kind of a warning all of the time, way before you reach the actual limit…So, to test the limit, I added another 65 tennis courts, which would have put me over the old limit of 13,000…and BOOM!!!!!  

Nothing. They REALLY DID Increase the Item Limits! 
Woot! Woot! 

However…as the title of this post suggests…it took almost no time at all, before I began trying to decide what I wanted to add back into my town. So many decorations and flourishes had to be sacrificed over that past 18 months, that I had to go back through the lists of stored items to see what I wanted to add back, knowing now that I had at least 800+ of something I could add back. 

As I pondered the reality of getting back to my original “High Water Mark” of Bonus %, and knowing that I still had a ton of ticks left on the Item-Limit-O-Meter,  I suddenly realized that I was a changed man.  The 18 months of anticipation…wanting something I couldn’t have…had made me figure out how to manage without.  How to deal with “enough,” while finding contentment in what I had, not what I thought I needed. 

Was I suddenly happier, fulfilled, and secretly redeemed for my reward for waiting?  Did it actually change my life for the better?  


Because the fact is…having the FREEDOM to have more, or less, and not being FORCED to have less, by a mandate from an entity who “makes the rules,” is really what the whole “pursuit of happiness” and “justice for all” bit is all about. 

Yes. It’s a game. Yes, it is going to have limitations that are created for the betterment of all who play. But, limiting creativity, and the freedom to build, design, and enjoy the game freely, makes it “lesser than,” for a good portion of players. 

Take the analogy any way you want. Rules, religion, politics, and all sorts of day to day limitations in life are created, mandated and enforced in ways that always seem restrictive to those being restricted.  But, I also acknowledge that designing “way above the warnings” for years, brought about the obvious “Hard Limit” results over time.  There are ramifications for breaking the rules and policies in life, especially if they effect others around you. 

Wait…are we still talking about the game? 

I am just glad that EA has found a way to bump it up.  Not sure if this will be an annual thing…a semi-annual thing…or “one last time.”  But, for now, it doesn’t matter.  Flowers…shrubs…and rock-work around some of my water features has returned!   

We Are Free Again! Thanks, EA!

Finished concrete work around water just looks better…especially when it butts up against heaven…

For far too long…the good people of Shelbyville and Springfield have been denied flowers, fences and shrubs to beautify their towns!

I had forgotten how much more fulfilling and fun it is to be able to decorate with all of the tools! Trees, shrubs, random fences…all make a town look more livable, and less “cartoony.” 

And then I started thinking…”Who Finally Pulled the Trigger on the Item Limit Increase??”

I reached out to “Cat,” who reached out to Tom, who reached out to the guy who sits in the weird little room that used to be a secret in the server room, who sent me the evidence.  And, I wasn’t surprised. 

There is a tradition between White House staffs when a transition between old and new administration takes over.  They leave little notes of encouragement for one another, little bits of paper that prove that an ordered, polite transfer of power has taken place, as it has since the first time in 1796. 

But, back at EA…the desk that has been passed down from “Assistant to the VP of Server  Integration” (AVPSI), from a wide range of employees using it as a stepping stone up the ladder, contained just such a note, from one of the original occupants. 

Written on a sticky note, and stuck to a variety of crud in the “junk drawer” of the desk, was this simple, furtive plea. 

Good old Bob.  

Perhaps knowing this might be the last time that Bob has had influence on the game, long after finally taking that promotion as Ops Manager for Door Dash, I will treasure each item that I am now able to place in my town. 

We may not always get everything we want…but, over time, perhaps we can learn to appreciate what we have. Right?

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  1. 😎’HELLS2theYES!!!’Indeed😬

    🌈Ahhhhhh sweet relaxing 😈2020Hell😈

  2. A bit off topic, but I haven’t really been following what’s been happening to the addicts live. Is there anything underway or have we heard the last episode? Can’t find anything about it on the site or anywhere else. Was hoping it’d only be a temporary stop, but six months in, it feels like temporary has become permanent :/
    Miss hearing you!

  3. We have Bob to thank!

  4. i got the fortune teller from the mystery box. I’m stuck on part 3. It says “make Fortune Teller deal with slow business”, but there is no task for it.

  5. whats up with all the updates ?

  6. is anyone having a hard time getting in to the game ? i have gotten in only once a day last few days and no one say uninstall reinstall as im tired of doing that cause of the way to huge update every time

    • Can’t get in today, just watching a donut spin. 🙁

    • Hi I’m someone who been locked out since Thursday I’ve been deleting and reinstalling every few hours day and night since Thursday and still no joy!!.
      It will let me play Anomalously mode where you start from scratch again,so annoying. I was wondering have you managed to get in yet !!!.also I’ve contact EA still waiting on reply.

    • The Wrong Hands

      I’ve had trouble with this since I updated to ios 14 on my ipad. I get the generic confirm age screen and if I try to log in I get an error. What sort of works right now is force-quitting the app and re-launching it, and it loads correctly with me logged in as usual (though sometimes missing my avatar). I hope this workaround helps others until something gets fixed.

    • Me. It just comes up with an error message when I put in my username and password 😑 I’ve changed my password but it’s still not letting me in? I haven’t played in a month or so but I’ve been playing since 2014 so no way am I starting from scratch… I’ve spent money on this game 😭

  7. I am also having trouble logging in to my game. Keeps telling me there is an error in my pass word…but there isn’t. Then this AM all I got on the screen was Homer standing in the field and no way to even try to log in! Help please! Suggestions ? Thanks.

  8. I’m no where near an item limit as I like a smaller Springfield. But I really enjoyed the sentiment of your post. Good job Patric.

  9. So far, fun. Half the Springfields in this house already have the devil. lol

  10. Love That Bob!

  11. I already have the House of Evil but I don’t see the Evil Shopkeeper in the items available for this event. How do I get him?

    • You can’t. It’s a combo with the House of Evil. If you have one you can’t get the other, unfortunately.

      • BOOOO! Not a Halloween thing. I’m in the same boat. EA helps us out here – been playing so long ALL my mystery boxes have been empty the past couple of years. Give us a patch with Evil Shopkeeper available for a coin!

      • A trick, not a treat! How mean! Thanks for letting me know so at least I know I’m not going crazy! 🙂

    • Gary

      I’m right there with you and that’s why I’m joining Tappers at the respective Facebook Twitter and Official Forums to ask them to do something about this (you have got to let EA know, or they won’t do anything).

  12. Another great post, Patric – just what I needed to remind me that not everything is getting worse at the moment…

    No major problems in the grand scheme of things, just relatively small stuff that adds up and gets you down occasionally.

    I hope things turn out well for Bob!

  13. Elizabeth Pense

    Thank you Patric, I love your posts! I’m trying to be positive and take anything I can get from our beloved game. Anyway I’m gonna go watch comedy of horrors! 😊

  14. my curiosity is peaked a bit, about the few items that are partially seen in the ‘Bob note’ image

  15. Does this mean there is an
    New “BOB” in town?

    And if so will there be a different name for the new guy?
    (or does the new guy inherit the same code name?)

  16. hellish which improved after a small update, go EA, power to the people, item limits it’s all to do with memory, human or tech if we don’t have the memory capacity then we forget, I think am talking about the game, I forgot forget?? moving on!!!, Nice post, time for a curry, beer and a weekend off 😁🎺🎶👍👹🍺

  17. Is anyone having trouble logging in?

    • Comes and goes…

    • Hi yes I’ve been having issues with trying to login, been trying since yesterday morning, I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times no joy also email this help forum still no joy . Are you playing on iPad ?!!

    • Yup. I noticed it after updating to ios 14. What works for me us force-quitting the app (the swipe up method) and re-launching it.

  18. Very happy with the item increase. And quite happy with the hell content as a balance to my many religious areas. Including praise land which I have situated New Hell next to.
    I would say it’d have been nice to get some more bell decorations. Rock formations, fiery fences, lava rivers etc.
    But I accept what I’m given.

    • My “Ned’s Hell” and pentagram, ended up in my “multitude of heavens” section. Just seemed right. If one exists…the other surely must.

  19. They aren’t wrong tho.

    • They and tho? Not sure who “they” is, and if you meant “though,” or “thou.” Because if it was the former, it only makes sense if you define who “they” is. If it is the latter, then it is merely a pronouncement of identification, as in “They aren’t Thou” or “those guys aren’t you!” But, both are confusing the way you stated it.

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