Episode 61- Should TSTO Be harder?! | New Year New You Wrap Up & Community Reactions!

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we wrap up the New Year, New You mini-event! Is TSTO too easy? Should only a few players succeed in unlocking all of the event prizes? Plus, we give our good, bad, and ugly reactions to the questlines, prizes and premium characters. And we go back to the Addicts Live! roots and hear from the Addicts Community with their mini-event reactions!

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16 responses to “Episode 61- Should TSTO Be harder?! | New Year New You Wrap Up & Community Reactions!

  1. The games used to feel harder. Now I don’t even have to try to complete, but before I really did. I think it could be a bit more of a challenge but not hugely. I have mixed feelings about the ease of getting past prizes.. happy for my daughters sake who just started playing and also wondering if this game will die.

    I would like to see different event styles. Prize wheel, community prizes etc all fine as long as they are reasonable… keeps it like a game. I actually miss crafting. The old events used to be multi layered with your main prize track, community prizes and interactions with neighbours, and crafting prizes. There have been so many prizes where I won it knowing it’s going straight into inventory… with crafting you craft the prizes you want.

  2. I used to play the Sims mobile and I stopped for one reason: I wanted the snowy owl in the magical event. The way to get it was to do a task (let’s say for 4 hours, I don’t remember exactly) and then get a token after the time. You had to earn 12 different tokens but sometimes you got the same token after every task. I had 11 tokens and never got the 12th. The timer ran out and the event ended and it was impossible to get that last token. And that’s what made me stop playing because I didn’t think it was fair that I put so much time into the event and it felt impossible to get all the prizes.

    • Apache539

      Very common complaints regarding The Sims, Family Guy Game App, Futurama Game App (this last one has been described as “abandoned after you reach the last Level”) …. and people bail on those Game Apps when your time / efforts are not rewarded.

      Alissa confirmed, TSTO has been going on for 9 years, it’s still free to download, it’s still going without in-game advertisements (kind of amazing when you think about it).

  3. Life is hard enough .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  4. I don’t think the game should be harder since it would make getting items in event longer. But at the same time I find once you clear out the yearbook and get enough donuts there is little to do once you finish the current event.

  5. While I feel the events currently are far too easy, it’s extremely easy for them to fall into the old Family Guy: TQFS problem where events could be nearly impossible due to RNG. That’s the whole reason I left that game years ago, the Princess Bride event was a complete loss because I couldn’t get the **** items to drop to unlock one of the first freaking “free” characters…

  6. I don’t think making an Event too difficult is the answer …. I do agree with Tappers who call the Event Format “cut and paste” , “rinse and repeat” because it’s basically the same Characters doing the same style 4-Hour Tasks to obtain Event Currency for Prizes (this is the first Event where I only had to put one Item in Storage!).

    Due to my complex work schedule, as well as those times when EA’s Network gives you the Bart Simpson Screen of Death, I tend to rush through with 🍩’s (and earn back those 🍩’s).

    Most Tappers miss certain things about previous Events from visiting Neighboreenos to Community Based Prizes (I definitely do not miss Spinning the 🎡!)

    I continue to encourage EA by posting to their social networks to:

    _Give Tab Spangler a permanent Visual Character Task on the Chubby Chaser Chariot

    _Give Mrs Frink and Professor Frink permanent Character Tasks at the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center

    _Turn the Octoparrot from an NPC into a Character

    I ❤️ Mini Events, I give this an A- (and now we get to see if EA set the bar so hard that everything else this year won’t be as fun – lol!) I can’t complain that the new Characters are not voiced (the Voice Talent behind them wants to get paid and EA for a free Game App with no advertising in game).

  7. I actually loved that old prize wheel. It was completely random and gave everyone the same equal chance. The donut-wealthy couldn’t just grab everything they wanted. That wheel made it feel like a true game.

  8. I do not think it should be harder. I play TSTO on a Kindle Fire and at my place of employment there is no WIFI. Mon/Fri during events I get to play twice a day, once in the morning before work and once after, I rely on weekends to get caught up. If it got more difficult to play I would be disheartened and less likely to spend my money on donuts for a game I can never catch up to.

    • I don’t think the game should be harder. I like the fact that if I can’t get on for a day it is still possible to unlock everything. Like Mr. Lemming I don’t want this game to end up like the family guy game as I am resigned to the fact that I won’t complete the events in it due to terrible drop rates etc.

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