New Update Available via App Store

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The next update in TSTO, Valentine’s Day, has hit our app stores! So be sure to head to your app store and download the latest event!

This update will remove the snow from Springfield, and prep your game for the Love and War event which will launch TOMORROW (February 3rd).  I posted some spoilers earlier, so you can check those out here.

Remember, if you don’t see it listed in your updates you may have to search your app store for Tapped Out to find the update.  Just make sure you update before it launches tomorrow morning (9am ET).

Oh and for those worried, because I posted the spoilers in video format…don’t worry!  This site will remain what you know and love.  As soon as the update goes live we’ll have a rundown post up (in post format, not video) with all the details for Act 1.  🙂

13 responses to “New Update Available via App Store

  1. 😏Well, not gonna rant too much this year, but can’t help but give EA a bit of grief on not properly continuing the accurate friggin Winter Season❄️ …I’ve made plenty lengthy annual creative dissertations with Mr Cosington style blusters on the foolish inappropriateness of cutting the Winter season so short after only a few friggin weeks⚠️
    It does not & should not end so darn soon…
    Mother nature even further clarified things with the magnificent storm in New England☃️👌

    Alas, my sincere requests to enjoy the season at least logically til St Pat’s remain ignored💩
    We’ll, certainly positive thanks for maintaining the game, but this little Valentine’s for you EA:

  2. This update seems to be incredible, I can’t wait to see what it will bring

  3. Good news! It seems that the missing jobs are back…

  4. L👀K

    EA gave me a Login Screen that fills the whole screen of my device vs ‘that gap in the right corner’ – yay! 😀

  5. Yep
    Just got done downloading the update @ 9pm pacific time (wow! Valentine’s has return to TSTO? I’m guessing the return of old Content, too). 🤔

  6. According to your video,
    Marge starts the event.
    Any other characters need to be free?

  7. Good Riddance Snow!….but things are SO GREEN!!!!

  8. Woohoo, can’t wait! No update yet here.

    • Leela

      I was told the roll out for Amazon Kindle and iOS came later (you may need to do a search in your App Store to locate and initiate download). I had no problem finding the update in Google Play Store …. be ready today (February 3rd) to do some Tapping. 😀

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