Love and War 2021 Act 1 Full Dialogue: Stranger Than Eviction

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Act 2 is slated to start TOMORROW, February 12thAct 1 isn’t going anywhere, so if you didn’t finish it you’ll still have time to. Look for Act 2 to start around 9am ET.  (1400 UTC)
You’ll need Marge and Temperance free for the first round of tasks (and those earning event currency).  Also, 1 new premium character combo will be released.  150 donuts for the combo.

Love is in the air!  Although maybe not so much in the Simpsons’ household…
Love and War is the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns, and it’s an all-out romance novel affair!  Also always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Now on with the Act 1 Dialogue…

The Only Thing Happening
Auto starts

Homer: Moe, I got two tickets to the Superior Mega Ultra Slam! It’s the most superlative-laden Slam ever!
Moe: Two tickets, eh? This may be a good time to remind you that you haven’t paid your superior mega ultra bar tab in over a year?
Homer: Quality hint, Moe, but I already invited someone else.
Moe: I understand. This weekend is for couples.
Homer: Lenny and I do make a great couple. Now if I could only make Carl understand.
Moe: Lenny?! Don’t you know what this weekend is?
Homer: Of course, I do. It’s the weekend of the Superior Mega Ultra Slam.
Moe: Homer, the Bartender’s Pledge requires me to tell customers the truth. And to wipe the bar regularly with Pledge. So, the truth is that this weekend …you and Lenny are going to have a great time at the Slam. *wipes the bar*
Make Homer Show Off His Tickets- 6s
Make Moe Chuckle Under His Breath- 6s
Marge: Here’s a very sexy breakfast for a very sexy husband. Look, I formed the bacon into the shape of a heart.
Homer: And I know what these sunny-side-up eggs are supposed to be. *purrs*
Marge: They’re just eggs.
Homer: Exactly. *devours*
Marge: So, about this weekend. I was thinking we could go on a couples’ retreat. Luann and Kirk went last year and said it did wonders for their relationship.
Homer: What do they know? They’ve been divorced and remarried so many times I’ve lost count.
Marge: You mean once?
Homer: Woah, slow down Einstein. Besides, we can’t go to a retreat this weekend. I already made plans.
Marge: You remembered? Oh, Homie, that’s a gift in and of itself. I really thought you were going to forget.
Homer: I would never forget something this important. Lenny would kill me.
Marge: Lenny?! Don’t you know what this weekend is?
Homer: Uh oh. Marge, did you take the Bartender’s Pledge, too?

Stranger Than Eviction Pt. 1
Auto starts

Marge: I’ll ask again: Do you know what this weekend is?
Homer: Uh oh, you look angry. It must be our anniversary?
Marge: *shakes head and grumbles*
Homer: No, that’s not anniversary-level anger. Your birthday?
Marge: *shakes head and grumbles louder*
Homer: Wow, a double grumble. What I meant to say is, it’s…Valentine’s Day?
Marge: Oh Homie, you really had me going there. I knew you remembered!
Homer: As if I would ever forget our anniv—
Marge: *short grumble*
Homer: Our Annivalentine’s Day.
Make Homer Scramble for Backup Valentine’s Plans- 4hrs
Collect Chocolates- x115. 4hrs. 

Stranger Than Eviction Pt. 2
Auto starts

Marge: Have you thought any more about that couples’ retreat? I think it would be a lot of fun
Homer: It WOULD be a lot of fun. But you know what else would be even more fun? Doing something that’s not that at all.
Marge: What did you have in mind?
Homer: What would you say if I took you to the Superior Mega Ultra Slam?
Marge: A wrestling match? I’d say, “Try again”.
Homer: Okay then. What if I take LENNY to the Superior Mega Ultra Slam?
Marge: Homer, if you want to spend Valentine’s Day at a wrestling match with some guy you work with—
Homer: Be fair, he’s also some guy I drink with.
Marge: —then don’t let me stop you.
Homer: Oh, Marge you’re the best. I wish Barney had taken the news as well as you.
Make Homer Go to the Wrestling Match- 4hrs
Make Marge Seethe- 4hrs
Collect Chocolates- x155. 4hrs.
Lenny: This was the greatest wrestling match ever. How did you ever get away with spending Valentine’s Day with me?
Homer: Eh, Barney didn’t care after all.
Lenny: But what about Marge?
Homer: She was fine. She practically begged me to go to the match without her.
Lenny: Wow, Marge sure is the best. How’d you get so lucky?
Homer: Well, if you ask me, the key to a strong marriage is to fill your spouse’s world with constant surprises… Now, let’s go surprise her by getting her to make us a postgame snack!

Stranger Than Eviction Pt. 3
Auto starts

Marge: Homer, I’m glad you’re finally home. There’s something I need to tell you.
Homer: Great. But first, would you mind whipping up some midnight nachos?
Marge: No, it’s too important to wait.
Homer: Fine. And then the nachos?
Marge: Homer, I need you out of the house for a while.
Homer: While you make the nachos?
Marge: Homer, I need you to move out until I’ve had some time to clear my head.
Homer: You’re kicking me out? All because I asked for nachos?!
Marge: It’s not about the nachos!
Homer: Phew.
Marge: I just need some time alone to think about our relationship.
Homer: You’re thinking?! That’s never a good thing for me.
Marge: Look, I packed an overnight bag for you. I’ll call you when I’m ready to talk.
Homer: Okay, honey. Whatever you need. But before I go, can I ask one more thing?
Marge: What?
Homer: Would you mind whipping up some midnight nachos?
Marge: Out!
Homer: *hangs head and leaves*
Lenny: Should I go too?
Make Homer Get Kicked Out- 4hrs
Collect Chocolates- x115. 4hrs.
Marge: *sigh* Worst. Valentine’s Day. Ever.
CBG: *clears throat* You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.
Marge: How can Homer be so selfish! He’s always sitting on the couch, watching TV while I do everything for this family. The only time I sit on the couch and watch TV are those few seconds every week when something weird happens. That ends now. *turns on TV*
Brockman: Tonight, on Eye on Springfield, I’m joined by romance novelist, Esme Delacroix. Her new romance novel, “The Lord of the Scoundrels”, just broke the record for pre-orders. For a romance novel.
Marge: A romance novel? I wonder if I could write one. Or maybe just READ one.
CBG: Actually, you wrote and published The Harpooned Heart. It was a cause celebre in Springfield gossip circles but critically panned.
Marge:: That’s right! And I even started on a sequel. Well, now’s my chance to finish it. Right after I throw you out.
CBG: I am duly removed.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Should I go too?

Stranger Than Eviction Pt. 4
Auto starts

Marge: Okay, let’s get this sequel started. How did the first one end? Oh, that’s right. Temperance Barrows watched her oafish husband, Captain Mordecai, and her secret lover, Cyrus Manley, lash themselves to a whale and drown at sea. I suppose I’ll have to come up with a whole new set of original characters and unique situations. Or… *starts typing*
Temperance: Oh, sweet Cyrus, thank you for waking me up from a terrible nightmare… Now that we’ve run away together, I no longer have a husband who just sits on the porch all day and watches the sea.
Cyrus Manley: That will never happen with me, my sweet. I get seasick just doing the laundry. Now, how can I help you with your daily chores?
Temperance: Well, I was about to do the laundry.
Cyrus Manley: Oh, then let me make us dinner!
Marge: Who says “write what you know”?
Make Marge Live Vicariously Through Her Writing- 4hrs
Collect Chocolates- x155. 4hrs.
Temperance: Thank you for the lovely meal, Cyrus.
Cyrus Manley: It was the least I could do for you after a long day of watching me clean the rain gutters. Now, are you ready for *raises eyebrows* “dessert”?
Temperance: Well, it is our anniversary…
Cyrus Manley: It’s our anniversary?
Temperance: You forgot?! My heavens, you too?
Cyrus Manley: I’m not sure what you mean…?
Temperance: Forget it! I’m going for a walk.
Cyrus Manley: Be careful, my darling, I haven’t swept the path today!

Stranger Than Eviction Pt. 5
Auto starts

Marge: How can I express what Temperance is feeling when she’s alone on her walk? I know! I’ll have her say just what she’s thinking and doing out loud. That’s a standard technique in great writing.
Temperance: I can’t believe that Cyrus forgot our anniversary. I feel like the whole world is going crazy. Oh, and will you look at that, my heel has just broken! Maybe our neighbor can offer some assistance to a woman in need. *knocks on door*
Marge: *hears knocking* Ugh, Homer I told you that I would call when I’m ready to talk. You’re interrupting my creative flow. *opens door* Oh, can I help you?
Temperance: Hello. My name is Temperance Barrows. I was walking along your unswept path and my shoe broke.
Marge: I’m sorry, did you say your name was Temperance Barrows?
Temperance: Indeed. Of the Nantucket Barrows. Could I trouble you for a mallet and a few nails?
Marge:: Oh…my…God…
Temperance: Then maybe just some twine?
Make Marge Confront Her Creation- 4hrs
Collect Chocolates- x195.

And that’s it for the Act 1 dialogue!

Thoughts on the storyline?  How’d you make out with the Act 1 prize track?  Ready for Act 2?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. My game is downloading the same 2036.1 MB update twice a day! It takes about half an hour and when I finally get in nothing has changed it continues playing the Valentines update without any problem…anyone else having this issue? It also keeps constantly asking my age and for me to log back in again whilst doing the updates. Driving me nuts!

    • This means you don’t have enough memory on your device to play the game without reloading. You need to clear some of the other data on the device, pics, music, old apps, etc.
      This game is a memory hog…so, you need to have enough free memory to stay cached.

      • I just KNEW one of the awesome addicts team would come back with a solution. Deleted all the apps I no longer use and the game is now playing as normal, thank you so much!

  2. Chuck Garabedian

    Do you think there’s any chance Teenage Homer will be added to the event mystery box/as a separate purchase? I won Prom Time Homer with my token from Act 1 but can’t use this, and EA aren’t being helpful!

    Thanks for all of your good work!

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