Rise of the Robots Act 2 Full Dialogue: Super Robo Cyber Slam

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As we prepare for Act 3 of the Rise of the Robots event to start Sunday, it’s time to wrap up Act 2 with a pretty little bow…in the form of the hilarious dialogue!

So here’s a look at the full dialogue for Super Robo Cyber Slam…just in case you missed it by tapping too fast…

Super Robo Cyber Slam Pt. 1
Auto starts

Rumble Announcers: We know you’ll be excited for this one, folks! Two local contenders meeting for this week’s championship bout on ROBOT RUMBLE!
Rumble Announcers: That’s right! It comes down to Professor Frink and Frink Junior’s Smashius Clay versus Bart Simpson’s Chief Knockahomer!
Rumble Announcers: I hope they rip each other’s wiring out!
Rumble Announcers: And then eat it!
Rumble Announcers: Goosebumps!
Frink Jr: My dad says we’re going to win because we’re smarter than you!
Bart: Your pocket calculator is smarter than I am — but I’m smart enough to get a whole team of nerds to build my robot!
Frink Jr: Good glayvin!
Smashius Clay: I shall float like a Bluetooth butterfly and sting like a biomimetic bee!
Chief KnockaHomer: I’m going to strike you repeatedly in the head with my wooden mallet. From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow! AAAAAAH-AH!
Smashius Clay: That is terrifying. Please stop.
Collect Remote Controls- x155
Make Bart “Coach” Chief Knockahomer to Victory- 4hrs
Make Chief Knockahomer Defeat Smashius Clay- 4hrs
Make Frink Be Ashamed of Smashius Clay’s Defeat- 4hrs
Make Homer Enjoy Watching Chief Knockahomer Win- 4hrs
Rumble Announcers: A decisive and brutal victory for Chief Knockahomer!
Chief KnockaHomer: GET DOWN! GET DOWN!
Rumble Announcers: If there’s one thing history has taught us about robots, it’s that a large hammer and a mean streak will usually lead to victory…
Rumble Announcers: And humans will gladly usher in the robot apocalypse as long as we can watch the carnage!
Rumble Announcers: What’s wrong with us?
Rumble Announcers: I don’t know, but I hope they never cure it!
Rumble Announcers: You got that right!
Frink Jr:: I’m sorry I failed us, Dad.
Frink: Don’t you worry, son! We’re not done yet. I promise we’ll have our vengeance with the upgrading and the taking things too far! Science isn’t science unless it’s putting people at risk in an unrealistic Hollywood manner. Hoyvin!

Super Robo Cyber Slam Pt. 2
Auto starts

Lisa: Bart, I hear Professor Frink is completely rebuilding Smashius Clay to be more dangerous than ever. Aren’t you worried?
Bart: No way! Now stop harshing my buzz. I’m going to take the Chief for another victory lap around the playground.
Lisa: Have you heard the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare?
Collect Remote Controls- x115
Make Bart Bask in the Glow of His Championship- 2hrs
Make Lisa Tell the Story of the Tortoise and the Hare- 2hrs
Make Frink Aggressively Upgrade Smashius Clay- 2hrs
Lisa: So you see, even if you’re the best, victory should never be assumed.
Bart: That story doesn’t make any sense. Why did the turtle have hair? Besides, no one naps in the middle of a fight, and robots don’t even sleep.
Lisa: That’s not the point. The point is—
Chief KnockaHomer: Man, you weren’t kidding. She really is a drag.
Bart: I know, right?

Super Robo Cyber Slam Pt. 3
Auto starts

Rumble Announcers: Smashius Clay is back in the ring after five thrillingly brutal wins. If he wins tonight, he’ll earn the right to a rematch against current champ Chief Knockahomer.
Rumble Announcers: What’s unusual is how each time Smashius Clay wins now, he seems to take possession of the defeated robot and they join his growing “robot posse”.
Rumble Announcers: Seemed weird to us too, but we consulted the Robot Rumble Rules Committee and they declared “winners keepers”.
Ralph: You’re going down! My daddy says Ralph-O-Cop has all the powers of a real policeman!
Smashius Clay: Prepare to be annihilated!
Ralph O Cop: Err, beep. I think this might be a job for the Eddiebot or the Loumaton. Wait here while I…
Frink Jr: No mercy, Smashius! Sweep the treads!
Collect Remote Controls- x115
Make Lisa Worry About Smashius Upgrades- 4hrs
Make Bart Laugh at Ralph-O-Cop Getting Beat- 4hrs
Make Ralph Be Sad Ralph-O-Cop Lost- 4hrs
Make Frink Cackle With Mad Glee- 4hrs
Rumble Announcers: Another horrifyingly violent victory for Smashius Clay 2.0! I don’t know about you, Steve, but I feel both sated and ashamed.
Ralph: Don’t feel bad, Ralph-O-Cop. I once lost a fight with a crayon. Let’s go get donuts. Daddy says donuts make the sads go bye-bye.
Smashius Clay: Not so fast. *injects nano-control bots into Ralph-O-Cop*
Ralph O Cop: I understand and obey, new master!
Frink Jr: Dad, should we be worried that Smashius is taking over all these other robots?
Frink: Nah. What could go wrong?
Ralph: Does this mean I have to follow you, too?
Smashius Clay: No. Return to your home and stop following me, annoying, sticky child.

Super Robo Cyber Slam Pt. 4
Auto starts

Bart: Guys, you gotta help me out! We have to upgrade Chief Knockahomer to the max or Smashius Clay will beat him and take over his robot mind!
Chief KnockaHomer: Thanks for the vote of confidence there, boss.
Database: Forget it, Bart! We made Chief Knockahomer the way you wanted him the first time.
Cosine Tangent: Yeah! Besides, if we upgrade him now, he’ll just turn on us and rampage. It’s like the Fifth Law of Robotics or something.
Bart: I’ll help you guys become more popular.
Database: According to what metric?
Cosine Tangent: Will there be points and levels?
Database: What will the badges look like?
Lewis: How will you game-ify popularity?
Bart: I don’t know. You guys can figure that out, too.
Cosine Tangent: That seems like an intriguing challenge.
Collect Remote Controls- x155
Make Bart Beg Nerds to Upgrade Chief Knockahomer- 2hrs
Make Nerds Gamify Popularity- x3, 2hrs
Bart: I can’t believe those nerds refused to help! I thought we were friends.
Lisa: No, you didn’t!
Bart: Okay, I thought they were socially desperate enough that they’d help.
Chief KnockaHomer: Don’t sweat it, Bart. I’m gonna go right now and work on—
Bart: Some new killer finishing moves?
Chief KnockaHomer: No, some new killer guitar licks! ROCK AND ROLL!
Bart:  Aw, man!
Lisa: He’s a surprisingly good guitarist considering he has metal claws for hands.
Bestimus Mucho: Worry not, my young human friends. When the time is right, the pos-i-bots shall come to the rescue!
Lisa: Did my Malibu Stacy car just talk?

Super Robo Cyber Slam Pt. 5
Auto starts

Rumble Announcers: And now, the championship rematch between Chief Knockahomer and Smashius Clay backed by his posse of defeated robot rivals!
Rumble Announcers: Surrender to the inevitable, Knockahomer! You are no match for my upgraded battle systems, ruthless AI, and invasive nano-control bots.
Chief KnockaHomer: Never! I have a wooden mallet, culturally insensitive headwear, and the will to rock like a mother!
Smashius Clay: I acknowledge your superior “cool factor”, but only strength and treachery matter in battle!
Collect Remote Controls- x195
Make Chief Knockahomer Lose Robot Fight- 4hrs
Make Bart Watch in Horror as His Robot Loses- 4hrs
Make Lisa Be Impressed by Upgraded Smashius Clay- 4hrs
Make Frink Celebrate Victory- 4hrs
Smashius Clay: Rise, Chief Knockahomer! Rise as my loyal minion!
Chief KnockaHomer: I understand…and obey!
Bart: Chief Knockahomer, no!
Chief KnockaHomer: I am sorry, human who was vaguely involved in my construction and rebirth, but I have no choice.
Frink: Hoyvin! Vengeance is ours at last! WOO!
Frink Jr: Chief Knockahomer is ours now!
Smashius Clay: Incorrect, small human. All of the robots are MINE — as all of Springfield shall soon be mine!
Frink: Oh, nertz.
Rumble Announcers: It looks like our sick, sadistic exploitation has led the robots to rise against us, Dave.
Rumble Announcers: Maybe this is what we wanted all along, Steve. Someone to stop us because we couldn’t stop ourselves.
Rumble Announcers: You got that right!
Rumble Announcers: Boo-yah!

And that’s it my friends!  The full dialogue for Act 2 of Rise of the Robots!

Thoughts on the dialogue? Did you read it live or catch up on it here? What was your favorite part of Act 2? Ready for Act 3 to start? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Well Act 1 and Act 2 are solid with the Character Dialogue and Event’s Plot …. minimal constructive criticism? I realize this is about 🤖’s taking over Springfield, so EA needs stick to 🤖 Characters that actually DO this (vs Decor 🤖’s that don’t). I’m still concern this is going to turn into last year’s Wrestling Event (we got Wrestlers + a Wrestling Ring, but no Visual Character Tasks showing wrestling in it!) 🤔

  2. From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. All the way from Kinver and King Ed’s.

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