Rise of the Robots Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 2 Cyborg Bart

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

This is it guys, we’ve reached the END of the Rise of the Robots Prize posts!  Who’s excited? Just me?  Well figures since I’m the one who has to write these….

Anyway, time to break down the final character-like prize for this event…Cyborg Bart!  So, without further ado let’s get right into it and take a look at the final breakdown prize for this event…Cyborg Bart…

Cyborg Bart is a  brand new COSTUME for Bart and part of the Rise of the Robots Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:

Welcome to the Cyberdome Pt. 2
Make Lisa Try to Get Bart to Stop Laughing at “Dongle”- 4hrs
Make Bart Laugh at the Word “Dongle”- 4hrs
Make Frink Put His Plan Into Action- 4hrs
Collect Punch Cards- x115

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Other Info:
Voiced: No
WDTCF:“Treehouse of Horror XVI” S17, E4

Cyborg Bart does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Cybo-Cop Pt. 1
Cyborg Bart starts

Bart: I am justice! I am the darkness! I am the night!
Lisa: You’re kind of shiny for the night.
Bart: Quiet! I have justice to serve.
Allison Taylor: Hey! Can someone help me?
Bart: Aha! The night calls to me!
Lisa: I thought you WERE the night.
Bart: Quiet!
Make Cyborg Bart Answer the Call for Help- 1hr
Make Allison Taylor Call for Help- 1hr
Make Lisa Go Back Inside and Read- 1hr
Bart: I, Cyborg Bart, hero of the night, am here to save you from—
Allison Taylor: Oh no, I’m fine. I just can’t get my cat out of this tree.
Bart: Really? Aw man!
Allison Taylor: Surely that’s not a problem for a rugged hero like you.
Bart : No, of course not! I’ll just extend my cyborg arm up there and—
Bart : OW!
Allison Taylor: Sorry about that! Fluffy can be a little aggressive. Can you…stop choking my cat, please.
Bart: Oh, uh…it’s just part of being a hero. Gotta squeeze that neck tight, make sure there are no broken bones in there.

Cybo-Cop Pt. 2
Cyborg Bart starts

Nelson: So then I told the dork, “Uh…no!”
Nelson: Then I gave him a wedgie.
Dolph: Haha! Classic! You showed that nerd.
Bart: Gentlemen, I’m afraid you’ll have to move along. Loitering in a business parking lot is against the law! Plus the Krusty Burger manager said he’d give me a free shake and some fries if I ran you guys off.
Nelson: So then I ask him, “What’s the difference between a dweeb and a dork?” and he says “I don’t know”. And then I gave him a wedgie.
Dolph: Strong work!
Make Cyborg Bart Experience an Electro-Zapper Malfunction- 2hrs
Make Bullies Fail to Be Impressed- x3. 2hrs
Bart: Heh! You know, this was working earlier…
Kearney: Whatever, time to get your butt kicked! *kicks* OW! What is your butt made of?
Bart: Metal. You know, the whole cyborg thing?
Dolph: Whatever. C’mon, let’s go to Kearney’s place and try to contact Satan by spinning CDs backwards.

Cybo-Cop Pt. 3
Cyborg Bart starts

Charcoal Briquette: Stevie, you throw the most rad parties!
Stephen Hawking: You know it, baby!
Bart: *BAM BAM BAM* Open up!
Duffman: Uh oh! Duffman hopes it’s not the fuzz. Duffman’s still on probation!
Booberella: Relax, it’s just some half-robot kid.
Stephen Hawking: Get lost, punk. You’re harshing our buzz.
Bart: This party’s over! You’re in violation of city sound ordinances.
Stephen Hawking: Take off before I throw you out.
Bart: You and what army?
Mini Mecha: ME! Now let’s rumble!
Bart: Aquiring target. Accessing armory. 404 error? *gulp*
Make Cyborg Bart Malfunction Again- 4hrs
Make Stephen Hawking Root On Mecha Hawk- 4hrs
Make Celebrities Laugh at Cyborg Bart- x3. 4hrs
Mini Mecha: Get lost before I kick your butt again!
Bart: I’ll be back…as soon as I stop malfunctioning.
Stephen Hawking: Forget him! Watch me drop some sick beats, y’all!

Cybo-Cop Pt. 4
Cyborg Bart starts

Bart: Prof, you gotta help me! I keep malfunctioning, and it’s embarrassing!
Frink: Hoyvin! Well, I could turn you back into a normal human again.
Bart: Forget that! I got butts I need to go kick. You gotta fix me!
Frink: Okay, well, I’ll need to examine you first. Let’s have you do some stuff around the lab for me…
Make Cyborg Bart Do Chores Around Frink’s Lab- 4hrs
Make Frink Relax While Cyborg Bart Works- 4hrs
Bart: Well, Professor, what’s the verdict?
Frink: Hmm? Oh, I’ll need to scan you with the Hoozitwhatzitnator.
Bart: Then why did you make me do all those chores?
Frink: The maid is on vacation. Any other stupid questions?

Cybo-Cop Pt. 5
Cyborg Bart starts

Lisa: How’s it going, “I am the night”?
Bart: Shut up! I’m having…technical difficulties.
Frink: Hmm…with the scanning and the measuring and whatnot, I have a diagnosis.
Bart: Is it bad? Do I have some kind of computer virus?
Frink: Oh, nothing like that. Your extra systems are all solar-powered.
Bart:: What?
Frink: Yes. I’m afraid you’ll have to take it easy until you can recharge.
Make Cyborg Bart Be Bummed He Can’t Be the Night- 4hrs
Make Lisa Laugh at Cyborg Bart’s Predicament- 4hrs
Make Frink Wonder if He Can Get More Free Labor- 4hrs
Bart: Well…I guess I can wait and fight for justice during the day.
Lisa: Yeah! You can say, “I am the sunshine! I am the day!”
Bart: Shut up!

Cyborg Bart’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Get a Quick Tune-Up 1hr $70, 17xp Frink’s/Hidden Research Facility/Brown House
Experience System Malfunctions 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Keep the Streets Safe 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Look for Tough Guys to Fight 12hrs $420, 100xp Poppa Wheelies/Joe’s/Police Station/Moe’s/Brown House
Recharge Solar Batteries 24hrs $600, 150xp Springfield Park/Trees/Homes in Springfield

And that’s it my friends, the details on Cyborg Bart

Up next? Nothing!  Well…nothing for me.  I’m done with these prize posts for now.  For you?  Well you’ve got to finish the Act 4 prize track if you haven’t already!  Remember this event…and all of it’s prizes…ends May 12th.  So finish up before everything is gone!

Thoughts on act 4? Cyborg Bart? Questline? Tasks?  How are you doing with the prize track? Still, working on it? Sound off below!

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  1. P.S.

    I guess I’ll come out and say it …. we’ve reached the point in this Game App where if it’s a Character Skin (it was) a % of Tappers are going to groan (we do have plenty of Character Skins for Bart Simpson! at least 12?), but if it was a separate Character (it wasn’t) a % of Tappers are still going to groan (how many variant Bart Simpsons do we have? 5?) 🤔

    I’m just disappointed in EA’s decisions and here’s just one example. How can anyone applaud an NPC for Ralph-O-Cop when that should have been a full-blown 🤖 Character which visually rumbles in the Robot Arena against Chief Knocka-Homer? 🙄

  2. Essence-1919

    I just unlock cyborg Bart. I haven’t been playing much just log in when I remember to log in and I am surprise to be right on schedule.

  3. Thank You for being true to TSTO ADDICTS , Alissa. There are times I believe we cannot rely on EA, but Tappers can always rely on Alissa and Safi (to those celebrating Happy Mother’s Day this weekend, please have a 💜 one!) 😊

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