Bug Report 5/20/21: Login Issues/Verification Code

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many of you have noticed since the most recent update there have been some changes to the login screen for TSTO.  Most notably, the need for a verification code to log in.

According to EA this is a widespread code issue…and they’re working to resolve it.  In the meantime they offer these suggestions to try and get into your game if you’re having issues:

  1. Restart the application, via a force-close and launch (make sure it’s not still running in the background when restarting the app), and then requesting a new code
  2. Restart the device, launch the app and request a new code
  3. Keep trying!
  4. When using Code Login,  ensure the email address is correct, and that you are entering the code fairly quickly after receiving it.

I can attest, these steps did work for me last night when I couldn’t get back into my game after switching over to my “B” town to pull event info.  I tried the verification code they sent and it didn’t log me in.  So I hard closed and restarted TSTO, requested a new code, and thankfully that one worked.

I also suggest if you need to log in/out of TSTO to switch towns, be near a computer, or alternate device, when logging into your game so you can check your email.  If you try to check it from your device it’ll force you to request a new code, unless you have notifications from that email (that show the body of the email) on your device and can access them while TSTO is still running.

Also, the code doesn’t last very long.  So you do need to be quick when entering it.

This is SUPER annoying, especially if you’re someone who switches between TSTO towns on one device (like me)…but EA is aware of it and working on a repair for the coding problem.  Hopefully, it’s fixed sooner rather than later.

There’s more info from EA (and others) on EA’s Answers HQ here:


P.S. I have been completely swamped at work the last couple of days, and very behind on posts.  I was hoping to have the SIB for Tyler up this afternoon, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.  I will have it up for the first post tomorrow though.  I appreciate your understanding, every once in a while real life keeps me a little extra busy.  🙂

75 responses to “Bug Report 5/20/21: Login Issues/Verification Code

  1. I am locked out of my game. I finally hit a wall. I have a valid email. I have received these codes in the past, no problem. Last night at 11:25pm I got EA email that they reset my password due to suspicious activity. I didn’t see this email at fi. My Simpsons just was spinning like usual. I tried my age and code many times. I put in code right away. I force closed game, shut down device and restarted.. nothing. I have legit email and get codes and none work. I have not uninstalled game.. perhaps that is my next move? I do have email out to EA. Not sure what they’ll say. 😢

    • I GOT INTO MY SIMPSONS!!! I did NOT uninstall yet.. I just tried again with same process and it worked…not sure what changed, if EA fixed something because of my email to them, or maybe the time lapse from trying so many times earlier but at least I’m in..

  2. I haven’t been able to log into my account for weeks because of this issue… I missed out on the last update/quests as well as the new update currently happening…

  3. Is Ea still working on the log in issue? uninstalled game and restarted for past few days several times still cant
    get in. codes dont work either

  4. Gemma Corfield

    How to change my email account? I received the message about Account Management, I always use my old email accounts but now the email account has closed down. I want to know how to enter my new email account? I’m on Level 601

  5. I have 2 towns. When I switched towns I WAS getting the verification codes for a few days after the change. Then I started NOT receiving codes for one of the towns. The other one is working fine. I tried changing the email addy for the non-working town but that still doesn’t work. All the info is correct on the EA website for both accounts.
    WTF is going on? I’ve been playing both my towns since 2013.

    • Have you tried checking your junk and/or spam folder?

      • Thanks for responding.
        Yes, I have checked the spam/junk folders.
        As I said, the codes WERE being received for a while, then nothing.
        The email(s) are receiving everything else, but nothing from EA.
        My other town is still receiving the codes with no problem.
        Looks like I’ll have to abandon the other town, so I might give up tapped out altogether.

  6. I finally managed to get back into my game…here is how i did it:

    First I did the basic walkthrough as suggested:

    1. Restart the application, via a force-close and launch (make sure it’s not still running in the background when restarting the app), and then requesting a new code
    2. Restart the device, launch the app and request a new code
    Keep trying!
    3. When using Code Login, ensure the email address is correct, and that you are entering the code fairly quickly after receiving it.
    4. After it didn’t work for a week or two, I decided yesterday that I’d try removing the game completely. Therefore,

    1. I went to my phone settings
    2. entered the “application settings” (where you find the size of your apps and details about the cache used)
    3. I chose the TSTO app and clicked on “delete cache”
    4. I uninstalled the game
    5. I re-installed the game
    6. After a couple of minutes of downloading I logged into the game while sitting on my pc, so I could check the code on my mail account
    7. I entered the code and got into my game.

    Maybe this helps some1 else here. Good luck people.

  7. Still not good. Anonymous is an old version. My xp collider stopped too soon. My donuts are gone…

  8. I haven’t been able to play.on my kindle 7 since this began, but today I removed the program, reinstalled, and now the verification worked

  9. Been 3 days now. I was able to change my email address from qn old email to a current one but I guess it doesn’t like Hotmail accounts because I am not getting any verification codes from the game. That’s frustrating

  10. Update: turns out Marge isn’t the only one stuck in the Simpson house. Most of the town went there to get help from Brenda. They are also stuck and don’t show up in the house occupancy list, but do show up on the town census. So this is another buy milk at Kwik-E-Mart problem, except the Simpson house can’t be stored and let everybody out that way…. Help! Practically my whole town has fallen and can’t get up! Er, I mean they all are trapped and can’t get out! Well, maybe they have also fallen. Who knows?

    • Store the building that unlocked one of the characters.
      One of these will usually do the trick and as the buildings don’t usually earn it won’t mess up collection timers ( unless Moe is on another quest ). . .
      For Marge ( and Moe ) store Moes
      For Bart store Bart’s Treehouse

      • That worked for Marge. But every character behind her needs the same treatment… Got Frink unstuck by storing his lab and Brenda unstuck by storing the Thai factory. Then Kumiko was stuck, and storing Americatown doesn’t get her unstuck, probably because she came by herself first and then I got the other costume for her with Americatown. Any other ideas?

        Has this happened to anybody else? Or am I the only one who sends the whole town on one task when I have the option? The task involved asking Brenda for relationship help.

        • Just went back into the game and had to wait for a 9 MB update to download. Lo and behold, all my townies stuck in the Simpson house came unstuck this time when I hit the long string of thumbs for the umpteenth time.

          So the update fixed whatever was wrong. Good thing, would have taken a long time to locate all the buildings that go with the characters (my town, like my house and my life, is rather random).

  11. I finally got back in even though the game kept claiming I had the wrong code.

    BUT Marge is still stuck on a 24 hour task that she did in her witch costume. Something about reviewing spells. She did the task in the Simpson’s house, which can’t be stored so that trick to get characters unstuck doesn’t work. Marge shows up in the upper left hand corner of the screen with a check mark, but if I tap her then she just grunts a hit in skeptical Marge fashion. When I tapped on the hand on the house, nothing changed and she is not listed as being actually inside the house any more.

    Is Marge actually somewhere else that can be stored? I assigned the task by accident, I was aiming for a 4 hour task. Any other ideas? I’ve powered down the iPhone (latest system) and relaunched several times with no change. I can’t see any characters behind her in the upper left hand corner, but ones that come off task later do show.

  12. So what worked for me is having my email open on a second device and never closing or even switching screen on the device with Tapped Out. If I switched away from Tapped Out, it didn’t work. I requested the code, never moved off the Tapped out game, had my email open on a second device, entered the code, and BOOM back in my “A” game. Even if I switched screens, the code was correct, but didn’t let me into my game. If you have not been getting a code, this isn’t the fix for that, just what worked for me when I got the code in my email.

  13. So I got my email address changed because the email u was using to play is no longer in service. I followed all the tips and tricks here… I’m not getting a verification code email. I chatted with EA a few times. Added a secondary email but still nada. I guess I’ll wait until the morning and try again. So frustrating

  14. I guess I am sol because I no longer use that email address… it’s no longer in service when I changed isp. That kind of sucks because I’ve played the game religiously for a good 6-7 years

    • I had the same problem – had an email address from an ISP that I used in 2013. I logged on to the EA site and the friendly chat person asked me some simple questions then changed my email address. I’m now using a gmail account so hopefully won’t have that problem again!

  15. It seems my account automatically switched to the anonymous account when I was unable to get into my email because I don’t have the email password. Recovery can’t identify me either. Maybe I will find that old password, but will have to play the anonymous version of my account, since it is on the same level of play and money.

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