Best Season of The Simpsons Bracket Battle – Preview 1 – Seasons 1 to 8 (Contest Alert!)

So in 5 weeks, we will launch the seventh Bracket Battle. Following Sunday’s season 32 finale, it’s a Bracket Battle of the 32 seasons of our favourite family, where 31 head-to-head matchups will determine once and for all, which has been the best season. 

To go along with the Bracket Battle, we will also be launching a Pick’em contest in 4 weeks on June 25. But to help refresh your memory before you have to make your picks, we will recap all 32 seasons over the next four weeks.


Season 1 to 8 (May 28)

Season 9 to 16 (June 4)

Season 17 to 24 (June 11)

Season 25 to 32 (June 18)

Pick’em Contest (June 25)

Bracket Battle begins (July 2)


So without further ado, a quick recap of seasons 1 to 8:


Season 1

Season 1
Premiere 17-Dec-89
Finale 13-May-90
# of Episodes 13
Episodes “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”, “Bart the Genius”, “Homer’s Odyssey”, “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”, “Bart the General”, “Moaning Lisa”, “The Call of the Simpsons”, “The Telltale Head”, “Life on the Fast Lane”, “Homer’s Night Out”, “The Crepes of Wrath”, “Krusty Gets Busted”, “Some Enchanted Evening”
Average Viewers 27.8 million
Most Watched Episode “Life on the Fast Lane” (33.5 million)
Guest Stars Albert Brooks, Christian Coffinet, June Foray, Kelsey Grammer, Marcia Wallace, Miriam Flynn, Paul Willson, Penny Marshall, Ron Taylor, Sam McMurray


Season 2

Season 2
Premiere 11-Oct-90
Finale 11-Jul-91
# of Episodes 22
Episodes “Bart Gets an ‘F'”, “Simpson and Delilah”, “Treehouse of Horror”, “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish”, “Dancin’ Homer”, “Dead Putting Society”, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”, “Bart the Daredevil”, “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”, “Bart Gets Hit by a Car”, “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”, “The Way We Was”, “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment”, “Principal Charming”, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”, “Bart’s Dog Gets an ‘F'”, “Old Money”, “Brush with Greatness”, “Lisa’s Substitute”, “The War of the Simpsons”, “Three Men and a Comic Book”, “Blood Feud”
Average Viewers 24.4 million
Most Watched Episode “Bart Gets an F” (33.6 million)
Guest Stars Alex Rocco, Audrey Meadows, Carol Kane, Cloris Leachman, Daniel Stern, Danny DeVito, Daryl Coley, Diana Tanaka, Dustin Hoffman, Frank Welker, George Takei, Greg Berg, Harvey Fierstein, James Earl Jones, Joey Miyashima, Jon Lovitz, Ken Levine, Larry King, Marcia Wallace, Phil Hartman, Ringo Starr, Sab Shimono, Tom Poston, Tony Bennett, Tracey Ullman


Season 3

Season 3
Premiere 19-Sep-91
Finale 27-Aug-92
# of Episodes 24
Episodes “Stark Raving Dad”, “Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington”, “When Flanders Failed”, “Bart the Murderer”, “Homer Defined”, “Like Father, Like Clown”, “Treehouse of Horror II”, “Lisa’s Pony”, “Saturdays of Thunder”, “Flaming Moe’s”, “Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk”, “I Married Marge”, “Radio Bart”, “Lisa the Greek”, “Homer Alone”, “Bart the Lover”, “Homer at the Bat”, “Separate Vocations”, “Dog of Death”, “Colonel Homer”, “Black Widower”, “The Otto Show”, “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love”, “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?”
Average Viewers 21.8 million
Most Watched Episode “Colonel Homer” (25.5 million)
Guest Stars Aerosmith, Beverly D’Angelo, Chick Hearn, Christopher Guest, Danny DeVito, Darryl Strawberry, Don Mattingly, Frank Welker, Jackie Mason, Joe Frazier, Joe Mantegna, Jon Lovitz, Jose Canseco, Kelsey Grammer, Ken Griffey Jr., Kimmy Robertson, Kipp Lennon, Larry McKay, Lona Williams, Magic Johnson, Marcia Wallace, Michael Jackson, Michael McKean, Mike Scioscia, Neil Patrick Harris, Ozzie Smith, Phil Hartman, Roger Clemens, Steve Allen, Steve Sax, Sting, Terry Cashman, Wade Boggs


Season 4

Season 4
Premiere 24-Sep-92
Finale 13-May-93
# of Episodes 22
Episodes “Kamp Krusty”, “A Streetcar Named Marge”, “Homer the Heretic”, “Lisa the Beauty Queen”, “Treehouse of Horror III”, “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”, “Marge Gets a Job”, “New Kid on the Block”, “Mr. Plow”, “Lisa’s First Word”, “Homer’s Triple Bypass”, “Marge vs the Monorail”, “Selma’s Choice”, “Brother from the Same Planet”, “I Love Lisa”, “Duffless”, “Last Exit to Springfield”, “So It’s Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show”, “The Front”, “Whacking Day”, “Marge in Chains”, “Krusty Gets Kancelled”
Average Viewers 22.4 million
Most Watched Episode “Lisa’s First Word” (28.6 million)
Guest Stars Adam West, Barry White, Bette Midler, Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, David Crosby, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Merlino, Hugh Hefner, Johnny Carson, Jon Lovitz, Joyce Brothers, Kipp Lennon, Leonard Nimoy, Linda Ronstadt, Lona Williams, Luke Perry, Marcia Wallace, Michael Carrington, Michele Pillar, Pamela Reed, Phil Hartman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sara Gilbert, Tom Jones


Season 5

Season 5
Premiere 30-Sep-93
Finale 19-May-94
# of Episodes 22
Episodes “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”, “Cape Feare”, “Homer Goes to College”, “Rosebud”, “Treehouse of Horror IV”, “Marge on the Lam”, “Bart’s Inner Child”, “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood”, “The Last Temptation of Homer”, “$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)”, “Homer the Vigilante”, “Bart Gets Famous”, “Homer and Apu”, “Lisa vs Malibu Stacy”, “Deep Space Homer”, “Homer Loves Flanders”, “Bart Gets an Elephant”, “Burns’ Heir”, “Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song”, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Lady Bouvier’s Lover”, “Secrets of a Successful Marriage”
Average Viewers 18.9 million
Most Watched Episode “Treehouse of Horror IV” (24.0 million)
Guest Stars Albert Brooks, Buzz Aldrin, Conan O’Brien, David Crosby, Ernest Borgnine, Frank Welker, George Fenneman, George Harrison, Gerry Cooner, James Brown, James Taylor, James Wood, Kathleen Turner, Kelsey Grammer, Kipp Lennon, Marcia Wallace, Michael Carrington, Michelle Pfeiffer, Pamela Reed, Phil Hartman, Ramones, Robert Goulet, Sam Neill, The Dapper Dans, Werner Klemperer


Season 6

Season 6
Premiere 04-Sep-94
Finale 21-May-95
# of Episodes 25
Episodes “Bart of Darkness”, “Lisa’s Rival”, “Another Simpsons Clip Show”, “Itchy & Scratchy Land”, “Sideshow Bob Roberts”, “Treehouse of Horror V”, “Bart’s Girlfriend”, “Lisa on Ice”, “Homer Badman”, “Grampa vs Sexual Inadequacy”, “Fear of Flying”, “Homer the Great”, “And Maggie Makes Three”, “Bart’s Comet”, “Homie the Clown”, “Bart vs Australia”, “Homer vs Patty and Selma”, “A Star Is Burns”, “Lisa’s Wedding”, “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds”, “The PTA Disbands!”, “‘Round Springfield”, “The Springfield Connection”, “Lemon of Troy”, “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)”
Average Viewers 15.6 million
Most Watched Episode “Treehouse of Horror V” (22.2 million)
Guest Stars Anne Bancroft, Dennis Franz, Dick Cavett, Dr. Demento, Frank Welker, George Wendt, Henry Corden, James Earl Jones, Joe Mantegna, John Ratzenberger, Johnny Unitas, Jon Lovitz, Kelsey Grammer, Larry King, Mandy Patinkin, Maurice LaMarche, Mel Brooks, Meryl Streep, Patrick Stewart, Phil Hartman, Rhea Perlman, Ron Taylor, Steve Allen, Susan Sarandon, Ted Danson, Tito Puente, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson


Season 7

Season 7
Premiere 17-Sep-95
Finale 19-May-96
# of Episodes 25
Episodes “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)”, “Radioactive Man”, “Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily”, “Bart Sells His Soul”, “Lisa the Vegetarian”, “Treehouse of Horror VI”, “King-Size Homer”, “Mother Simpson”, “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming”, “The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular”, “Marge Be Not Proud”, “Team Homer”, “Two Bad Neighbors”, “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield”, “Bart the Fink”, “Lisa the Iconoclast”, “Homer the Smithers”, “The Day the Violence Died”, “A Fish Called Selma”, “Bart on the Road”, “22 Short Films About Springfield”, “Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in ‘The Curse of the Flying Hellfish'”, “Much Apu About Nothing”, “Homerpalooza”, “Summer of 4 Ft. 2”
Average Viewers 15.1 million
Most Watched Episode “Treehouse of Horror VI” (19.7 million)
Guest Stars Alex Rocco, Bob Newhart, Christina Ricci, Cypress Hill, Donald Sutherland, Frank Welker, Glenn Close, Harry Morgan, Jack Sheldon, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Lau, Joan Kenley, Joe Mantegna, Kelsey Grammer, Kirk Douglas, Lawrence Tierney, Linda McCartney, Marcia Wallace, Mickey Rooney, Paul Anka, Paul McCartney, Peter Frampton, Phil Hartman, R Lee Ermey, Sonic Youth, Suzanne Somers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tito Puente, Tom Kite


Season 8

Season 8
Premiere 27-Oct-96
Finale 18-May-97
# of Episodes 25
Episodes “Treehouse of Horror VII”, “You Only Move Twice”, “The Homer They Fall”, “Burns, Baby Burns”, “Bart After Dark”, “A Milhouse Divided”, “Lisa’s Date with Density”, “Hurricane Neddy”, “El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)”, “The Springfield Files”, “The Twisted World of Marge Simpson”, “Mountain of Madness”, “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious”, “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show”, “Homer’s Phobia”, “Brother from Another Series”, “My Sister, My Sitter”, “Homer vs the Eighteenth Amendment”, “Grade School Confidential”, “The Canine Mutiny”, “The Old Man and the Lisa”, “In Marge We Trust”, “Homer’s Enemy”, “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase”, “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson”
Average Viewers 14.5 million
Most Watched Episode “The Springfield Files” (20.9 million)
Guest Stars Albert Brooks, Alex Rocco, Bret Hart, Dave Thomas, David Duchovny, David Hyde Pierce, Denice Kumagai, Frank Welker, Gailard Sartain, Gedde Watanabe, Gillian Anderson, Jack Lemmon, Joe Mantegna, John Waters, Johnny Cash, Jon Lovitz, Karen Maruyama, Kelsey Grammer, Leonard Nimoy, Marcia Wallace, Michael Buffer, Michael Dees, Paul Winfield, Phil Hartman, Rodney Dangerfield, Sab Shimono, Sally Stevens, Tim Conway, Willem Dafoe


Are you excited for the Bracket Battle? What about the Pick’em contest? Do you remember seasons 1 to 8? Which season is your favourite? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

14 responses to “Best Season of The Simpsons Bracket Battle – Preview 1 – Seasons 1 to 8 (Contest Alert!)

  1. Sounds fun!

  2. Thank You Safi! ☺️

    My goodness, this is going to be more fun than the Sports Book at Circa Casino – and it gets Tappers to rewatch Episodes (hard to top Season 4, that seems to be the 🏆 as far as Content in Game App!) 👍🏻

  3. Series 8 has always been a favourite of mine. Will the competition be open to people outside of the US

    • You’re asking a Canadian if the competition will be open outside the US? Of course!!! I had to watch out for our international peeps!

  4. justinmwat151

    Great idea for a bracket battle. Sounds fun. It will be hard to pick, especially Season 1 through 8. 🙂

  5. I’ll have to binge watch the episodes for this! It’ll be fun.

    One criticism/question: Why aren’t the seasons randomized in the starting bracket? Early on the seasons were great, middle/end was hit or miss. Randomizing it would get a better result, might even have an exciting final depending how things progress.

    Just 2 cents

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