Foodie Fight Prize Guide: Scotty Boom

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s hungry?!  In the mood for a Sweet and Sour Lasagna Burrito from General Chang’s?! Well, then Foodie Fight is the mini-event for you!

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Flop Chef questline, you’ll have to earn via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the final prize for this mini-event…Scotty Boom…

Scotty Boom is a  brand new character for Springfield and part of the Foodie Fight Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Flop Chef Pt. 5
Make Homer Drive Scotty to the Hospital- 4hrs
Collect Smoked Meats- x200.  4

Once achieved you’ll unlock Scotty…

Other Info:
Voiced?: Yes
Cue Detective“, S27, E2

Scotty does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

A Sickly Situation Pt. 1
Scotty Boom starts

Lindsay Naegle: So you, a celebrity chef whose sole job it is to eat food, lost your sense of taste?
Scotty Boom: I’m confident it won’t have an impact on my cooking career. Making food is in my bones. I’ll just have to wing it a bit.
Lindsay Naegle:Well, that’s reassuring!
Scotty Boom: It is?
Lindsay Naegle: I meant, it’s reassuring that you have such a positive outlook even though you’re royally screwed. Who would want a chef who can’t taste food?
Scotty Boom: So, do you think the Chew Network will replace me as the host of “GRILL-A-PALOOZA”, “COAL-CHELLA”, and “OUTSIDE LAMBS”?
Lindsay Naegle: Scotty, your career as a chef is over. You have to start from scratch.
Scotty Boom: From scratch?
Lindsay Naegle: Pretend your life is like a chocolate souffle that exploded in the oven. Now instead of just making another souffle for dessert, we’re going to go out there and buy a new oven.
Scotty Boom: I’m not sure if that makes sense.
Lindsay Naegle: Once I get you a new career, it’ll all make sense.
Make Scotty Boom Brainstorm New Careers- 4hrs
Make Lindsey Naegle Realize It Doesn’t Make Sense- 4hrs
Scotty Boom: What am I gonna do? All I’ve ever known is cooking, and now it’s all gone! What’s the point of being a New Yorker if you can’t insult someone else for being worse at things? I guess the time has come to take the inevitable final step that all celebrity chefs must take…
Tyler Boom: Retiring with their millions of dollars and spending quality time with their only son?
Scotty Boom: I was gonna say become a personal chef.
Tyler Boom: Dad, you can’t be a personal chef, you can’t taste food! Last night, you drank a whole glass of vodka thinking it was water!
Scotty Boom: Wait, why was there a glass of vodka on the table?
Tyler Boom: Don’t change the subject!
Scotty Boom: Anyone can be a personal chef. The people who hire them don’t actually care about the quality of food, they just want to be able to say they have a personal chef.
Tyler Boom: There’s not that many rich people in town to work for.
Scotty Boom: All it takes is one.

A Sickly Situation Pt. 2
Scotty Boom starts

Sea Captain: Yar, but how do ye prepare your “Kraken Kabobs”? — on skewer, or off?
Scotty Boom: Well, since there’s no such thing as krakens…neither?
Quimby: How’s your clam chowder?
Scotty Boom: It’s some of the best in New York! In fact, my clam chowda just won first place on my last show.
Quimby: That’s uh, very interesting, but could you do me a favor and say clam chowder again?
Scotty Boom: Um, sure. Clam chowda.
Quimby: I know a closeted Bostonian accent when I hear one. You’re no New Yorker! You’re a Red Sox loving, candlepin bowling, Massachusetts man like myself!
Scotty Boom: I’m not from Boston! I spent one summer there in college — tops! Yankees fan for life!
Quimby: *gasp* I will not let this pinstriped pizza snob be my personal chef!
Homer: You’ll have to excuse my fellow Springfielders. They don’t recognize a good proposition when they see one. Unlike yours truly.
Scotty Boom: You’re in the market for a personal chef?
Homer: Are you kidding? It’s been my lifelong dream to have my own personal chef.
Marge: I resent a lot of what you’re saying.
Homer: In fact, I don’t know why I haven’t hired a personal chef sooner!
Scotty Boom: You know personal chefs aren’t cheap, right?
Homer: Wait, I have to pay you? I thought you’d be paying me to eat your no-taste food!
Scotty Boom: Right. God, what was I thinking? Everyone in this town is either too stupid or broke to want me. Or both. Say, that gives me an idea. Maybe these suckers will want some of my merch!
Make Scotty Boom Promote Cooking Products- 8hrs
Make Sea Captain Hunt the Kraken- 8hrs
Make Quimby Go to Boston on Vacation- 8hrs
Make Homer Look Up Personal Chef Prices- 8hrs
Scotty Boom: Oh, this is pointless. These Springfielders just don’t recognize average-quality cookware when they see it. *sigh* Guess I’ll just have to retire and spend more time with my son. *shudders*
Burns: You there, city slicker, I heard you were looking to be a personal chef. Why not come work for good old Monty Burns?
Scotty Boom: Really? You’re just gonna hire me on the spot? You don’t even want to see my résumé?
Burns: That won’t be necessary. I get a good vibe from you. Also, I know exactly who you are: Gordon Ramsay.
Smithers: Sir, he’s not Gordon Ramsay — that’s the mean British one.
Burns: Oh, as long as he’s mean I’m sure he’ll do fine.
Scotty Boom: Well, you aren’t gonna regret this, Mr. Burns!
Burns: Every time I hear someone tell me that I won’t regret something, I end up regretting it.
Scotty Boom: You will regret this!
Burns: Hmm, I like this guy.

A Sickly Situation Pt. 3
Scotty Boom starts

Scotty Boom: Here you are, Mr. Burns. I’ve prepared a simple endive salad as your starter, chicken paillard with a lemon-caper butter sauce for your entrée…
…and boozy raspberry sauce cream puffs for dessert. What do you think?
Burns: Pish posh. What are these dishes I’ve never heard of? Where is my Lord Woolton Pie? Where is my Plum Charlotte?
Scotty Boom: Umm, those are dishes from like two hundred years ago…
Burns: Why, just thinking about those foods brings me back to my younger years. Ah, the forties.
Scotty Boom: You prefer the food from the 1940s?
Burns: No, the 1840s. So knock it off with these new-age dishes and make me something classic and edible!
Make Scotty Boom Research Cooking From the 1800s- 4hrs
Make Mr. Burns Reminisce About the 1840s- 4hrs

A Sickly Situation Pt. 4
Scotty Boom starts

Burns: I’ve never tasted a steak au poivre quite like this.
Scotty Boom: Ah, don’t mention it. It wasn’t anything a three-Michelin star New York chef couldn’t handle.
Burns: I said, I’ve never tasted one like this before because I didn’t realize it was possible to screw up a dish so simple! Did you even taste this, you nincompoop?
Scotty Boom: Taste it? I, um… I can’t taste anymore, okay?! Springfield has robbed me of my dignity, my career, and even my taste buds!
Tyler Boom: But you still have your family.
Scotty Boom: Not now, Tyler!
Burns: Harsh.
Scotty Boom: I just want to be a celebrity chef again!
Burns: Smithers, shall we see if the hounds’ taste buds are still working?
Scotty Boom: God, I hate Springfield!
Make Smithers Release the Hounds on Scotty Boom- 4hrs
Make Scotty Boom Run for His Life- 4hrs
Scotty Boom: I gotta get out of this mansion, but there are so many doors…
*trips over pile of plutonium rods* Ahh!
Smithers: Oh dear, another irradiated servant. Sir that’s three this month.
Burns: You know what to do. Get the wheelbarrow.
Smithers: Perhaps this time we could just…drop him in front of the hospital?
Burns: You’re always coming up with ways to deny the hounds their dinner.

A Sickly Situation Pt. 5
Scotty Boom starts

Scotty Boom: What the… Where am I?
Dr Hibbert: You’ve been admitted to Springfield Hospital…again. *chuckles* More Jell-O?
Scotty Boom: The last thing I remember is… Oh God, I ran into all those plutonium rods at Mr. Burns’ house. What did I lose this time? My sense of smell?!
Dr Hibbert: Nope. And neither did we. You stink! *chuckles*
I must say though, something rather astonishing has happened to you. Your exposure to such high levels of radiation has caused your taste buds to regenerate entirely.
Scotty Boom: So I can get my old job back as an arrogant celebrity chef!
Dr Hibbert: *chuckles* How should I know?
Make Scotty Boom Call Lindsey Naegle- 8hrs
Lindsay Naegle: You say you’ve completely regained your sense of taste? That’s wonderful!
Scotty Boom: That’s right. So, can I get my old job back?
Lindsay Naegle: A super lucrative celebrity chef job actually just opened up.
Scotty Boom: Did Rachael Ray finally quit?
Lindsay Naegle: Nope, but Paul Hollywood is retiring from the Great British Baking Show.
Scotty Boom: Pretending to have an opinion on bland British biscuits? No thanks.

Scotty Boom’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Judge People’s Food at Checkout Lines 1hr $70, 17xp KEM/Springfield Grocery Store
Do Some Cooking 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Promote Cooking Products 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Host a Cooking Show 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield BBQ Festival/BBQ Battle Booth/KEM
Cool Off 24hrs $600, 150xp Moe’s

And that’s it my friends, the details on Scotty Boom!

Up Next? Nada.  You’ve completed the Foodie Fight mini-event, congratulations!  Now spend some time working the new items into your Springfield and get ready for the next Springfield Showoff!

Thoughts on Scotty? Questline?  Tasks? Event? Sound off below.

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