Episode 83- The Dinos Are Once Again Extinct! THOH XXXII Event Wrap-Up

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we wrap up the 2021 Treehouse of Horror event. We give our final reviews of the event overall, share our good, bad and ugly moments, and share our predictions for what we think might be next in TSTO. Plus, we share YOUR comments and grades on this event. So join us for all the fun as we finally send those dinos packing!

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7 responses to “Episode 83- The Dinos Are Once Again Extinct! THOH XXXII Event Wrap-Up

  1. Does anyone still have the final THOH act on the screen but only earning $ instead of the syringes? I was working on the last decoration and it seems stalled and earning $ so it won’t let me finish. And it hasn’t disappeared?

    • Yup, I am in the same boat as you. Weird. It’s a little disappointing because you can’t get your final prize. Otherwise, I really don’t care. Just a little buggy. Nothing new. LOL.

  2. mr.rooney.to.you

    I hoped some of the Dino’s would stick around as a a NPC deal

  3. Finally I can post…!!!!!

  4. It was ok. But why do you hate Halloween? I’m dying to know.

    • A variety of reasons…ultimately just not a fan.

    • It’s ‘ok’ for anyone not to enjoy and / or embrace any Holiday … there’s reasons I don’t celebrate Christmas (ie it’s not in my Religion), or embrace it (especially the bad behaviour of shoppers) …. but I do enjoy seeing the snow and ice in Game App during that time (anytime the Game App changes to reflect a Season is awesome!).

      I encourage Tappers to watch the YouTube video, because you may be surprised about what Safi and Alissa may agree with you (even if they disagree? it’s a fun debate – nothing to get sore about).

      Gobble Gobble save your 🍩’s and real 💵 for TSTO Black Friday (do you have Puritan Ned Flanders? or Sacagawea Lisa Simpson? or the NPC 🦃 ? or Stomach Staples Center? or King Size Homer Simpson? or The Vast Waistband? or the Turkey Stuffer? or the 360° Buffet Table? or The Outdoor Feast Table?) 😉

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