Episode 84- The One Where a Vaccinated Alissa Gets COVID

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we break down all the things that have happened since the last Addicts Live! Alissa has a baby and then gets COVID. We talk about symptoms, how she’s feeling, if it spread through the house, and more. Then we dive into the Northward Bound mini-event, and talk a little Christmas! Join us for the fun!

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3 responses to “Episode 84- The One Where a Vaccinated Alissa Gets COVID

  1. Oh no!!! So glad you’re feeling better!

    Looking forward to Christmas soooooon. 😉

  2. Hey Tappers if you watch that YouTube video? You’ll be amused by Safi’s t-shirt …. and you will hear a 🍪 monster ( 🤫 guess who it is?)

    Won’t be long before we have 🌨️ and 🧊 in our Springfields 😊👍🏻

  3. Hi Alissa! Sorry to hear about your bout with COVID but happy to see you came through OK. It was almost to the day one year ago I contracted COVID from someone at home. Everyone got it at the same time so we didn’t need to isolate. The member we got it from had to be hospitalized for a few months and had an oxygen level in the 30% range. Truly scary. The rest of us lost sense of taste and smell. but no fever. I couldn’t taste anything, and could eat the hottest hot sauce I could find, and not feel any burn. To this day, I still cannot taste cinnamon, and only recently can taste garlic.

    Take care everybody and get vaccinated. I believe that is the only way to mitigate this pandemic and stop these variants from spreading.

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