Holiday Whodunnit Trivia Time – Act 1

Tidings Tappers and TV Trivia Testers,

Another Event has hit our games, but this time with a twist that takes us back to the Stonecutters event. The event introduces trivia into our games. Each part of the questline comes with a trivia question (or more).

Here are the question and answer for Act 1.


Out Cold, Pt 1:

At Springfield Downs is the correct answer for Pt 1. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.


Out Cold, Pt 2:

A Personalized Talking Astrolabe is the correct answer for Pt 2. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.


Out Cold, Pt 3:

The Grumple is the correct answer for Pt 3. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.


Out Cold, Pt 4:

The raccoons in the dumpster is the correct answer for Pt 4. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.


Out Cold, Pt 5 (three part trivia):

A GL50 9K Smart TV is the correct answer for first part of Pt 5. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.

Because she sacrifices it to help Gil get a Futon Friend for his granddaughter is the correct answer for second part of Pt 5. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.

He books them a Christmas trip to Florida is the correct answer for third part of Pt 5. Please note, the order of answers may be different in your game.



Once you select the correct answer on the first try, you will see the following “Correct” popup and earn a Gift Card:

The Gift Card can then be used to earn an item from the Last Minute Gift box.


Did you get the correct answers? Did you remember the episodes? Or did you need our help to get it right? What did you get with your Gift Cards? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


28 responses to “Holiday Whodunnit Trivia Time – Act 1

  1. … ah figured out the gift card – donut thing, there is an option in the store to “buy” donuts with gift cards (one card gets you 3 donuts)

  2. So how do you trade gift cards for donuts? (I got all the unique prizes and would rather donuts than the non unique ones).Anyone know?

  3. This was very helpful! I got a couple right on my own, but definitely needed help with a few. A very belated thanks for posting this!

  4. Once you run out of prizes it, restocks with non-unique items but also says you can trade your ticket for donuts. Anyone know how many donuts you get for trading in?

  5. So far I’ve actually gotten every answer right. I’v only watched up to seasons 1-21 on Disney+ for now. I watched season 22-32 on Freeform, Fox, or FXX. I am going on part 4 so i’m checking my answers before hand and jotting them down.

  6. I’m confused about the Trivia Questions.
    Yesterday I got 1 Question, (correct) and earned a gift card.
    Where do the other Trivia Questions show up in this Act?
    No other Questions appeared yesterday, so now I assume each part of each act offers 1 Question? (I’m finishing up Part 1 of Act 1 later today.)
    Thanks for clarifying this. I had read your other posts, but apparently missed it earlier.

    Thanks so much Alissa & Safi for all your work on our behalf here!

    Alissa, CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉🎊🎉
    I was catching Safi’s cute posted hints in your absence about babies on the way but I assumed he was amusingly hinting to us that he & his wife are expecting, not you! Your new son is a beautiful boy! 💕

    • A new one will appear as a required task for each part of the questline.
      And thank you! 😀

    • Yes, you get a trivia question with each part of the questline.

      Side note, my wife too was worried people might erroneously think I’m hinting about her getting pregnant (which she is not).

  7. Silly question (OOC)

    Some of the snow/ice decorations give a small bonus%. These bonuses won’t also disappear when the decorations melt in the Spring, right?

  8. First time comment, long time follower and player (since whacking day ) Absolutely love this Christmas event, especially compared to some of the more recent ones. Like many of us, Christmas time and this event is my absolute favorite. I love the new twists lately and it gives us long timers something fun to do. Finally, I would be absolutely remiss to not thank our amazing leaders and fellow players. Thanks for bringing together this special community full of people

  9. Terrific help! Thank you! It’s wonderful you assist us to verify our quiz answers. Nice twist in our snow covered and Christmas lights Springfield😊
    So we will be able to earn something with each 🎟!

  10. Ahhh SLH the episode that brings me right back to my childhood. Cozy times. Cromulent work, Safi, thank you very much! Is there only 7 Trivia questions? (maybe only for the first Questline?) In the spirit of Greedy Springfield present time I want to get as many Trivia gifts as possible. The Last minute box has even better items for me than the Token mystery box (like Santa’s Wife and the Xmas racoon)

  11. I only started with two items to get with gift cards. What do I get after that?

  12. Thank you for contacting EA. I’m having “contacting server” problems too. Keep up the great work!!

  13. Got the first one wrong, but now I will get them right thanks to you. Very helpful!


    I received a reply from EA regarding the issue with the game some people including me are having::

    “I have reviewed your email and come to know that your game is crashing after the Christmas update, I’ll do my best to give you possible information for it.

    I would like to inform you that we are receiving the similar contacts and many of the customers are facing the same issue. Its a known issue. Good thing is that, this has been brought into the notice of the dedicated team and they are diligently working to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    I would request you to wait for some time till this gets though I know nobody likes to wait but rest assured the team is actively working on it and the issue is been addressed on priority. game team are aware of that issue and are working on it, but there is no time frame for a fix yet.

    We at EA customer service make every attempt to resolve each issue, but sometimes a resolution is simply not possible due to problems beyond our control.

    Thank you again for your cooperation and valuable time.”

    • I’m glad EA is addressing the problem
      Thank you for contacting EA 👍🏻

    • Well done for contacting EA, have also have done so, let’s hope it’s a quick fix.

    • Hi Mr. Rooney, I was wondering. Were you able to get your game to work? I called and emailed EA several times. I also called Amazon 3 times and spent countless hours on the phone with both parties. no one was able to help me. I lost 7 days of play time. I was going nuts.
      Anyway. My daughter asked me why I was in such a bad mood. I explained what was going on, and how lots of other players were having so much trouble launching their games. She spent about 10 mins checking the kindle and the app.
      She explained to me that there was nothing wrong with it and that more then likely the problem was the app. She said that what happens is that sometimes a company will update a game, but will not take into account some older devices which will make them incompatible with one another. She called EA and they confirmed what she suspected.
      They are such 💩 heads.
      Why couldn’t they have told us that, that was the issue!!!
      So anyway don’t get rid of your kindle fire until they remove the XMAS download. Hopefully it will continue to support the game for a while.
      Wow, this took longer then I thought. And I left out some stuff. Well sorry for the bad news. I’ve switched my game to my newest version, but I’m done buying kindle’s. I’m trading them all to kindle and getting a tablet.
      Bye 😎 🌲

  15. Thank you both so much. part 1 ik knew the answer because they justvgave the first episode here on a belgium tv channel. Didn’t know answer part 2.

  16. Thank you Safi
    I didn’t want to break protocol (reveal answers)
    I hope Tappers use the Search 🔎 function here at TSTO Addicts
    This Simpsons Christmas Episodes Quiz is fairly easy
    (When in doubt? rewatch an Episode). 😊


    2 out of 2 wrong answers but now I haven’t any excuses, thanks for the answers lol

  18. Bless you for the answers. 🤗🤗🤗🙌🙌🙌🙌💝

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