In-Game Update: Red Alert

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday, an app store update hit our games to remove the Holiday Whodunnit Event.  And, today a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)  The first new event of 2022!

You’ll need Homer and Lisa free for 6s tasks to get things started with this event.

This mini-event ends, in 2 weeks, on February 2nd. 

More details below the fold…

So the same basic concept for mini-events, in general, applies to this one.  Follow a questline, do the tasks, and unlock the prizes associated with it.

The premise of the event starts when you log into Springfield with Duck and Wonder

Marge: What’s that alarm that’s going off?
Homer: I think it means the next Squid Game is about to start! Sorry Marge, but I’m only teaming up with men.
Lisa: Actually I just got a text alert from Springfield. It says there’s an incoming nuclear missile! It’s kinda weird they added the googly eyes emoji.
Marge: How long do we have?
Lisa: The alert says thirty minutes.
Marge: Isn’t that a long time for a missile to hit?
Lisa: Things tend to take a long time in games with premium currency…

Again, this dialogue is followed by a 6s task for Homer and Lisa and after that, you’ll roll right into the main questline…

The questline to follow for the free prizes is…Panic at the Silo.

Prizes are as follows…

The General- Panic at the Silo Pt. 1 and 155

The Withstandinator- Panic at the Silo Pt. 2 and 155

Springfield Sculpture Garden- Panic at the Silo Pt. 3 and 115

Homer’s Bomb Shelter- Panic at the Silo Pt. 4 and 115

Missile Bunker- Panic at the Silo Pt. 5 and 200

Always nice to see a prize track full of new prizes (and a new character!)…and not returning items. 

Characters who earn currency…

Joe (New Premium)

The turbo tappin’ post, which I’ll have up later, will show how you unlock each of these prizes.  But the basic gist is…follow the questline, unlock the prizes.  You guys should be pros at it by now! 🙂

The store is then full of new/returning items specifically for this event.

New stuff


  Joe and Sargent Thug’s Mountaintop Command Post– 150 Donuts (earns Event Currency)

Returning Stuff

I’m not going to do a new SIB post for returning content.  As I’ve been doing lately, I’ve linked their previous posts here either under Details (if it was a free prize originally) or Should I Buy (if it was premium originally).  I’ve also marked which items are available in the Yearbook Mystery Box, as always, with a *.  

Loads of returning content with this one…

Biohazard Wall– 2

Radioactive Ooze Pit– 5

Zenith City Billboard– 20

The Eliminator– 20

High Voltage Transformer– 20

Kiosk– 20

Hero Clothesline– 20

Biohazard Tower– 20

Rommelwood Statue– 30

Atomic Bomb*– 30

Death to Homer Missile*– 30

Inanimate Carbon Rod Monument*– 30

Stage Turret– 30

Apu’s Apocalypse Jeep*– 30

Lucite Container– 30

Rommelwood Barracks*– 35

Milhouse’s Trailer*– 40

Police Tank*– 45

Attack Helicopter*– 50

Mastermind Hank Scorpio– 50

Hangar 18*– 50

Radioactive Man and Statue– 60

Lava Machine– 60

General Bart– 60

Cadet Lisa– 60

Shuttle Hanger– 60

Sidekick Milhouse*– 60

The Collider* 60

Old King Coal– 60

Charcoal Briquette– 60

Dr. Crab 60

Corporal Punishment 70

EPA Hoverjet* 70

Rommelwood Academy*– 70

Rocket to Your Doom*– 70

Atomic Hula Hoop– 70

Sha-Boom ka-Boom Cafe*– 70

Dr. Lenny’s Lab*– 70

Rocket Launch Pad- 80

WWII Tank & Sgt. Skinner- 100

Death Mountain & Dr. Colossus*– 120

Eisenhower’s 4×4 & President Eisenhower*– 120

Malibu Stacy Cart & Strawberry– 125

St. Paul’s Basilica & the Pope*– 150

Superior Squad HQ & Fallout Boy– 150

Malibu Stacy Fan Club & Teenage Smithers– 150

Mastermind Bundle– 160 (Volcano Lair, Hank Scorpio & Mastermind Hank)

*denotes available in the Yearbook Mystery Box

There’s also a cash item available as well…

Radioactive Homer- $9.99 USD.  This is a costume for Homer…plus you get the tray of donuts with it.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the first mini-event of 2022…Red Alert!

Thoughts on the Red Alert event?  Premium characters?  Prizes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

50 responses to “In-Game Update: Red Alert

  1. Hi all. I bought cadet Lisa but can’t open her quest to do the stuff in the romewell academy. Will thet open up at a later time?
    Also, another question for veterans in the game:

    I started playing 3 weeks ago. And went crazy with acquiring stuff (did buy a boatload of donuts in one exasperated moment when fed alert came on, will have to learn to control the urges better) and am now thinking that I should just be patient and play slow because the buildings and characters will always reappear again either through a quest or a mystery book. Nothing seems to appear that is entirely new and specific for 2022, correct? So things just repeat I guess?

    Lastly, I LOVE this game (and i play or pay for no games usually). And I LOVE the snow!

    Thank you

    • Hi Niko I have the same problem.. got Cadet Lisa because I thought she would run around and blast off her gun 🔫🔫🔫 but she doesn’t have the task! I think I have to buy the damn Rommelwood baracks.. because it seems she will only be shooting in front of this ugly building WAAAAAAHHHH

      Enjoy the game! Before you spend all your donuts in events, make sure to come here and check the list of what’s returning and what is already in the Yearbook. No need to spend 100 donuts on Radioactive man or the Sha Boom ka boom cafe when it only costs 30 donuts in the Yearbook.
      Some stuff never comes to the Yearbook tho, like all the Premium characters from the all last year’s events – these new 150 donuts characters only return to the Black Friday sale boxes once a year at Thanksgiving time and still are hard to get. So if you like a Premium for 150 you can get it now or wait until November..

      Personally I only spend donuts on the decor and characters I like (do they have fun visual tasks? Do I remember them from the show? Do I just love robots, monsters and aliens running around my Springfield?)

      • Hi Veganella!

        Thank you for that! Yes, I’ll be careful with what I spend the donuts on. I also found the page here that lists all the mystery items as well so I recheck before deciding to treat myself to an item from it.

        Hate to buy the barracks, dont like the look either. I also wish there was even more animation to some of the things. For ex I randomly got the observatory from the mystery book and it does nothing 🙁 I wish they hired more coders to add even more animation to things. 🙂 And also, got the rocket which does absolutely nothing. So disappointing.

        Anyways, thank you for replying! So cool to get a reply in this forum because I am currently obsessing about the game. I have these spurs of obsession with diff things and then they pass in a wk or two but I’ve been going strong with this for almost a month now. Peculiar. 🙂

        Have a lovely day and greetings from Croatia!

  2. I LOVE RADIOACTIVE NUCULAR SPRIMGFIELD!! UP AND ATOM!! ☢️☢️☢️☢️ I JUST WISH THAT EA REPLACED THE SNOW WITH A RADIOACTIVE GREEN TOWN COVER! ☢️☣️☣️ Kinda like the Autumn/Halloween town decor with dark green water and bare trees, and every house with the Healthy Green Glow. A radioactive event splash picture would also be nice.. if mr Matt Frowning bothered to draw it… ☢️☢️💚💚💚💚
    Alyssa and gang, a few questions:
    1- Is Charcoal Briquettes just a NPC or a playable character?? Either way would be cool to get her in my town lol.
    2. LOVE DR CRAB!!! He’s like a prototype for Dr Zoidberg in Futurama ahahahahaaa
    3. In my shop I don’t have the Sidekick Milhouse outfit, only the Radioactive Milhouse 😮
    4. The catholic pope and st Peters basilica are not part of this update, he was in the whodunnit Xmas event in the Premium Token box
    5. Love Cadet Lisa, (tho she’s supposed to be a pacifist Buddhist, ironic I know) but I just love characters with flamethrowers and guns running around in my Springfield like Robot Marge, Hank scorpion, Annual gift man etc haha
    6. The prizes are the laziest decor ever.. but I want that Missile launch pad! Does it actually launch a Missile??? Please say something explodes in this update lol

    • Rocket launch – does nothing
      Radioactive man, or iron man, the one with the red cape, flies around the town! Did you see that? So cool!
      The flame thrower girl is pretty cool too hope you got her.

  3. 😬Thrilled they’ve finally taken proper respect for Northern hemisphere seasons, esp for those that enjoy the game’s virtual snow in regions like here in SuperBowl SoCal…
    Been bitching on this for my 8+ years of playing, noting Winter certainly doesn’t end in January & that they should at least continue to Valentines, & more appropriately until St Pats👌

  4. I see all the complaints about snow already, but WOW, try to enjoy it. It’s BARELY January and it gives the game a different vibe.

    It’s like complaining that the missions are too easy and then I got 8 extra steps to get a decoration!

  5. Rocket launch pad -please think about before you buy. It does not come with a second mini game, does not include a % increase. It is a decoration for 80 donuts, it comes with nothing and does nothing.

  6. Looks like when you buy the Rocket Launch Pad does not come with the Minigame. Disapointing, or did I overlook something?

  7. I cannot find the Radioactive Homer in the store to purchase,

    Is anybody else having this problem, or can offer me advice about where it it located


    Is this event one of EAs predictions like trump becoming presedent, is Russia about to start WW3, very apt in today’s climate💣💣🚀🚀

  9. Hello, my email adress linked to the account is down and I can’t get my code to log in again. Where do I write to change email account to the simpsons account?

    • You’ll have to go to EA’s website and do it. (you can also try to log into your account on the site, but not sure if you’ll need the verification code via email to log in that way)

      • Hello, I’ve got help but the main problem is that I can’t access my email connected to my username and get the 4 digit code. EA won’t chance my email adress without me verify it by opening my email. I’ll try to get access to it and chat with EA again. Thanks for the help.

        • I have my account synced up to an older email. I got locked out and needed a code. Gmail had recently switched to a 15gb max and I had 60gb. I can’t use delete all due to random important emails throughout all the spam. I ended up having to pay the 2 or 3 dollar monthly fee to just get the access code. Good luck 🤞🏽

  10. Hi all,
    I have a bug and in case any of you have seen it. I sent all my springfielders on the be impressed by the general task, and upon completion when I tap on the simpson house I collect the money but it is not freeing up the characters. I have tried moving the house to where it’s not as crowded with decorations, can’t store it, nothing works and I have collected the money about 8 times (each time it counts the cash accumulated the last time then counts it again). Any suggestions on how to move forward?
    Many thanks 😊 🙏

    • That is a big problem since you can’t store the Simpsons house. I would try either individual or group storing buildings that are associated with characters stuck there. Hopefully if you free enough characters it might free the rest. Or you can try contacting EA.

  11. I like that for once they didn’t make all the “Fab Four” event currency earners, just Homer. There are other tasks that I need them doing.

  12. I bought a second rocket launch pad, but it does nothing. I expected it to launch like the first one. Anyone else think that too?

    • _I_ would certainly expect any additional rockets to launch like the first one… I started to buy a second one, but thought better of it. Maybe I was lucky!

    • I’m sorry Doug (that sure sounds L-EA-Z-Y of EA to offer up another Missile Launch Pad , only for it to do nothing) … you’ll be amused by the Premium Character Combo (it’s G.I. Joe!)

  13. This event reminds me of the false Ballistic Missile attack we had here in Hawaii 4 years ago. That was a terrifying 38 minutes we all here went through. I don’t like being reminded of that event with this event.

    • I see your point Glenn …. I know Mama 🐻 doesn’t like when a discussion becomes political (so please don’t take this reply as one), but when I think of nuclear missiles? I think of the joke President Ronald Reagan made ( “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes” – August 11, 1984) during a 🎙️ check and put all of Europe in a crap attack!!

  14. If only they brought back Wind Lad and Citizen Solar. I’ve been waiting on those two forever now! Looking forward to this event.

  15. I really wish the mountaintop command center didn’t have to go on the mountain range. I didn’t have any part of my existing range that it would work well on, so I had to open a new square or land at the top (which turns out to be the last row up there), which really kind of screws up the design I had up there. But I couldn’t pass on getting the character, so I kinda had no choice. 🙁 I also wish water tiles didn’t have that land border on them and that they could go under stuff, like dirt tiles do, or, at very least, that they (as well as roads, etc.) could be placed starting at whatever small square you wanted, rather than being restricted to the four-square “channels,” IYKWIM.

    Also…. Was the Kiosk from a previous event (the spy one or one of the superhero events, maybe?)? I’m wondering whether I wish have one in my town, but don’t have the time right now to look over every inch to figure that out…

  16. It looks like this damned snow will stay until the next event, probably February 9th.

    • Better than until April…in real life…like where I live. We had -35 wind this morning….nothing compared to the -44 last week..with -17 actual temps…..4 days after getting 10 inches of snow a few days prior…and since…lol. Northern Maine…..the “other” Maine.

  17. I’ve started the event, but my town is still snowed in!
    Anybody else seeing that behavior? (It’s almost noon where I am in the US.)

  18. Which figures are not in the yearbook? 🙂

  19. First off,
    Thanks Alissa.

    Well, I purchased Joe and Sgt Thug Mountain retreat and it goes into SH mountains. I guess I’m going to set up a military complex in the new land thereabouts.
    Got a LOT of nuclear warheads/ XP Multipliers lying around.

  20. OMG 😱 if you are a new chapter and missed out on Content that may not be in the Mystery Box? This Mini Event is loaded with stuff!!

    Hey we get G.I. Joe in Game App (that’s one of the Characters from Safi’s Poll that I voted for!) 😀👍🏻

    I’m 😅 at Homer’s Bomb Shelter (and I’m reminded of Flanders family Bomb Shelter – EA should’ve included this, too!)

    I can still play on BlueStacks (even though I hate it’s limitations!) just have fun for the rest of January (who knows if EA will offer up something for Valentine’s next month!)

  21. That’s what I get for not checking here first – I sent everyone off for a 24 hour task at 8am theis morning UK time…

    I’m sure I’ll survive – my main game has over 50k donuts in reserve 🙂

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