Super Safi Simpsons Event Calendar – A Warmfyre Welcome, Act 2

Salutations Silly Simpsons Schedulers,

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen

Another Act has hit our games, which means it’s time for another calendar. A Warmfyre Welcome, Act 2 hit our games Friday.

Here is a basic calendar to keep track of the currency needed to unlock all 5 items.


As Graham so clearly laid out in the Rundown post, the following 5 prizes are available in Act 2:

Sir Duncan’s Doughed Naughts (Building)- Tip of the Iceberg Pt. 1 and 155  
Just Half Capes (Building)- Tip of the Iceberg Pt. 2 and 155
A Warmfyre Welcome Mystery Box Token- Tip of the Iceberg Pt. 3 and 155
Hyborean Apparel (Building)- Tip of the Iceberg Pt. 4 and 155
Duff Knight (Character)- Tip of the Iceberg Pt. 5 and 195



So in order to unlock all 5 prizes, you need to earn 815 . That comes out 90.6  per day.




So here is the calendar with where players should be at the end of each day in order to be on pace to unlock all 5 prizes by the end of the Act:

Click on the Image (or Here) to Enlarge



We’ll have more to say about this event in the next episode of Addicts Live. But, for now, enjoy the Event and have fun! And be sure to sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


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