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Friday Filler – The Secret of TSTO Happiness? Play the Game Without Playing the Game

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

So, it turned out that it wasn’t time for another Major Event…so we got another Mini-Event…which was proceeded by another Mini-Event. And in both cases, they are 2 week events, that barely stretch a week in real time. Which leaves a lot of down time to do what you want. Play. Don’t play. Stockpile. Design. Or just gnash your teeth that the events aren’t longer…or shorter…or more complex…or less complex.

But, this time, they have added an AMAZING twist on the Mystery Box. It is kind of a SUPER Mystery Box…with More than 700 items available!!!  It. Is. Overwhelming!!!
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Friday Filler – Looking Back…Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Back

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

In the spirit of the TSTOAddict’s 5- Year Blog-O-Versary, I dug waaaaaaaaaay back into the annals (please note the two “n’s) of my archives and found some of my very first TSTO Posts Ever…including a “Hump Day” post (it’s not what you think it is), from one of my first posts with the Addicts Team.

What I found truly interesting, is that in some ways, “the more things change, the more they remain the same” (their have always been glitches, and people complaining about them).  What truly made me laugh, is that there were so many references to being “inundated with updates”…which were happening at a clip of one every two weeks.  Oh…good player…be careful what you wish for, right?

It’s kind of like a version of “Remember land lines? Remember Blockbuster Video?” while pointing out some of the incredible advances the game has made over the past 5+ years since we have been blogging about it.
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Friday Filler – The Question About Land Use and Item Limits

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

Well…let’s face it…if I tried to play the “I’m so wiped out” card again, you would start putting my pleas into the “CrankyOldGuy who whined” box and just ignore me. The fact is, I am tired…but it is all about the tail end of this freakin’flu and not anything to do with the game.   This mini-event has been a breeze, and I finished it all on Tuesday. I’m enjoying the time off to design…when EA isn’t messing with me.

This has also given me a ton of time to ponder some of the biggest questions about our game, and the weird new way in which EA is doling out land.  As you will see (by way of my new screen-grab app and editing tools), I have loads of one…and a dearth of another.

Let’s dive into Land Use Planning 101…
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Friday Filler – What’s REALLY Behind The Ads On This Site

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I mean it. I am really, really glad that it is Firday…as I really, really, really need a(nother) drink.  Lucky for us, this latest update is ALL about drinking, and carousing, and getting pounded…as is our right to do!  It is protected by our Constitution…right?  Or it was…until it wasn’t…and then was again. No wonder Homer feels the need to make his own bathtub gin.

But, the real reason that I am in need of some liquid diversion, is that yet once again, someone(s) decided it was important to “school us” on the annoying nature of the ads that pop up when you use this site.  And while Alissa is generally more inclined to try to explain the “why we use WordPress” and why we have ads to help pay the freight in a nice way… I am more inclined to revert to my CrankyOldGuyness…and remind people that NOTHING is free. Nothing.

This game isn’t free (although you can play for free if you are willing to not place any value on your time).  This site isn’t free (although the advice and entertainment we dispense doesn’t cost you a nickle). And, being part of a community isn’t free, even though you do have the option of sitting in the corner and just taking the assets that are offered by others, without contributing.

But, even more important…there is a true VALUE on what those “annoying ads” provide to the team here, as well as many, many others who benefit.

This is the chance to just move on…or perhaps treat the rest of this post like you would an “ad blocker,”  (which is always an option if you are annoyed by ads).  Because, I am about to be really, really, really honest about why we do what we do…and for whom.
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