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Addicts Reader Appreciation: Toxic Shark’s Fun With PhotoShop

Wow have you checked out our Flickr page recently?!  Addicts Reader, and one of our favorite Tappers, Toxic Shark has certainly been having some fun with TSTO and PhotoShop!

We’re so grateful (and in total awe) of the fun little scenes Toxic has left for us that we wanted to properly show them off and hopefully inspire other Tappers to remember to have a little fun with TSTO now and then!

Toxic did one of these fun little creations for all of us… and we are happy to share them here:

Clearly Toxic understands my struggles in keeping Bunny & Wookiee in line!  (PS Love Dolph’s reading material too!):

Toxic knows where we keep Bunny!  (Love how Arnie Pye is pointing out the Addicts store too!):

Wookie Burgers!  (Even managed to grab Wookiee’s favorite character (the Rich Texan) in the shot too!)

Looks like Toxic has Cranky pegged!TFIG-11-22-13-cranky

Love the Addicts HQ Building! (And the free Bunny..in a straight jacket..sign!)

And perhaps this is my newest favorite….(I know it’s not a TSTO Screenshot but I love it anyway!)
What do you think Wookiee?  Should we get shirts made up?

So there you have it!  Our complete appreciation for the work, creativity and FUN Toxic Shark put into making these!

Do you have your own creative juices flowing?  Show us your stuff on Flickr or send us your images to TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.  Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Addicts How To: Upload Photos to Flickr

The next step in using Flickr is…well…what it was made for…PHOTOS! I already showed you how to sign up for an account, now it is time to have a little fun with it.

For your desktop, you will log into your Flickr account using the method you set it up by. Once in, it will prompt you pretty much right away to upload some images.

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How To-Set Up Flickr

NO! I did NOT say to flick her…I said Flickr. What is it? Well just you sit tight right there and I will explain in the longest winded, stuffed up story I possibly can. 😛

Flickr is a great way to be able to upload and share pictures with other friends, sites, and groups…like TSTO Addicts (hint hint). 🙂

I will be taking you through a few processes on Flickr. How to set it up, how to add photos, then how to share those photos. Let’s get started.


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