How To-Set Up Flickr

NO! I did NOT say to flick her…I said Flickr. What is it? Well just you sit tight right there and I will explain in the longest winded, stuffed up story I possibly can. 😛

Flickr is a great way to be able to upload and share pictures with other friends, sites, and groups…like TSTO Addicts (hint hint). 🙂

I will be taking you through a few processes on Flickr. How to set it up, how to add photos, then how to share those photos. Let’s get started.


How to set up a Flickr account…

Go to

This part is really quite simple. Just like any other site you basically set up an email, password, and a few bits of information. You will be greeted on the site by a BIG button that says, “Sign Up for Flickr”, click that button.


If you already have a Yahoo account,  you can actually use that as your log in for the site. You also have the choice to link it to your Gmail and Facebook Account. The choice is really yours. If you do not have Yahoo and want to use it, you can just click on the “Create New Account” option and follow the steps to create your own. That’s pretty much it. A few questions and you are in.


Now just a quick few things while you are in there. Now would be a good time to join our Flickr group. In the menu options along the top, you will see “Communities”. If you highlight over this, the drop down menu will open. Select “Search Groups”. Type in “TSTO Addicts” and then select search. You now can go to our page and “Join Group”. This will come in real handy when sharing pics with us. 🙂




Also you will notice in the far upper right hand corner a small icon (it is usually a camera when you first open your account until you change the picture). When you select it, you will see your personal options. “Settings” is where you can go to make additional changes to your account.



Feel free to play around a little. Check out all the menus. Set up your page just the way you like it. Edit your personal information. Just customize it to fit you and the settings you want.

That is pretty much it. You now have a Flickr account.

Now for setup for your mobile device.

I have an Android device, but the Apple products are very similar too in set up. I begin by going into the Google Play Market and searching for “Flickr”.


Pick the Yahoo! Inc. Flickr.


Once I open the app, The option to Install Flickr is right up at the top right. It is just a matter of a simple tap, accepting the accessibility options, and waiting for it to download and install to your device. (It also installed a shortcut button to my device for one tap access.)




Took mine about 20 seconds, but each device will vary depending on your signal strength and available memory space. Then I am able to open the app. Similar to the desktop option, you are able to sign in using your Yahoo account, create a Yahoo account, Google, or Facebook.



Now you are able to access your Flickr account from your mobile device for easier access and uploading.

In my next post, I will go over how to upload a photo to your own account and also to share it with the group.


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  1. oops sorry if i overloaded it…not my intent

  2. Im in……nice way to show some weird happenings or cool town shots…..awesome site!!…keep up the good work..

  3. A Flickr group for Addicts ~ very nice Ms. Lite-Brite
    BTW, I believe we first met on Flickr when I commented on your amazing 2D work!

    My favorite Flickr page customization (one lots of folks overlook) is setting up your Flickr web address. It helps other readers identify you when posting links in comments and such. After you set it up (in Personal Information settings) your links to pics will look like…

    instead of…


    Anyway thanks for rekindling my love affair with Flickr. Gonna join the group and post a pic or two before leaving for work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… You may be a bunny but you’re no dud 🙂

    • Awwww it’s sweet DD. 🙂 Miss hearing from you. Yes, me meeting you on Flickr (and few others) is main reason I’m even here. You pulled me to the social site where I was found by Addicts. Your appreciation and love of them made me strive to do more. Like Your Professor Frink. Even though you didn’t ask for it, you gave me the inspiration to create it. Thank YOU! 🙂

      I haven’t dove too deep into Flickr just yet for the readers. Want them to become familiar with it first, but I agree the customization is a perfect option to help get found easier. Thank you for sharing that.

      I hope to be loading many of my photos soon to the new site. Just didn’t want to flood it…yet. That and I didn’t want it to be just mine. I wanna see others. Like yours. 😛

      LB Bunny

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