Addicts How To: Upload Photos to Flickr

The next step in using Flickr is…well…what it was made for…PHOTOS! I already showed you how to sign up for an account, now it is time to have a little fun with it.

For your desktop, you will log into your Flickr account using the method you set it up by. Once in, it will prompt you pretty much right away to upload some images.


It is two simple options of either selecting image from a folder on your desktop and dragging them into the Flickr page. Or you can choose which ones to pull out by browsing through all the folders on your desktop.




Either method works great.  It is more what is simplest for you. I used the “Choose Photo” method and located the photo I wanted. Once you locate the image, just add it by selecting it then “Open”.


You will be brought to the edit screen as soon as it is complete. From here you will have many settings options for the photo. You can change the Title and Description, Add Tags so people can locate your pictures easier, and Tag Your Friends.


You can put separate your photo into albums/Sets.


You can set the picture to automatically load not only into your own album, but also the albums of the Groups you want it to be displayed in. Like TSTO Addicts (hint hint). FYI…you would have needed to follow the steps in my previous post to join our Group in order to use this feature.


Last but not least, you can set privacy on your photo. This is what will determine whether others can see it, can re-use it, and what content is in the photo itself (please remember to keep all TSTO Addict pics to a PG rating).


With all your selections made, you now can upload the photo (s)


Now that we covered the basics for your desktop, let’s look at the options to load photos using your mobile device. The options are similar. They will vary from device to device, so I hope my Android will give you the basic guidelines. If you need anymore info, please ask. 🙂

For my GS4, I have the option to share pop up as soon as I open a picture. (This sign with the lil dots < ).


Once I open the share feature, I am given the many choices of locations I have available to share my pictures to. Now that I downloaded the app, one of them is Flickr. I select it.


It brings me first into an editing screen where I am able to make a few last minute changes before continuing on. No changes needed, so I select next.


I can now  edit the settings for this photo, similar to desktop. Create a title, add a description, the remaining will be under the “advanced” option. I select it.


Now the rest of the settings are open. Tags to help find my photo, Person/Friends I want to tag, Sets/Albums, etc. You can see that once again the option for “Group” is there. So here again, you can select to option to have the photo upload directly to our site as well as yours.


The biggest thing you need to remember is that you select “Done” to save any changes you make in each of these Menus.


Once you completed choosing your settings, then select “Upload”. Your picture will now be put into your Flickr and any other Groups (hint hint) that you chose.

So far so good? I hope this is helping. More to come soon. Next up I will cover sharing the pictures in another way.


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  1. Hiya I’ve noticed a lot of people use IMGUR & said it was easy to use. I’d like to share some photos but I’m struggling with how to do it. Can anyone help me please? I have the image & see the upload icon at the top but I’m not sure how to get the image to this site. So anyone with a step by step idiot guide would be my saviour. Thanks…..💜X

  2. I posted a photo of how I used my pastel fences (twice, sorry). How do I share it directly to a thread?

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  4. You can share to Flickr in iOS too, from your albums. My favorite Free photo app Pixlr can share direct to Flickr, so can the $2 AutoStich app 🙂

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