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Awesome title right? Now don’t I wish this gift was for everyone. For some, happiness all around. For others, they wish their game glitched all over. (Secretly had this been foreseen…I would’ve done EVERYTHING to make it glitch just to get such an amazing prize.)

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Hey Hey It’s Sideshow…YOU!

sideshow you TSTO Krustyland
Sideshow You is a free to play mini game inside Krustyland that awards tappers with free tickets.  Think of it as Krusty’s way of giving back to the Krustyland patrons, or as he puts it: “Now any jerk — I mean, “respected patron” — can waltz in and get free Tickets.”

Here are some of the basics to Sideshow You:
-Level 22 or higher is required to build.
-Build is prompted by Part 15 of the Krustyland Quest
-Only 1 Sideshow You allowed in Krustyland
-1,000 tickets to build, but it is an instant build.
-Every 8 hours you have the chance to pop 3 balloons, each balloon contains free ticket prizes!
-Unlike the Bonus Level Up! game tickets do accumulate, so your free ticket award is the total amount behind all 3 popped balloons
-Similar to the Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-R, although it’s completely free to play!
-After 299 tries, you will win 5 FREE donuts.
-The maximum amount of tickets you can win is 150 and minimum is 15.
-Behind each balloon is either 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 25 tickets, 50 tickets, or rare 5 donuts (again prices do accumulate, so your total prize amount is the total of all 3 balloons popped).

TSTO sideshow you balloons
Sideshow You Odds (per balloon popped):

  • 5 tickets- 20%
  • 10 tickets- 40%
  • 25 tickets- 30%
  • 50 tickets- 9%
  • 5 Donuts- 1%

The maximum amount of tickets you can win is 150, what was your best Sideshow You ticket haul?