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Weekend Update November 3rd – November 9th

Wow, what a crazy week huh? We saw the last of the Halloween Event roll on out, all the limited time items removed, and now it is shining bright outside with a new level, 37. Miss anything? Trying to catch up? Well Bunny here again, running crazy and free out of the basement still (Shhhhhh…no one has to know), bringing you another Weekend Update.

bunny foofoo

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Where did THAT come from – Golden Calf

I can see clearly now the mist has gone… I can see all decorations in my way… happy to not have ghosts to pop away…. gonna be a bright, bright, bright and Springfieldy day!

Everyone happy for the end of Halloween and a new update?  I know I am.  The future in my town is so bright I gotta wear shades lol.  Ok… I promise I’m done with pop culture references (for now).  Time to wade back in for another round of where things come from.  For this post, we have to go biblical or at least in a Simpsons kind of way for the Golden Calf Idol.

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