Weekend Update November 3rd – November 9th

Wow, what a crazy week huh? We saw the last of the Halloween Event roll on out, all the limited time items removed, and now it is shining bright outside with a new level, 37. Miss anything? Trying to catch up? Well Bunny here again, running crazy and free out of the basement still (Shhhhhh…no one has to know), bringing you another Weekend Update.

bunny foofoo

Sunday Bunny (hehehehe, it’s funny when I type my name) brought you a quick Q&A on the new Simpsons Episode: 4 Regrettings and a Funeral. WHO IS CHIP?!

Monday Wookiee started the morning with a great recap and further detail of the new Simpsons episode, “4 Regrettings and a Funeral.”

Alissa brought us another great reader photo for this weeks “Caption This!”

Bunny covered more detail and the tasks brought by the toughie character, Shauna. She also brought us the “Should I Buy” on the Wailing Wall & Spooky Wall.

Tuesday With the end of the Halloween 2013 Event drawing near, the  Addicts Team brought you the last “Should I Buy item, the Freakmobile.

Alissa gave us a complete Halloween Buyers Guide to all the limited time items.

Wookiee went back to the basics and broke down decorations and color use options in this weeks 2D 101.

Bunny updated us on EA’s response to the Goo Glitch, a lil too late for the event though.

Wednesday Alissa took us again back to class in another Tappers 101, this time helping find a Character. 

Wookiee frightened many a readers with his take on Krusty and scary clowns all over. BE WARNED!

Bunny gave us a lil design look into where people have placed the Noiseland Arcade. The end of the Halloween Event was so near.

Thursday– Bunny stayed up with us all night and into the next day to ensure we all knew just when Halloween ended, what was with the delay, when Level 37 dropped, and the first of many Walkthroughs for Level 37. Somewhere in there she also snuck in the background of Dolph.

Friday– Alissa gave us great insight on how to stop characters in the middle of tasks without having to waste precious donuts.

Wookiee let us know where the new Premium Decoration item, the Golden Calf came from. Then gave us a lil gobble gobble with this weeks What A Wookiee Wants.

Bunny brought us the parts 1-5 in the Level 37 main walkthrough, Weekend Dad. As well as some great tips to keep in mind while playing through the level quests.

Saturday–  Bunny gave us the First of 3 Walkthroughs that came along with the Cracker Factory and Luann.

Wookiee brought us a lil goodie this morning with an ongoing glitch/gift from EA on the Squidport Tiles.


PHEW!! What a week. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend with some good reads from above.


5 responses to “Weekend Update November 3rd – November 9th

  1. I’m a little confused on how the Squidport glitch works…are you supposed to leave a finished tile until several friends visit and tap it?

    • When your tile is completed…don’t touch it. Leave the tile square there at the squidport entrance. Then wait. As neighbors visit and tap on it…the tile will turn into the handshake. Still don’t touch it. After several neighbors visit and tap on it…more handshakes will appear. One on top of the other. As soon as you see MORE then one handshake, you can then start collecting. Just be very very careful. In order for it to work, you ALWAYS have to leave one handshake no matter what. So if there are 2 handshakes…only tap it ONCE…then leave it alone. The game will collect the money, XP, and new tile. Same goes if you see 3 stacked handshakes. Only tap it twice…one tap at a time. ..leaving one behind.

      Basically you are paying to build one tile, but with help of neighbor you can earn many tiles off of it. Make sense?

  2. Its been a great week. I’m pretty tired. Haven’t been around much. I was outside working. Figured it was time to do some manual labor since its been a while. But I haven’t forgotten about my friends and favorites, The new theme is up on the forum! Check it out!


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