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St. Patrick’s Day Changes To Our Town

Everyone feeling a lil lucky now? NO???!!! Then get to looking through that clover peaking out on your dead lawns and see if you find a 4 leaf one…or…if you are REALLY lucky…a 5 leaf clover. WOOHOO!!

So with a new update comes changes to our towns. Some quite obvious…some that you may not realize right away until you stumble upon them. Alissa already touched on some of these in the Update Release, but I want to go a lil more in detail.


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What’s In the Water?

Ummmm…I wouldn’t drink the water in Springfield right now. SERIOUSLY! Have you seen how dark and ooooozy and slimy and green…and…and…and…


Next time you are hopping around in your town, take a lil bit to see if you can catch a glimpse of THIS guy in the water. o.O



1 (Just FYI, this zombie makes a quick appearance in Treehouse of Horror III “Dial Z for Zombie”. He and another are seeking brains as they approach Homer. They realize he has none and move one. )