St. Patrick’s Day Changes To Our Town

Everyone feeling a lil lucky now? NO???!!! Then get to looking through that clover peaking out on your dead lawns and see if you find a 4 leaf one…or…if you are REALLY lucky…a 5 leaf clover. WOOHOO!!

So with a new update comes changes to our towns. Some quite obvious…some that you may not realize right away until you stumble upon them. Alissa already touched on some of these in the Update Release, but I want to go a lil more in detail.


First off, the obvious…GREEN WATER!! Depending on how much water you have flowing through your town, it may have the appearance that Mr. Burns leaked some of his nuclear waste all over. I liked it when it turned green last year. More so this year as I am on Level 38 with lots of goodies instead of just starting the game. Now I can use the green water to add something cool to my designing. A fun little fact though, the green water does actually show up in a Simpsons Episode. In Season 20, Episode 1: Sex, Pies, and Idiotscrapes…it opens with the Simpsons walking across the dam during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Bart mentions how he loves that the city even turned the river green. Cut to Mr. Burns who promptly tells the Simpsons that it is in fact his Nuclear Power Plant that actually made the river green…and now that they know, they’re lives are in grave danger.

green river


Then there are those obnoxious pink n pretty items leftover from Valentine’s Day that you were tucking back into your storage so you didn’t have to look at them anymore. Well good news, you can now move them on over to Krustyland. SERIOUSLY!!! I appreciate EA giving us more decorating options, but I now wish I had bought MORE of them for some cool 2D/3D art and designs in Krustyland. WOOHOO!!! On top of that, for each item you place it will add 10 points to your Kitsch rating on the Krust-O-Meter. So if you are trying to get that up to 5 bouncing balls, you now have more options to help it along.

Here are the items you can now place in Krustyland.

Cherub Bird Bath


Cherub Topiary


Fountain of Love


Love Bench


Love Planter


Lovely Fence


Lovely Flower Cart


Lovely Gazebo


Lovely Lampost


Rose Arch


Rose Bush


Valentine’s Balloons


Valentine’s Tree


So there you have it. A lil more decorating fun for your towns. What do you think so far of the update? Any plans for the pink stuff in Krustyland? If so, send us pics of your finished work. We would love to see it. 😉

HOPPY Tappin’


Bunny Icon 2

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9 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Changes To Our Town

  1. Woo hoo! I had just given up trying to make those pink fountains work and stored them. I find them rather hideous. They’ll be perfect in Krustyland!

  2. I have a surplus of the fountains, gazebos and flower carts that are going to Krustyland !!!

  3. My game always closes the app when I tried to put the balloons in Krustyland, HELP!

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