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How To Make Bunny “Water”…Green

Well hello there Hoppereenos. What are you up to today? Looking for a bit of fun to be had with all things green? Well it IS St. Patrick’s Day. Have you found a Leprechaun yet? Stole a pot of gold? Kissed a Blarney Stone? Kissed someone that said they were Irish? Lol

There is all sorts of fun to be had today. Even the Giggle is getting in on the act. Just click on the image they placed above the search bar and it will take you to several links to learn more about St. Patrick’s Day. Two fun ones I saw are listed below.

For the history buffs.
For those with lil ones that want to find something fun to do today.

But that isn’t what you came here for, was it? You want the details of Bunny Water. Just what on earth is Bunny Water? Where did it come from? Why do we talk about it? Well if I had and episode to recap, I would give you a little rundown…but I don’t. Not even the Simpsons know what’s in the “water”.

greenbunnywaterThanks again Nosferatu3342 for the great image of the Chicago River!

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Weekend Update: March 9th – 15th

So it is that time again. You know. Where I get to bore you to no end. No? You like to read this? Oh shoot, that means I have to try harder to make it all sound cool…and stuff. OFF WE GO!!

Weekend Update Addicts

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Showoff Reminder: Me Lucky Charmz!

Bunny here hopping all over the place. Alissa got locked in the basement after I slipped a lil extra “water” in her coffee and convinced her there was a Leprechaun in the basement. Now myself and the Fuzzball are running wild all over the place. WOOHOO!!!

So while me n the Fuzzball are busy drink drink drinking…errr…tappa tappa tapping away at the Update and information for you…I figured I better get some actual work done too. Or at least remind YOU to do my work for me. Lol. 😛

SHOWOFF!!! For this week, let’s follow Lisa’s example and go green. Show me yur lucky charmz. Lol. I just wanna see what you have done with the new items just dropped into your town. Use a little or use a lot. Mix and match the new. Toss in some of the old too (all the other decorations). Be creative, be funny, be…odd (I’m looking at YOU Freak!) Just whatever you do, have fun!!! WOOHOO!!!

shamrocktopiary_menu stpatricksleprechaunstatue_menu oflanaganspub_menu wishingwell_menu Sham Rock Cafe

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com. We can’t wait to see YOUR designs!

HOPPY Tappin’


Bunny Icon 2

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St. Patrick’s Day Changes To Our Town

Everyone feeling a lil lucky now? NO???!!! Then get to looking through that clover peaking out on your dead lawns and see if you find a 4 leaf one…or…if you are REALLY lucky…a 5 leaf clover. WOOHOO!!

So with a new update comes changes to our towns. Some quite obvious…some that you may not realize right away until you stumble upon them. Alissa already touched on some of these in the Update Release, but I want to go a lil more in detail.


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The Luck of the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day Is HERE! (UPDATED and Complete)


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya Tappers!

The wait is over…St. Patrick’s Day has hit our little Tapping Devices! (FINALLY!)  More details as we uncover them (as always we’ll update THIS post with the latest on the update) but for now enjoy the green waters of Springfield!

Homer kicks off the event (in my game in auto-started) with dialogue between him and Lisa. (Bunny’s Homer was on a task and still 2 hrs left, dialog still auto-started.)

Note: It may download to your device and you’ll see green water but nothing new will happen.  If this happens to you (it happened to me) hard close your app (app manger, close app) and restart it.  It should trigger the event to start for you. If not, then log out, restart your device, and log back in. (This worked for Bunny’s games.)

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