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Where Did THAT Come From – The Lemon Tree

Hey hey hey!  Wookiee back with another WDTCF for your enjoyment.  I still have a broken game but that’s not gonna stop me from writing for my favorite readers.  Things can’t always go your way and you know what they say…

“When life gives ya lemons, make lemonade.”

How many times have you heard this ridiculous saying?  Who they heck are THEY anyways?  Just today, my teenage Ewok came home and told me this.  She didn’t have an answer for me when I asked what to do when life gives me poop. Ah teenagers, they think they’re so wise.

Anywho… I find inspiration in so many little things and decided it was time to do a WDTCF for the Lemon Tree in our TSTO towns.

Lemon Tree

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How Do I Get the Lemon Tree?

Not to sour you on the topic (haha) but the lemon tree can ONLY be won in the Mystery Box. (Please know that anyone who claims they can get you a lemon tree can only achieve this by a hack) 

The sweet thing about the lemon tree is it’s another item that provides cash for your town! Every 6 hours the game hands you a basket of lemons and when you click on them they turn to cash!

When the game first came out if you saw a lemon tree in a friends’ town you could steal it from them and plant it in your Springfield. Then, after 24 hours any of your friends could steal it from you!

However, with the October 2012 update the ability to steal the lemon tree was disabled.  EA describes this as a glitch and say that they hope to get this ability restored in the future.

Have you been lucky enough to get the elusive Lemon Tree?