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The Simpsons News Links

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another Friday my friends, and that means it’s time for another round of Simpsons News!  And I’m going to be honest, this week A LOT of Simpson News comes out of New York.  Apparently, New Yorkers get ticked off…who knew?  😉 Here’s the latest roundup of Simpsons News and a few fun things to check out!

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The Simpsons News Links

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another Friday my friends, and that means it’s time for another round of Simpsons News!  The yellow world doesn’t stop turning because TSTO is in a funky state right now, a bunch of new stuff going on in the world of The Simpsons.  So, here’s the latest roundup of Simpsons News and a few fun things to check out!

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How Do I Get the Lemon Tree?

Not to sour you on the topic (haha) but the lemon tree can ONLY be won in the Mystery Box. (Please know that anyone who claims they can get you a lemon tree can only achieve this by a hack) 

The sweet thing about the lemon tree is it’s another item that provides cash for your town! Every 6 hours the game hands you a basket of lemons and when you click on them they turn to cash!

When the game first came out if you saw a lemon tree in a friends’ town you could steal it from them and plant it in your Springfield. Then, after 24 hours any of your friends could steal it from you!

However, with the October 2012 update the ability to steal the lemon tree was disabled.  EA describes this as a glitch and say that they hope to get this ability restored in the future.

Have you been lucky enough to get the elusive Lemon Tree?


How do I get rid of “Lazy” Neighbor-eenos?

Updated: 9/24/13 to include the Origin PC/MAC Program for easier account management.  Check out the post here: Origin Program

So you want to rid your account of some “dead weight” in the form of inactive players huh? Well if you’re using iOS
to play the good news is it’s pretty simple to do. The bad news if you’re an Android user…it’s not so simple.

First up: iOS
1) Start up your game and go to your neighborino page.
2) Tap the Orange Origin logo (with the +) on the bottom right to bring up your Origin task bar.
3) Make sure your “My Friends” list is showing
4) Find the friend you’d like to delete
5) Click on their photo to visit their Origin Profile (don’t worry you don’t leave the game)
6) Click on the plus sign just under their profile photo and this will bring up the “remove friend” option.
7) Tap this and like magic “poof” they’re gone!

Congratulations iOS Users you’ve officially gotten rid of that pesky Neighborino! If only Homer could get rid of Flanders that easily!

My Android friends…I’m sorry it’s not as easy!

To remove friends on your Origin Account via Android you must login to your account on the Origin Website.
1) Go to your neighborino screen and write down the EXACT names of any friends you wish to delete.
2) After you’ve compiled your list go to origin.com and click the login option at the very top of the site.
3) Enter your origin ID and password to login (this is the same info you use in the game)
4) Once it takes you to your main origin page highlight over My Account and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Privacy Settings:

5) Scroll down to the Block List

6) Here’s where that list of names comes into play: type the name of the Friend you wish to delete into the Block User Box and hit block:

Repeat this step for all the friends you wish to delete.
7) That’s it…you’ve officially eliminated those annoying Neighborinos!

p.s. In case you were wondering the Android method also works for iOS users.

Are You A Homer Simpson or A Ned Flanders Kinda Neighbor?

The more you play TSTO the more you start to realize that visiting your neighbors and tapping their buildings doesn’t just earn you Cash/Tickets and XP it also helps (or hurts) your neighbor as well.

So You Wanna Be A Flanders Huh?
If you really want to help your friends the most you should tap on the buildings that take the longest time to generate income (ie: Burns Manor, Duff Stadium, Mt. Krustmore etc). Why you ask? Because tapping on these buildings restarts the earning clock on that building. So now when they get back to their own town they can collect the previous cash on the building AND have the clock already progressed into the next income cycle!

Also, if you see any dead crops in your friend’s town you might want to show them your green thumb and tap away. Tapping dead crops not only brings them back to life for your friend, but it also generates cash and XP for you!

To Homer or Not to Homer?
Some of the buildings in TSTO do not generate income (Town Hall, MOE’s Tavern, Police Station & Springfield Elementary). When you visit your neighbors town these will either have a Spray Can Over them or a Mop. While either action generates cash & XP for you, think before you vandalize. Vandalizing your neighbor’s buildings can negatively change their righteousness rating, it can also impact yours! However, cleaning graffiti off of a building will positively change both yours and your neighbor’s righteousness rating.

Whomever you decide to be, put a little thought into it and choose wisely!

Being A Social Butterfly: Visiting Friends

Once a day you can visit your Friends towns and tap up to 3 of their buildings to collect cash and XP. With the Krustyland Update you can also visit their Krustyland and collect tickets! (note: you cannot collect cash from 3 buildings and then collect tickets from 3 attractions at Krustyland. You can ONLY tap up to 3 buildings TOTAL between your friends Springfield and Krustyland per day, greedy pants!)

And don’t worry you don’t need to tap and collect all the money/tickets and XP that come flying out of the buildings, you can just tap the building/attraction and move on to the next town. Like EA magic the money will automatically be added to your account (this goes for the bonus XP you get for visit a friends town and completing 3 tasks as well, even if you leave before you see the box)!

How Many Neighbor-eenos Can I Have?

100 friends is the most the game will allow you to have.

Your friends get an error message if they try to add you when you’ve already reached the limit – and the same thing happens if you try to add someone who already has 100 friends.

Most likely the limit is due to server capacity. The Origin social servers sometimes have problems keeping things running smoothly.  And don’t worry you’ll probably find that 100 friends is more than enough, even during special events.

DO NOT ADD YOUR FRIEND REQUESTS HERE.  Friends can be found and added on these threads: http://tstoaddicts.com/category/add-tsto-friends/

Any friend requests on this post will be deleted.  I promise you’ll make LOADS more friends on the Add Friends feed than anywhere else on this site!