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To Sell or Not To Sell…..

TSTO Selling Buildings
With the release of Level 35 and it’s FOUR new buildings, and no land expansions, some long time tappers are faced with a problem… too many buildings/decorations and not enough space for them all! Well the neat thing about TSTO is that you do have the option to sell certain items that you’ve purchased in the game. However, before you hit the sell button there are a few things you should know….

Selling a Building? Be sure to follow the Golden Rules:

1. Never sell limited time buildings

2. Never sell any building that costs donuts to replace

3. Think carefully before you sell

There is only one way to get back a building that you’ve sold, and that’s to buy it again. And just like if you were to go to a Pawn Shop, it will always cost you much more to buy it again then what you sold it for.

REMEMBER that if you sell a limited time building, like the Swanky Fish, you won’t be able to replace it because it’s no longer available. And if you sell a building like Barney’s Bowlarama, 1) you’ll lose Barney and 2) it’ll cost you 250 donuts to replace (even if you purchased it with Santa coins from the Christmas event).

So be careful when you’re moving your buildings around because selling is a serious business. Ask yourself whether you really need the money now or whether you can wait a day or two to build up the amount you need. And if you find yourself tapping the dollar sign accidentally, don’t worry! A warning (automatically) comes up asking you to confirm your selling decision. If you see a confirm sell box, slow your tapping finger wayyy down and be sure you really want to sell before you tap “sell”. 


Crash Test Dummies

TSTO Game Crashing
Yesterday Alissa looked at what happens when Bart unplugs your game, and you can’t connect to the servers.  But what happens when you’re in the middle of collecting money from your Springfield and your game suddenly freezes and completely crashes?  Or worse yet, what do you do when it happens constantly after only a few minutes of playing? 

If this happens to you (often) the good news is there are some simple things you can take to try and see if it helps solve the crashing problem.   So if you’re one of the Tappers who constantly have their Springfield crashing try these solutions first to see if the crashing is solved: Continue reading

Hey, Where’d They Go?! Keeping track of Characters

TSTO Character locator
As more and more characters join the game, it can be a real problem keeping track of them all.   While having more characters in the game is great, more characters=more money made, but as the land keeps expanding it’s getting harder and harder to tap every character.  When you’re constantly searching for a character it can begin to feel a bit like you’re playing Where’s Waldo and not Tapped Out.

The way TSTO has been updating lately, it may not be long before we see 100+ characters in the game.  And while, in a perfect world, we’d all love it if EA added some kind of character-locator feature to our games it may be awhile before it actually happens.  However, there is a helpful tool in the game that can help tappers locate their characters faster.  Here’s what you do:

From your main game screen press the 4-way arrows, move-stuff button, in the bottom right corner:
TSTO Character Locator 1
Then close the “eyes” for the buildings and decorations (just tap the Simpson house and the park bench and tree in the bottom right):
TSTO Character Locator 4   TSTO Character Locator 5
This will cause all structures and decorations to become translucent, however your characters will remain in full color.  At this point you should be able to easily spot the missing character. 

Here you can see it helped me find Eddie lurking behind the Post Office:
TSTO Character Locator 3
Hopefully this method will help make locating characters a little easier for you while we all anxiously await a character-locator feature from EA!

Do you have other methods that work well for you when it comes to locating characters?  Please, share them below.



“Better Them Than Me”…Volume and Notification Controls

Happy Monday Tappers!
It’s been a crazy weekend here at Addicts, so I figured I’d get our Monday rolling with a simple post, about a problem I see coming up a lot in Forums and game reviews, and that’s “How the heck to I get Homer to stop saying ‘better them than me?!'”
Have you ever been in a meeting at work or at a function where things are fairly quiet in the room and all of a sudden you hear Homer blaring on your phone…’Better them than me..oh wait that was me!’?  I think it’s safe to say its happened to all of us, at least, once or twice.  Well here’s a couple of quick and simple steps you can take to make sure you permanently turn Homer off, with out having to shut your phone volume off completely.

To do this, go to your build menu or the get more menu (for buying donuts): 

TSTO Volume Notifications2
Tap on the small “i” in the top right of the menu:
TSTO Volume Notifications1 TSTO Volume Notifications3
This is what you’ll see once you tap the “i”:
TSTO Volume Notifications3
You’ll want to make sure your Music Volume is completely turned down, your SFX Volume is all the way down, and your push notifications are turned off.  (This is also a good time to make sure your Confirm Donut Spend is on.  You can find out more about Confirm Donut Spend here).

Here’s another little tip….if you tap on “View”, you’ll also open up all sorts of other information about the game, including a fairly basic set of “Help” instructions:
TSTO Volume Notifications4

So there you have it.  Now you can enjoy playing tapped out at work, school, or anywhere with out worrying about Homer tipping others off!  Although I have to admit, while I currently have all sounds and notifications turned off, the “Better them than me” has come up on my phone in some pretty hilarious situations and usually had people looking around wondering who the heck said that!  

Is There An Easier Way to Collect Money?

Tapped Out collecting money and xp
The longer you play Tapped Out the more buildings and characters you have in your Springfield.  While this is a great thing, it can also pose a problem when it comes time to collect rent and money from jobs.  When you’ve got a lot of buildings generating rent and a lot of characters finishing their tasks all at once, collecting money and XP can take much longer than it needs to, especially if you’re playing on a smaller device.  Here’s some advice to help make the process easier and faster..
Continue reading

When Will Earning Money in Tapped Out Become Easier?

simpsons tapped out money

A common question that seems to run across a lot of new tappers minds is “Am I doing something wrong?  When will earning money in this game become easy?”  You may play Tapped Out everyday (in some cases multiple times a day) only to feel like you’re constantly running out of cash.  As the game advances it may seem like the buildings keep going up in price but your bank account never quite seems to catch up.

Almost every player goes through this at some point or another, so If you’re struggling to build up cash  for new levels, decorate your town, and expand land at the early stages of the game it’s perfectly normal.  Believe it or not, there will be a point in the game when it all seems to get easier and you begin to build up more than enough money to do what you need, and believe it or not this can be accomplished WITH OUT house farming.   Continue reading

Level 33 What We Know So Far

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!


Level 33 was released today!     Here’s what we know so far:

-As you can see from the image above the Level 33 Message is Dr. Nick and leveling up comes with 1 donut

-Snake kicks off everything by robbing the Kwik-E-Mart (60 minute task).  So make sure you have snake free to get things started!

snake 1 snake2

-After Snake is done Robbing the Kwik-E-Mart it unlocks Eddie and Lou with the S.W.A.T Van (walkthrough coming soon)

thesimpsonstappedouteddieunlockmessage thesimpsonstappedoutlouunlockmessage

-S.W.A.T Van costs $225,000 and improves your Righteousness Rating (it’s a decoration so instant build)


-Wax Museum costs $276,000, collects $200 and 20xp every 12 hours.  It’s a 24 hour build


-The Sun Sphere costs $750,000 and takes 3 days to build.  It requires level 5,boosts your vanity, and unlocks a permanent 16-hr Task for Bart, Milhouse, Nelson & Martin-Celebrate the ‘ WOD FIR’  (no rent/tax income generated from it-sorry folks!)


-The Training Wall costs $270, and improves your righteousness rating.  Also, unlocks a 12 hour task for Eddie.


-3 New Premium Items added; 2 characters and 1 decoration. (I’m sure Alissa will be doing a Premium Guide Post on these soon)


-Arnie Pye (!) costs 85 donuts, requires you to be on Level 23, earns an extra 50% on tasks (like other premium characters).  Completes the C List Celebrities Collection and he’s voiced.   Oh and he comes with HIS COPPER!!


-Little Lady Justice.  Decoration, costs 75 donuts, and earns 2.75% bonus on income and jobs


-K9 Officer.  Character, 45 donuts, barks, completes the Civil Servants Character Collection.


Back with more as I progress through the level!

Level 33!

Level 33 update

Hello Tappers!

Level 33 is here!!

New decorations, buildings and characters including: Springfield Wax Museum, The Sunsphere, a S.W.A.T. Van, Training Wall, Little Lady Justice, K9 Officer, Arnie Pie, and of course Eddie and Lou!

We’ll be coming back to you with more on Level 33 as we work through the game!

Oh and Snake kicks off Level 33, so make sure he’s free!

Happy Tapping!

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Springfield Police Station-Krabappel’s Apartment (Levels 17-22)

Missed a Previous Walkthrough? 
Levels 1-5 here
Levels 5-10 here
Levels 11-16 here
Our Walkthrough last left off with Marge and Homer dining at the Truffle (and the completion of level 16).  It continues with level 22 and the Springfield Police Station….

Miranda Rights Pt.1 Build the Police Station (Apu Prompts, $40,500 and 24hrs)


New Character Unlock!


Miranda Rights Pt. 2 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield (Apu Prompts, 8hours)

Miranda Rights Pt. 3 Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger (Wiggum Prompts, 30minutes)

Miranda Rights Pt. 4 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield (Wiggum Prompts, 8hours)

The Only Sport America Still Dominates Make Homer Eat At Krusty Burger 5x, Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger 4x, Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger 4x (eat time is 30minutes, Homer Prompts)

Nothing to See Here Build Barriers 2x (Wiggum Prompts)

We Don’t Sell myPods Pt.1 Make Lisa Play the Sax 3x (4hours each time, Skinner Prompts)

We Don’t Sell myPods Pt.2 Build King Toots (Lisa Prompts, $37,000 and 24 hours)


Singles Night Make Skinner Drink at Moe’s 2x (Moe Prompts, 8hours each)

It’s A-Me, Lugi! Build Luigi’s (Homer Prompts, $39,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Moustache Toppings Make Luigi Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (Luigi Prompts, 4hours)

A Jolly Right Mess Make Luigi Practice Face Accent (Luigi Prompts, 2 hours)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 1 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 30 minutes)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 2 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Gulp ‘n’ Blow (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 1hr)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 3 Build Skip’s Diner (Comic Book Guy Prompts, $35,500 and 24hours)


As American As Apple Pie Pt. 4 Make Comic Book Guy Eat At Skips Diner (Comic Book Guy Prompts 4hours)

Strong Body, Strong Mind Make Mr. Burns Brisk Constitutional (Burns Prompts, 60mintes)

Me Time for Marge Make Marge Read ‘Chores’ Magazine (Marge Prompts, 45 seconds)

Crime Doesn’t Pay Unless You Make It Build the Springfield Penitentiary (Wiggum Prompts, $46,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


No Trespassing Build Chain Fences (Wiggum Prompts)

The Greying of Springfield Build the Retirement Castle (Lisa Prompts, $37,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Good Samaritan Make Lisa Read to Old People (Lisa Prompts, 2 hours)

For the Birds Make Grampa Feed the Birds (Grampa Prompts, 8hours)

Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 1 Make Wiggum Collect Bribes x3 (Wiggum prompts, 3hours each time)

Re-Elect Mayor Qumby Pt. 2 Build Springfield Town Hall (Lisa Prompts, $48,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The Buck Stops Here, The Work Also Make Quimby Write the Book on Ethics (12 hours, Quimby Prompts)

The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 5 Make Quimby Nap in the Brown house (30 minutes, Quimby Prompts)

Any Given Weekday Make Bart Go to School (Bart Prompts, 6hours)

Nerds Gone Wild Make Martin Play the Lute (Martin Prompts, 45seconds)

Nelson Build Muntz House (Martin Prompts, $46,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Darwin’s Bulldog Make Nelson Shake Down Kids for Lunch Money (Nelson Prompts, 4hours)

Zero Tolerance Make Nelson Serve Detention 3x (6hours each time, Nelson Prompts)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 1 Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (Nelson Prompts, 12hours)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 2 Make Willie Rake Leaves and Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (12hours, Willie Prompts)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 3 Make Willie Wax the Floors and Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (Willie Prompts, Willie’s 24hours Nelson 12 hours)

Smell Ya Later Make Nelson Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House (Nelson Prompts,10 minutes)

I’m a Superstar! Make Nelson Play the Guitar (Nelson prompts, 8hours)

Dark Humor Make Nelson Laugh at Other’s Misfortune (Nelson prompts, 24hours)

Staff Needs– Build Krabappel’s Apartment (Skinner Prompts, $54,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


A Day In the Life Make Mrs. Krabappel Teach Classes (Edna Prompts, 8hours)

Another Detention Make Mrs. Krabappel Host Detention and Make Sinner Go Bird Watching (Edna Prompts, 12hours and 24hours)
It’s 2:30 in the Afternoon Somewhere Make Mrs. Krabappel Relax in Teacher’s Lounge (Edna Prompts, 60minutes)

Principal Plus Interest Make Mrs. Krabappel Dine at the Truffle, Make Ned Dine at the Truffle (Edna Prompts, 2hours)

A Woman Scorned Make Mrs. Krabappel Go for a Smoke Break! (Edna prompts, 10 minutes)

Illegitimate Concern Pt. 1 Make Bart Skip School (Bart Prompts, 8hours)

Illegitimate Concern Pt. 2 Make Krabappel Host Detention, Make Bart Serve Detention (Edna prompts, 12hours and 6hours)

All Power to the People Make Mrs. Krabappel Go on Strike (Skinner Prompts, 24hours)

School’s Out Forever! Make Bart Skateboard, Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework (Bart prompts, 4 hours and 24hours)

Concerned Parts Make Bart and Lisa Go to Sunday School (Marge Prompts, 12hours)

Let’s Learn About Hell Make Bart, Lisa and Milhouse go to Sunday School (Lisa prompts, 12hours)

The Olive Branch Pt.1 Make Bart, Milhouse and Martin have a sleepover (Bart Prompts, 24hours)

The Olive Branch Pt.2 Make Bart, Martin and Milhouse Go to the Library (Martin Prompts, 24hours)

The Olive Branch Pt. 2 Make Milhouse Pull the Fire Alarm, Make Bart Sneak into School Computer (Bart Prompts, 10 minutes)

Caught Red Handed Make Milhouse Clean the School 2x (Wiggum Prompts, 12hours each time)

The Olive Branch Pt. 4 Make Mrs. Krabappel Teach Classes (Edna Prompts, 8 hours)

Walkthroughs will now go level by level.  Continue with the next walkthrough here

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Power Plant-Gilded Truffle (Levels 11-16)

Missed a Previous Walkthrough? 
Levels 1-5 here
Levels 5-10 here
The Walkthroughs Last Left Off with the Building of Springfield Elementary and Willie raking leaves (Completion of level 10).  The Walkthrough continues with Level 11 and the Nuclear Power Plant…

Level 11-16 (Power Plant-Gilded Truffle)

It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 1 Build the Cooling Towers at the Nuclear Power Plant (Apu prompts $15,000 and 24 hours)
New Character Unlock!
It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 2 Build the Power Plant Reactor Core (Mr.Burns prompts, 18,500 and 24 hours – keep Burns free as it finishes)


It’s Pronounced Nu-Cular Part 3 Build the Power Plant Control Building (Mr. Burns Prompts, $15,000 and 24 hours – keep Burns and Homer free as it finishes)


It’s Pronounced Nu-Cular Part 3 Send Homer to Do a Plant Shift (Mr. Burns Prompts, 24 hours)

A Little Light Reading Make Mr. Burns read from Neocronomicon (4hrs)
Release the Hounds Make Mr. Burns walk the hounds (12 hours)
Quicky at the Kwik-E Lisa shops at the Kwik-E-Mart (1 hour)
It’s Either This or a Bath Cletus de-louses the young-uns (4 hours)

Bart Crusoe Pt. 1 Make Lisa and Milhouse go to School (Milhouse Prompts, 6hours)
Bart Crusoe Pt.2 Build Bart’s Treehouse (Lisa Prompts, $25,000 instant build)


New Character Unlock!


Bart Crusoe Pt. 3 Make Bart Go Skateboard (Bart Prompts, 4hours)

Skipping Rocks Make Bart Skip School (Bart Prompts, 8hours)

A Real Maverick Make Milhouse Fly His Scale Model Perfectly Level (Bart Prompts, 4hours)

Sanctus Arx Nerdarium Build Springfield Library (Skinner Prompts, $20,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


My Glorious Return! Place Snapdragons ($270) Make martin Smell the Roses (Martin Prompts, 10 minutes)

Allies At Last! Pt. 1 Make Martin Ride a Bike (Martin Prompts, 8hours)

Allies At Last! Pt. 2 Make Martin and Bart Study All Night for a Meaningless Test (Bart Prompts, 24hours)

Fun At Your Expense Make Bart and Martin Paintball in the Brown House (Bart Prompts, 2hours)

The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 1 Make Bart Go to School (Skinner Prompts, 6hours)

The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2 Build Android’s Dungeon (Bart Prompts, $30,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 8 Build the Orange House (Lisa Prompts, $24,500 24hours)


Death by Squishee Make Bart and Milhouse Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart (Bart Prompts, 1 hour)

The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 3 Make Bart Loiter at Android’s Dungeon (Milhouse Prompts, 30 minutes)

Passion of the Flanders Pt.1 Build the First Church of Springfield (Flanders Prompts, $32,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 3 Make Bart and Milhouse Paintball in the Brown House (Milhouse Prompts, 2 hours)

An Apu’s Work is Never Done Make Apu work a 24hr Shift (Apu Prompts, 24hours)

Passion of the Flanders Pt. 2 Make Homer and Flanders Attend Church.  Make Lovejoy give Sermon (12 hours, Flanders Prompts)

Passion of the Flanders Pt. 3 Make Bart, Lisa and Milhouse go to Sunday School (Flanders Prompts, 12 hours)

One in Every Flock Make Reverend Lovejoy Walk the Dog (Lovejoy prompts, 1hr)

They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 1 Build a Java Server (Comic Book Guy Prompts, $26,500 and 24hours)


They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 2 Make Comic Book Guy Visit Java Server (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 8hours)

Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt. 1 Build Moe’s Tavern (Homer Prompts, $32,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


New Character Unlock!


Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt. 2 Make Homer Drink at Moe’s (Homer Prompts, 8hours)

Double Down on She’s a Loser Pt. 1 Build the Springfield Downs (Homer Prompts, $34,500 and 24hours)


Double Down on She’s a Loser Pt. 2 Place a bet at Springfield Downs ($5,000)

Teamwork!  Make Milhouse Go to School (6 hours) Make Bart Skip School (8hours) (Bart Prompts)

Once You’ve Gone Organic Make Marge Shop at Kwik-E-Mart (Marge Prompts, 60 minutes)

I’m Stalking on Sunshine! Have a Shrub and Make Moe Spy on Midge (Moe prompts, 12hours)

What’s in the Back Room? Make Moe Smuggle Engendered Species (Moe Prompts, 8hours)

Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 1 Build Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (Marge Prompts, $29,000 and 24hours)


Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 2 Make Marge Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Salon (Marge Prompts, 4hours)

Truffle Surprise Pt. 1 Send Homer to Visit the Track (3 hours, Marge Prompts)

Time to Clean House Make Marge Clean the House (3hours)

Truffle Surprise Pt. 2 Send Homer to Shop at Kwik-E-Mart (1hr)

Truffle Surprise Pt. 3 Build the Gilded Truffle (Marge Prompts, $31,000 and 24hours)


Truffle Surprise Pt. 4 Make Homer and Marge Dine at the Truffle (Marge Prompts, 2hours)

Continue the walkthroughs with Levels 17 through 22 here