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Should I Spend Donuts On- Snow People/Animals

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman
Once there was a snowman, tall, tall, tall.
In the sun he melted, melted, melted.
In the sun he melted, small, small, small.

Thanks childhood songs. 🙂

With a new Holiday Update and Limited Premium items just added to our menu, it may be overwhelming trying to decide whether to buy or to pass on them. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on. Continue reading

New Simpsons Episode- The Kid’s Alright

Shhh…I’m not here. They think I am ***cough cough*** “sick”, but I secretly took off in the Hawaiin islands and am sipping some cool drinks by the beach. The furry creature in the basement is really just the shavings from the Wookiee fuzzball’s last hair cut. Don’t say a word, maybe I can stay here 2 more weeks. 😛

So a new episode was on tonight? Anyone catch it? Yah? Can you tell me what happened so I can write it up? NO??!!! **sigh**  FINE! I guess I will have to make something up. Hmmm….Homer became Mayor, Marge left Homer for Cletus, Bart was given the Nobel Peace Prize, Lisa married Ralphie and lives in the trailer his Dad confiscated from a drug bust, and Maggie…she took over the colony of aliens on Rigel VII and is leading an attack on Springfield as we speak. GREAT EPISODE! THE END!

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Pictures say a thousand words

Hey there Addicts! With all the speculation about future updates, we may sometimes forget just why we love this game so much and hopefully it is because we love The Simpsons.

I enjoyed the last post I did which was just screenshots so I decided to do it again for your “looking” pleasure. We all know I love to ramble away at words and ideas so consider this your scheduled break from my regular barrage lol.








Gotta love Lisa and Maggie fencing.

I probably should end this mini-post here but just because I think funny pictures bring laughter (which ultimately extends your lifespan giving you much more time to play TSTO and visit Addicts), here’s a couple stand alone images I find hilarious.

bart cupcakes



bart slh grandpa

You stay classy Tapperinos! Wookiee out!

Hide the kids and lock the doors… it’s time for HALLOWEEN!!!


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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Springfield Police Station-Krabappel’s Apartment (Levels 17-22)

Missed a Previous Walkthrough? 
Levels 1-5 here
Levels 5-10 here
Levels 11-16 here
Our Walkthrough last left off with Marge and Homer dining at the Truffle (and the completion of level 16).  It continues with level 22 and the Springfield Police Station….

Miranda Rights Pt.1 Build the Police Station (Apu Prompts, $40,500 and 24hrs)


New Character Unlock!


Miranda Rights Pt. 2 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield (Apu Prompts, 8hours)

Miranda Rights Pt. 3 Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger (Wiggum Prompts, 30minutes)

Miranda Rights Pt. 4 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield (Wiggum Prompts, 8hours)

The Only Sport America Still Dominates Make Homer Eat At Krusty Burger 5x, Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger 4x, Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger 4x (eat time is 30minutes, Homer Prompts)

Nothing to See Here Build Barriers 2x (Wiggum Prompts)

We Don’t Sell myPods Pt.1 Make Lisa Play the Sax 3x (4hours each time, Skinner Prompts)

We Don’t Sell myPods Pt.2 Build King Toots (Lisa Prompts, $37,000 and 24 hours)


Singles Night Make Skinner Drink at Moe’s 2x (Moe Prompts, 8hours each)

It’s A-Me, Lugi! Build Luigi’s (Homer Prompts, $39,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Moustache Toppings Make Luigi Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (Luigi Prompts, 4hours)

A Jolly Right Mess Make Luigi Practice Face Accent (Luigi Prompts, 2 hours)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 1 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 30 minutes)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 2 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Gulp ‘n’ Blow (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 1hr)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 3 Build Skip’s Diner (Comic Book Guy Prompts, $35,500 and 24hours)


As American As Apple Pie Pt. 4 Make Comic Book Guy Eat At Skips Diner (Comic Book Guy Prompts 4hours)

Strong Body, Strong Mind Make Mr. Burns Brisk Constitutional (Burns Prompts, 60mintes)

Me Time for Marge Make Marge Read ‘Chores’ Magazine (Marge Prompts, 45 seconds)

Crime Doesn’t Pay Unless You Make It Build the Springfield Penitentiary (Wiggum Prompts, $46,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


No Trespassing Build Chain Fences (Wiggum Prompts)

The Greying of Springfield Build the Retirement Castle (Lisa Prompts, $37,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Good Samaritan Make Lisa Read to Old People (Lisa Prompts, 2 hours)

For the Birds Make Grampa Feed the Birds (Grampa Prompts, 8hours)

Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 1 Make Wiggum Collect Bribes x3 (Wiggum prompts, 3hours each time)

Re-Elect Mayor Qumby Pt. 2 Build Springfield Town Hall (Lisa Prompts, $48,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The Buck Stops Here, The Work Also Make Quimby Write the Book on Ethics (12 hours, Quimby Prompts)

The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 5 Make Quimby Nap in the Brown house (30 minutes, Quimby Prompts)

Any Given Weekday Make Bart Go to School (Bart Prompts, 6hours)

Nerds Gone Wild Make Martin Play the Lute (Martin Prompts, 45seconds)

Nelson Build Muntz House (Martin Prompts, $46,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Darwin’s Bulldog Make Nelson Shake Down Kids for Lunch Money (Nelson Prompts, 4hours)

Zero Tolerance Make Nelson Serve Detention 3x (6hours each time, Nelson Prompts)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 1 Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (Nelson Prompts, 12hours)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 2 Make Willie Rake Leaves and Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (12hours, Willie Prompts)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 3 Make Willie Wax the Floors and Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (Willie Prompts, Willie’s 24hours Nelson 12 hours)

Smell Ya Later Make Nelson Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House (Nelson Prompts,10 minutes)

I’m a Superstar! Make Nelson Play the Guitar (Nelson prompts, 8hours)

Dark Humor Make Nelson Laugh at Other’s Misfortune (Nelson prompts, 24hours)

Staff Needs– Build Krabappel’s Apartment (Skinner Prompts, $54,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


A Day In the Life Make Mrs. Krabappel Teach Classes (Edna Prompts, 8hours)

Another Detention Make Mrs. Krabappel Host Detention and Make Sinner Go Bird Watching (Edna Prompts, 12hours and 24hours)
It’s 2:30 in the Afternoon Somewhere Make Mrs. Krabappel Relax in Teacher’s Lounge (Edna Prompts, 60minutes)

Principal Plus Interest Make Mrs. Krabappel Dine at the Truffle, Make Ned Dine at the Truffle (Edna Prompts, 2hours)

A Woman Scorned Make Mrs. Krabappel Go for a Smoke Break! (Edna prompts, 10 minutes)

Illegitimate Concern Pt. 1 Make Bart Skip School (Bart Prompts, 8hours)

Illegitimate Concern Pt. 2 Make Krabappel Host Detention, Make Bart Serve Detention (Edna prompts, 12hours and 6hours)

All Power to the People Make Mrs. Krabappel Go on Strike (Skinner Prompts, 24hours)

School’s Out Forever! Make Bart Skateboard, Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework (Bart prompts, 4 hours and 24hours)

Concerned Parts Make Bart and Lisa Go to Sunday School (Marge Prompts, 12hours)

Let’s Learn About Hell Make Bart, Lisa and Milhouse go to Sunday School (Lisa prompts, 12hours)

The Olive Branch Pt.1 Make Bart, Milhouse and Martin have a sleepover (Bart Prompts, 24hours)

The Olive Branch Pt.2 Make Bart, Martin and Milhouse Go to the Library (Martin Prompts, 24hours)

The Olive Branch Pt. 2 Make Milhouse Pull the Fire Alarm, Make Bart Sneak into School Computer (Bart Prompts, 10 minutes)

Caught Red Handed Make Milhouse Clean the School 2x (Wiggum Prompts, 12hours each time)

The Olive Branch Pt. 4 Make Mrs. Krabappel Teach Classes (Edna Prompts, 8 hours)

Walkthroughs will now go level by level.  Continue with the next walkthrough here

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Power Plant-Gilded Truffle (Levels 11-16)

Missed a Previous Walkthrough? 
Levels 1-5 here
Levels 5-10 here
The Walkthroughs Last Left Off with the Building of Springfield Elementary and Willie raking leaves (Completion of level 10).  The Walkthrough continues with Level 11 and the Nuclear Power Plant…

Level 11-16 (Power Plant-Gilded Truffle)

It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 1 Build the Cooling Towers at the Nuclear Power Plant (Apu prompts $15,000 and 24 hours)
New Character Unlock!
It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 2 Build the Power Plant Reactor Core (Mr.Burns prompts, 18,500 and 24 hours – keep Burns free as it finishes)


It’s Pronounced Nu-Cular Part 3 Build the Power Plant Control Building (Mr. Burns Prompts, $15,000 and 24 hours – keep Burns and Homer free as it finishes)


It’s Pronounced Nu-Cular Part 3 Send Homer to Do a Plant Shift (Mr. Burns Prompts, 24 hours)

A Little Light Reading Make Mr. Burns read from Neocronomicon (4hrs)
Release the Hounds Make Mr. Burns walk the hounds (12 hours)
Quicky at the Kwik-E Lisa shops at the Kwik-E-Mart (1 hour)
It’s Either This or a Bath Cletus de-louses the young-uns (4 hours)

Bart Crusoe Pt. 1 Make Lisa and Milhouse go to School (Milhouse Prompts, 6hours)
Bart Crusoe Pt.2 Build Bart’s Treehouse (Lisa Prompts, $25,000 instant build)


New Character Unlock!


Bart Crusoe Pt. 3 Make Bart Go Skateboard (Bart Prompts, 4hours)

Skipping Rocks Make Bart Skip School (Bart Prompts, 8hours)

A Real Maverick Make Milhouse Fly His Scale Model Perfectly Level (Bart Prompts, 4hours)

Sanctus Arx Nerdarium Build Springfield Library (Skinner Prompts, $20,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


My Glorious Return! Place Snapdragons ($270) Make martin Smell the Roses (Martin Prompts, 10 minutes)

Allies At Last! Pt. 1 Make Martin Ride a Bike (Martin Prompts, 8hours)

Allies At Last! Pt. 2 Make Martin and Bart Study All Night for a Meaningless Test (Bart Prompts, 24hours)

Fun At Your Expense Make Bart and Martin Paintball in the Brown House (Bart Prompts, 2hours)

The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 1 Make Bart Go to School (Skinner Prompts, 6hours)

The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2 Build Android’s Dungeon (Bart Prompts, $30,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 8 Build the Orange House (Lisa Prompts, $24,500 24hours)


Death by Squishee Make Bart and Milhouse Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart (Bart Prompts, 1 hour)

The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 3 Make Bart Loiter at Android’s Dungeon (Milhouse Prompts, 30 minutes)

Passion of the Flanders Pt.1 Build the First Church of Springfield (Flanders Prompts, $32,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 3 Make Bart and Milhouse Paintball in the Brown House (Milhouse Prompts, 2 hours)

An Apu’s Work is Never Done Make Apu work a 24hr Shift (Apu Prompts, 24hours)

Passion of the Flanders Pt. 2 Make Homer and Flanders Attend Church.  Make Lovejoy give Sermon (12 hours, Flanders Prompts)

Passion of the Flanders Pt. 3 Make Bart, Lisa and Milhouse go to Sunday School (Flanders Prompts, 12 hours)

One in Every Flock Make Reverend Lovejoy Walk the Dog (Lovejoy prompts, 1hr)

They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 1 Build a Java Server (Comic Book Guy Prompts, $26,500 and 24hours)


They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 2 Make Comic Book Guy Visit Java Server (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 8hours)

Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt. 1 Build Moe’s Tavern (Homer Prompts, $32,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


New Character Unlock!


Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt. 2 Make Homer Drink at Moe’s (Homer Prompts, 8hours)

Double Down on She’s a Loser Pt. 1 Build the Springfield Downs (Homer Prompts, $34,500 and 24hours)


Double Down on She’s a Loser Pt. 2 Place a bet at Springfield Downs ($5,000)

Teamwork!  Make Milhouse Go to School (6 hours) Make Bart Skip School (8hours) (Bart Prompts)

Once You’ve Gone Organic Make Marge Shop at Kwik-E-Mart (Marge Prompts, 60 minutes)

I’m Stalking on Sunshine! Have a Shrub and Make Moe Spy on Midge (Moe prompts, 12hours)

What’s in the Back Room? Make Moe Smuggle Engendered Species (Moe Prompts, 8hours)

Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 1 Build Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (Marge Prompts, $29,000 and 24hours)


Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 2 Make Marge Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Salon (Marge Prompts, 4hours)

Truffle Surprise Pt. 1 Send Homer to Visit the Track (3 hours, Marge Prompts)

Time to Clean House Make Marge Clean the House (3hours)

Truffle Surprise Pt. 2 Send Homer to Shop at Kwik-E-Mart (1hr)

Truffle Surprise Pt. 3 Build the Gilded Truffle (Marge Prompts, $31,000 and 24hours)


Truffle Surprise Pt. 4 Make Homer and Marge Dine at the Truffle (Marge Prompts, 2hours)

Continue the walkthroughs with Levels 17 through 22 here

Tapped Out Walkthrough: End of Tutorial- Willie’s Shack (Levels 5-10)

Missed the first Part?  Levels 1-5 are Here
When we last left off we had just completed the Tutorial and purchased more land.  The Walkthrough continues with Level 5:

I-Choo-Choo-Choose You Lisa Prompts quest to add a friend (need friends?  Check out our Neighbor-eeno page!)

Getting Benched Place a bench so that Lisa can read a book (Lisa prompts)

Put up a Parking Lot Build a Parking Lot (x2) for the Kwik-E-Mart

Pave Paradise Place some pavement around the Kwik-E-Mart (Apu prompts)

Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 1 Build Cletus’ Farm and unlock Cletus (Prompted by Apu – it costs $1,200 and takes 1 hour.)


Character Unlock!


Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2 Plant Tomacco (1hour) – and then, when it’s done, harvest the Tomacco (make sure you harvest within 1 hour or it will die)

Apu Plus Eight Apu feeds the Octuplets (1 hour)

The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 2 Apu relaxes for a while in the Brown House

Chillin’ With the Box The Brown House action continues as Homer uses it to watch TV again

Hey Whittle, Whittle Cletus does some whittling (1 hour)

Crop Share You need to grow and then harvest Silvertongue (8 hours) at Cletus’ Farm

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 4 Lisa prompts the building of the Purple House ($1200 and 4 hours)


Book Worm Lisa read a book again

Adventures in Flanders-Sitting Lisa babysits Rod and Todd (8 hours)

A Well-Earned Nap Homer oversleeps for a power nap (6 hours)

Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Grade Beef Pt. 1 Homer and his post-nap appetite prompts the building of Krusty Burger.  Keep Homer free as it finishes.
($2,600 and 12 hours)


Character Unlocked!


Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Grade Beef Pt. 2 Make Homer Eat a Krusty Burger (30 minutes)

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 5 Lisa prompts the building of the Blue House ($1800 and 12 hours)


Thrillhouse Pt. 1 Lisa and Homer interact, which prompts you to build the Van Houten House ($3800 and 24 hours)


Character unlock!


Thrillhouse Pt. 2 Send Lisa and Milhouse to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart (1hr)

Workaholics Anonymous Apu work an 8-hour shift at the Kwik-E-Mart

River Run Lisa prompts you to place Rivers (x3)

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt.6  Lisa prompts the building of the Pink House ($3400 and 24 hours)


The Greatest Joke Ever Told Make Ned Hold Emergency Bible Studies (Ned Prompts, 8hrs)

Let Yer Hillbillies be Hillbillies Homer Prompts.  Make Cletus Brew Moonshine (24hrs)

Like Father, Like Son Make Milhouse Find Puppy Goo-Goo (Milhouse Prompts, 10 minutes)

We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 1 Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework (Lisa Prompts, 24hrs)

We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 2 Build Springfield Elementary (Lisa Prompts, $10,500 and 24 hours)


New Character Unlock!


The New Evergreen Terrace Pt.7 Lisa Prompts the building of the White House ($7,700 and 24hours)

All Eyes on Krusty Make Krusty Inflate His Own Importance (8hrs)

Back Alley Soufflé Have a Dumpster ($1000) Make Cletus dig through Garbage (Cletus Prompts,12 hours)

Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 1 Make Skinner be a Crossing Guard (Skinner Prompts, 4 hours)

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 2. Tell Lisa and Milhouse to Go to School (6 hours, Skinner Prompts)

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 3. Make Skinner Monitor Halls (Skinner Prompts, 12 hours)

Krusty Burger Heavy User Parts 1-2 Make Homer Eat A Krusty Burger (x2)

Krusty Burger Heavy User Part 3 Homer Prompts you to build Gulp ‘n’ Blow ($13,500 and 24hrs)


Schoolhouse Crock Pt.4 Build Willie’s Shack (Skinner Prompts, $12,000 and 24hrs)


New Character Unlock!


Schoolhouse Crock Pt.5 Make Willie Was the Floors (Willie Prompts, 24 hours)

Looking for Doves in All the Wrong Places Have 3 Trees, Make Skinner go Bird Watching (Skinner Prompts, 24 hours)

Is it Even Autumn Make Willie Rake Leaves (Willie Prompts, 12 hours)

Continue the walkthrough here with levels 11 through 16.

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Tutorial (Game Start-Level 5)

Quests start right after the video of Homer blowing up Springfield Ends
-Square One
All dialogue spoke by Homer here:
“Hello, anybody here? Huh.  I guess it’s true what they say about atomic blasts—the safest place to be is ground zero. I wonder where my loving family is…and Bart.  Task book is then highlighted.  Whoa, whoa – if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s when you open books, bad things happen”
Prompted to build the Simpson House, 6 seconds.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Simpson House Image

Must build the house within the shaded box.  If not Homer saysI think I should place it where the computer tells me”

Character Unlock!
The Simpsons Tapped Out Lisa Unlock Message
Level up!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Level 2 Unlock Message

Homer: “Lisa!  Thank God you’re here to guide me through this tutorial.”
Lisa: “ What happened?”
Homer: “Difficult to say sweetie.  The town blew up, I built our house and you showed up.  All we know for sure is, I’m completely blameless.”
Lisa: “Hmm.  Maybe if we keep building things, Mom and Bart will show up too.”
Homer: “I’m sure they will.  This thing would be way too sad if they didn’t”
Lisa: “Then let’s do it.  But first, we should clean this place up a bit.”
Homer: “You’re joking right?”

Springfield Cleaners Pt. 1 Despite his objections, Homer cleans up some of the debris left by the explosion (6 seconds – don’t make him clean up everything – just one piece is enough for this stage.)

Springfield Cleaners Pt. 2 Lisa joins in the Springfield clean up (6 seconds, Lisa finds a donut)

Lisa: “Hey, I found a donut!”
Homer: “It looks like one of the donuts from the break room.”
Lisa: “It must have been irradiated when the plant blew up.  Now it has the power to locally speed up time…as well as to buy things, for some reason.”

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 1 Build a road (prompted by Lisa)

Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart Build the Kwik-E-Mart (prompted by Homer.  Note: you’re asked to use some of your donuts to speed this up)

Character Unlock!
The Simpsons Tapped Out Apu Unlock Message

Level Up!


The Others Frink appears from the Other Springfield and tells you to pay a visit there.  Visit the other Springfield by following what Frink says.  You’ll collect some extra cash and XP.

The Box, The Box! Starts with the Daily Play Combo appearing.  Homer wants to speed it up to get to the Mystery box.  You’ll have to spend 6 donuts to get a Mystery Box.  Mystery box contains 10 donuts.

Level up!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Level 4 Unlock Message

Soylent Bean Lisa goes shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart (Prompted by Lisa 1hour)

Thank Ganesh Apu prays to Ganesh (45 seconds)

Working Hard Homer or Lisa need to clean up Springfield a bit more (if you’ve cleaned all of your debris, you’ll need to buy more land)

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 2 Build the Brown House (prompted by Lisa)

The Simpsons Tapped Out Brown House

The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 1 Homer breaks into the Brown House and watches TV

The Taxman Cometh Collect money from houses

Level Up!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Level 5 Unlock Message

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 3 Move the Kwik-E-Mart because it doesn’t really belong next to the Simpsons’ house.  You’ll then be prompted to build the Flanders House (90 seconds)

The Simpsons Tapped Out flanders house

Character Unlock!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Ned Flanders Character Unlock Message

Shopaholic Collect money from shops (just the Kwik-E-Mart at this point)

Green Thumb Plant trees (Lisa initiates this task, so make sure she’s free.  You’ll need to plant at least 3 trees in order for this quest to be complete)

Donut-denominated Decorations Place Homer’s Hammock

That Ain’t Right Ned condemns science (45 seconds)

Hardly Working Place the kiddie pool (it costs $100)

The Simpsons Tapped Out kiddie pool

Property Values Buy a land expansion

At this point the tutorial ends and you should be on level 5. 

Continue the walkthrough here with levels 5 through 10.

Why Can’t I Click On The ______ Task In My Character’s Task box?

Some characters have separation anxiety and have a hard time doing certain tasks alone. Usually if you’re unable to click on a task in your character’s task box (it’s a locked task) it’s because they need a “buddy” to do the task with and they aren’t free yet. Here’s a list (as of level 32/Krustyland) of the needy characters and the tasks they need a buddy for:

Smithers: Exercise for Mr. Burns- As the task title includes Mr. Burns’ name in it, it’s pretty easy to remember that both Smithers and Mr. Burns need to be free for this 1 hour task

Lisa: Babysit Rod & Todd- Before level 32 was released Lisa used to be able to complete this 8hr task on her now, however now that Rod & Todd have been introduced into the game it makes sense that the task includes them now too. After all if Rod & Todd are on the see-saw who exactly is Lisa watching inside the Flanders house? So if you want to send Lisa on a babysitting adventure make sure Rod & Todd are free to be sat!

Rod & Todd: Play on the see-saw with Todd/Rod- As the title suggests you’ll need both Rod & Todd free to complete this 4hr task, because with only 1 character it would be a see with no saw!

Legs & Louie: Interrogate a Squealer- This 60 minute task requires both Legs and Louie as it takes two mobsters to “drown a rat”!

Agnes Skinner: Go On A Date With Comic Book Guy- As the title suggests this 2 hr “Cougar” task requires both Agnes and Comic Book Guy. So if you want to send Agnes out on a date with Comic Book Guy make sure her “boy toy” is free!

Miss. Springfield: Enjoy an Evening With The Mayor- This premium humorous 3 minute (!) task requires both Ms. Springfield and Mayor Quimby to be free. After all it’s not a scandal unless the Mayor is present!

Mr. Burns: Ride the Ferris Wheel- This premium 10 hr task for Mr. Burns can be a little tricky to figure out why it’s not working. After all it doesn’t include anyone else’s name in the title. Mr. Burns is afraid to ride the, as he calls it, “Pleasure Wheel” by himself because he “lacks sufficient body weight to keep from being gusted away at the top” and he needs Smithers to ride with him and hold him. Naturally Smithers is all too happy to assist. So if you want Mr. Burns to go for a spin around the Ferris Wheel you’ll have to make sure Smithers is free to ride too.

There are some limited-time characters that have tasks on their quest line that require a regular character to complete. The best way to see if another character is required is to check in the task list and see what it says is required to complete the task. Here’s an example of Rex Banner’s task box:

So when all else fails just check the task box and see if another character is required to unlock the task!