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Looking OUTSIDE the Game: Open Thread

I know you are all getting weary of the “glitches” that are ongoing with the game right now. So I figured for this open thread, let’s all get our minds on what is going on OUTSIDE our lil devices and tappin fingers.


I was told there is some kind of sporting events going on. Is this true? (Don’t they ever end? I swear we just had one last week. Lol.)

Something about some people that if they land with their arms straight UP…they win medals and a cereal box picture. But if they land with their arms down…they are forgotten forever. Anyone know just what this event is? I also here some CRAZY people are sliding down a curvy icy slide a million miles an hour…on their bellies…face first. WHAAA???!! And here I thought BUNNY was the one that lost her mind.

I also am told that another sporting event is starting, but yet not starting. HUH? Something about a bunch of guys in uniform all joining up together for Spring…something? Spring Break maybe? Hmmmmm, that sounds like trouble just waiting to happen. But men in uniform? Mmmmmmmm. Dreamy.

So there you have it. Explain to this confuzzled lil furry creature just what the heck is going on in the outside world. I don’t have a TV here in my basement, and Alissa don’t let me out too much. So other than THIS…I never know what is going on.


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