Looking OUTSIDE the Game: Open Thread

I know you are all getting weary of the “glitches” that are ongoing with the game right now. So I figured for this open thread, let’s all get our minds on what is going on OUTSIDE our lil devices and tappin fingers.


I was told there is some kind of sporting events going on. Is this true? (Don’t they ever end? I swear we just had one last week. Lol.)

Something about some people that if they land with their arms straight UP…they win medals and a cereal box picture. But if they land with their arms down…they are forgotten forever. Anyone know just what this event is? I also here some CRAZY people are sliding down a curvy icy slide a million miles an hour…on their bellies…face first. WHAAA???!! And here I thought BUNNY was the one that lost her mind.

I also am told that another sporting event is starting, but yet not starting. HUH? Something about a bunch of guys in uniform all joining up together for Spring…something? Spring Break maybe? Hmmmmm, that sounds like trouble just waiting to happen. But men in uniform? Mmmmmmmm. Dreamy.

So there you have it. Explain to this confuzzled lil furry creature just what the heck is going on in the outside world. I don’t have a TV here in my basement, and Alissa don’t let me out too much. So other than THIS…I never know what is going on.


FYI- If you want something to do and possibility to earn FREE STUFF!!! The Contest ends tomorrow night. SO ENTER NOW!!


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22 responses to “Looking OUTSIDE the Game: Open Thread

  1. Hey…would you guys do a “SpongeBob TappedOut Addicts” if the game is ever made???

  2. Oh the dreaded Beatles anniversary…I was nearly two yrs old…I love them, don’t get me wrong…it just drums up memories…I was having the most awesome night celebrating my 18th birthday with all the coolest kids from my school…ended up in the backseat with two of the hottest girls…it was Dec. 8th, 1980…while my night didn’t end as bad as John’s, it ended when the news hit the radio…RIP John.

  3. “There are some great submissions so far. Hardest part is going to be narrowing it down.”

    When getting tricks and tips on how to do multiple choice questions for university, where all 5 choices are right but you have to choose the most best answer, they suggested if you’re confused, pick the longest answer. Why don’t you try that too!

    (And I’m not just saying that cause I wrote the longest poem, wink wink!)

    • But hence…how do you know yours is longest. You can’t see the email submissions. πŸ˜‰

      Lol. This is gonna be fun.

  4. I’m actually watching the Beatles special on CBS, it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. I don’t know how to feel about the fact that my friends are all chatting about it on Facebook. I’m not sure if it makes me feel old or like a teenage girl!

    • Young or old…the Beatles made some AMAZING music that I listen to all the time. LOVE IT! <3 πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, it’s amazing how many great songs they had. There’s no other band in history with a song catalog that good!

      • How could you not be inspired? Not only is the songwriting and playing top-notch, they were the ones that really pushed music forward by writing all their own songs and creating all those sounds and moods on the albums. They were true artists in every sense, and those songs were the soundtrack of everyone’s lives for fifty years! Any creativity inspires me, really. I write, draw and paint, play guitar and sing, and I draw inspiration from a lot of creative things I come across, including what you guys do here. I honestly don’t think I would love the game as much as I do without this site to inspire me and add an extra dimension to it. πŸ™‚

        • I am a creative person myself. Hence why I enjoy writing, taught myself to play piano and guitar, have a deep love of music that brought me to be on the air in radio. Just so much enjoyment in music. I could go on for ages. πŸ˜‰

      • Music is probably my favorite thing on the planet. I’m lucky that my friend has a studio in his house and my friends and I go there every Friday and play as loud as we want. I’ve become the default singer, not because I’m that good at it, I just don’t care who hears me do it! There’s nothing better than creating music with friends.

        • I get spoiled at the radio station. Meet so many cool people…downside…it also makes me realize just how much I dislike some artists for their personality. Makes it hard to enjoy their music. (That or they are REALLY short and I feel like a giant next to them. Lol. There went my musician crushes FAST. πŸ˜‰ )

      • And where are you on the radio? Give yourself a plug and I’ll listen! I used to be on college radio back in the late 80’s. Then my friend and I started DJ’ing parties and weddings, and that was fun.

        • Behind the scenes now. Not on air much anymore unless they ask me. Still looking into some voice work options, but they don’t pay very much. I am always told I have a “pleasant” voice and it was perfect for on air and on phones when I work in customer service areas. You’d have to ask the Fuzzball and Alissa to confirm that one for me. I think everyone feels their voice sounds funny when they hear it. I did enjoy being on air though. TONS of laughs and fun. Co hosting was a blast

      • Yes, I learned long ago to love my idols from afar!

      • I never liked my voice much either. I have a great face for radio though! πŸ™‚

  5. Silly rabbit…
    The Seahawks were awesome!!! (the Pacific North West is beautiful).
    The Winter Olympics has begun in Sochi.
    Baseball is around the bend.

    • So…sports stuff. Lol (you know I am joking as my NYC friends would injure me greatly if I did not pay attention to their Mets n Yankees rivalry. It is all just balls to me…basket, base, foot, soccer…you name it. Lol πŸ˜‰ Not to mention my hometown hosted the 2002 Winter Games. I was…involved. Lol)

      • SaltLake, huh…I lived in Denver for about two years…Seattle about 18 months…Florida 2 years…NewLondon, Con. almost a year…SanDiego/Friscox…Pearl Harbor…and now NC…after all that I still ain’t set foot in Utah…
        Okay so I went over to your little contest to have a look see…wow…I had aspired to be a journalist in my youth…I’d write research papers for fun…discovered weed and wrote some decent stuff, a play was made from a poem I wrote…my sister found it in my things after I left for the Navy, took it to school and her teacher made a play from it using all the lines…I’ve had writers block for some 20 years…you seem to be doing quite well girl…!!!

        • I enjoy what I do…when there is no more joy…I will stop. Plain and simple. I love to just let loose and be free to write and create. Addicts gives me that ability.

          And yah… SL,UT ***snickers*** I do love even more so all the tshirts that say that on it. I have lived mainly on the West. My journeys east as of late have been my first time on that side. My next adventure…I hope…is across the “pond” and in more areas like UK, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, etc. But that is a lot of $$$$ away. Lol. πŸ˜‰

          There are some great submissions so far. Hardest part is going to be narrowing it down.

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