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2D …What Next?

Well hello there readers. Having a fun week yet? Trying to figure out who’s gonna have the best feast for Turkey Day so you can crash the party? Or are you already going through the sales ads, planning what stores are going to have the biggest sales? Gotta get that big TV? New clothes? Xmas gifts?

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Snorky Speak Man

To the Hominid Readers of Addicts,

King Snorky here. Over the last month, a certain “Star Wars Fan” who calls himself “The Wookiee” has been blabbering away about my introduction into some sort of game called “The Simpsons Tapped Out”. As a peaceable sort of fellow, I let this galoof run his silly mouth and even had myself a chuckle at his meager attempt to immortalize me using strange objects. Although I don’t get using garbage bins to replicate my majesty, at least the poor brute tried.


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A long time ago in a Springfield far, far away….

As an avid Star Wars fan and rabid Wookiee, I found myself all over the “web” searching for Simpsons Star Wars pictures and suddenly thought, how cool would it be if a special week or two of the game was dedicated to one of the best… movies… EVER?

So here are my ideas.  To start, EA could offer more special costumes for characters.

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