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Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The 7th and 8th GOO Prizes, Snorky and Twirl n’ Hurl

Hey howdy hey GOO Collectors!

Back with the next two prizes in the Personal Prize collection, you can read about the Ancient Burial Ground & Pumpkin house herethe Vac-U-Bot here, Zombie here & Ultrahouse & Victorian UFO here. The next two prizes are achieved at the 5,200 GOO (Snorky) collection mark and the 6,500 GOO (Twirl ‘n’ Hurl) collection mark.
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Snorky Speak Man

To the Hominid Readers of Addicts,

King Snorky here. Over the last month, a certain “Star Wars Fan” who calls himself “The Wookiee” has been blabbering away about my introduction into some sort of game called “The Simpsons Tapped Out”. As a peaceable sort of fellow, I let this galoof run his silly mouth and even had myself a chuckle at his meager attempt to immortalize me using strange objects. Although I don’t get using garbage bins to replicate my majesty, at least the poor brute tried.


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Hey hidey ho Addicts. So, Halloween is fast approaching and this Wookiee is jumping in anticipation. As I’m not sure my current residence can withstand the stress said jumping is placing upon it, I had to take drastic action!

Previously, I wrote about Halloween items that could be coming. If you haven’t enjoyed these yet or just would like to reread my ramblings, you can find them here and here.

What this Wookiee really, really, really wants is Killer Dolphins this Halloween.

killer dolphins

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WAWW… Squidport Part Deux

Here is my continuation from Part Uno posted Yesterday… WAWW is short for What a Wookiee Wants btw…

Starting off, this is not really a part of the Squidport but a building I want, want, want to put in front of it.  I picture this sort of like the Open Air Stage but where EA could bring us all the music celebrity cameos that have appeared in the show i.e. Green Day, Aerosmith, etc.


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