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Why Can’t I Click On The ______ Task In My Character’s Task box?

Some characters have separation anxiety and have a hard time doing certain tasks alone. Usually if you’re unable to click on a task in your character’s task box (it’s a locked task) it’s because they need a “buddy” to do the task with and they aren’t free yet. Here’s a list (as of level 32/Krustyland) of the needy characters and the tasks they need a buddy for:

Smithers: Exercise for Mr. Burns- As the task title includes Mr. Burns’ name in it, it’s pretty easy to remember that both Smithers and Mr. Burns need to be free for this 1 hour task

Lisa: Babysit Rod & Todd- Before level 32 was released Lisa used to be able to complete this 8hr task on her now, however now that Rod & Todd have been introduced into the game it makes sense that the task includes them now too. After all if Rod & Todd are on the see-saw who exactly is Lisa watching inside the Flanders house? So if you want to send Lisa on a babysitting adventure make sure Rod & Todd are free to be sat!

Rod & Todd: Play on the see-saw with Todd/Rod- As the title suggests you’ll need both Rod & Todd free to complete this 4hr task, because with only 1 character it would be a see with no saw!

Legs & Louie: Interrogate a Squealer- This 60 minute task requires both Legs and Louie as it takes two mobsters to “drown a rat”!

Agnes Skinner: Go On A Date With Comic Book Guy- As the title suggests this 2 hr “Cougar” task requires both Agnes and Comic Book Guy. So if you want to send Agnes out on a date with Comic Book Guy make sure her “boy toy” is free!

Miss. Springfield: Enjoy an Evening With The Mayor- This premium humorous 3 minute (!) task requires both Ms. Springfield and Mayor Quimby to be free. After all it’s not a scandal unless the Mayor is present!

Mr. Burns: Ride the Ferris Wheel- This premium 10 hr task for Mr. Burns can be a little tricky to figure out why it’s not working. After all it doesn’t include anyone else’s name in the title. Mr. Burns is afraid to ride the, as he calls it, “Pleasure Wheel” by himself because he “lacks sufficient body weight to keep from being gusted away at the top” and he needs Smithers to ride with him and hold him. Naturally Smithers is all too happy to assist. So if you want Mr. Burns to go for a spin around the Ferris Wheel you’ll have to make sure Smithers is free to ride too.

There are some limited-time characters that have tasks on their quest line that require a regular character to complete. The best way to see if another character is required is to check in the task list and see what it says is required to complete the task. Here’s an example of Rex Banner’s task box:

So when all else fails just check the task box and see if another character is required to unlock the task!

Ah! I Accidentally Sent Apu on a 7 Day Kwik-E-Mart Shift! Can I get out of it without having to spend Donuts?

While I’m sure Apu would love the 7 day break from having to feed the octuplets, don’t worry canceling the task (or any task) can easily be done!

Much like canceling a crop on Cletus’s farm tasks can be canceled by placing the character, the building they arrive in the game in, or the building they’re currently using to complete the task into inventory.

If the character is doing an outdoor task and didn’t come with a building you would simply place that character into storage, here’s how:

-Find the character you’d like to cancel the task for and then click the move button on your screen (arrows in the bottom right corner). Then click on the character you’d like to store (in this example we’re going to cancel the Advertise Burgers 24 hr task for the SVT) and click on the storage button, the cardboard box:

-When it asks if you’d like to store the character click the blue store button:

-Your character is now located in your inventory (which should automatically come up) and you can place them back in the game and start them on a new task.

-If a character is completing an indoor task all you have to do is put the building they’re using into your storage. This will kick the character out of the building and off of the task. Once you’ve added it to storage you can immediately place the building back into your game and assign the character to a different task.

-The final option to cancel a task is to put the building that the character came with (for Apu that would be the Kwik-E-Mart, for Bart it’s the Tree House etc) into storage. Again once you’ve added it to storage you can immediately place the building back into your game and assign the character to a different task. Be careful with this though, as some buildings came with more than 1 character (MOE’s for example came with Marge & Moe) and putting the building into storage would result in both characters getting kicked off tasks.

Now that you know how to correct the mistake, you don’t have to worry about running through donuts to fix a silly mistake and you can save them for more important things.