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Addicts Question Corner: YOUR Valentine’s Day Questions Answered

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

I’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….


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How Long Until My Crops Die on Cletus’s Farm?

We’ve all been there, or seen a neighbor there.  Forgot you were growing a crop on the farm and walked away for too long only to come back to a bunch of dead crops!  It’s a pretty crummy feeling, especially because you have to pay money to grow crops.  Almost as if you just wasted good money for a pile of junk, should have grown weeds!

So just how long do you have to walk away from the game, until a crop dies?  Well the answer is pretty simple:

  • Weeds- 45 seconds to grow, 45 seconds to wilt (if only real weeds died this fast!)
  • Perfection- 45 seconds to grow, 3 seconds to wilt (stupid Perfection!)
  • Tomacco- 60 minutes to grow, 24 hours to wilt
  • Silvertounge- 8 hours to grow, 24 hours to wilt
  • Triffids- 12 hours to grow, 24 hours to wilt (And no they won’t end your game)
  • Moonshine- 24 hours to grow, 24 hours to wilt
  • Corn- 90 days to grow, 3 days to wilt

As you can see, Perfection is the biggest pain in this game and dies quick.  So my suggestion is if you’re going to plant Perfection watch it grow so you can harvest it right away…otherwise you might be cleaning up a dead pile of flowers!

Afraid you’ll be away too long to Harvest a crop?  Well if you have some kind neighbors they can always click on a wilted crop and help bring it back to life.  Remember to be kind to your neighbors, if you see their crop has wilted help bring it back to life–and they might just return the favor for you!

TSTO cletuts's farm tomacco

Help! I Accidently Started Growing Corn on Cletus’s Farm! How Do I Get Out of It?

Been there done that! Luckily canceling a crop while it’s growing is easier than brewing moonshine (although not as tasty)!
Here’s what you do:

1) Open up your move menu (arrows on the bottom right of the screen) and tap on Cletus’s Farm:

tsto cletus farm
2) Once you’ve selected the farm it will be highlighted in green (or red). Tap the cardboard box (inventory) and select the blue Store button:

tsto cletus farm cancel crop
3) Next open up your inventory (accessed via the build menu & again the cardboard box) and tap on Cletus’s Farm and place it back where it was.

That’s it you’re all done! Now you can get back that high quality moonshine!
TSTO Cletus

Ah! I Accidentally Sent Apu on a 7 Day Kwik-E-Mart Shift! Can I get out of it without having to spend Donuts?

While I’m sure Apu would love the 7 day break from having to feed the octuplets, don’t worry canceling the task (or any task) can easily be done!

Much like canceling a crop on Cletus’s farm tasks can be canceled by placing the character, the building they arrive in the game in, or the building they’re currently using to complete the task into inventory.

If the character is doing an outdoor task and didn’t come with a building you would simply place that character into storage, here’s how:

-Find the character you’d like to cancel the task for and then click the move button on your screen (arrows in the bottom right corner). Then click on the character you’d like to store (in this example we’re going to cancel the Advertise Burgers 24 hr task for the SVT) and click on the storage button, the cardboard box:

-When it asks if you’d like to store the character click the blue store button:

-Your character is now located in your inventory (which should automatically come up) and you can place them back in the game and start them on a new task.

-If a character is completing an indoor task all you have to do is put the building they’re using into your storage. This will kick the character out of the building and off of the task. Once you’ve added it to storage you can immediately place the building back into your game and assign the character to a different task.

-The final option to cancel a task is to put the building that the character came with (for Apu that would be the Kwik-E-Mart, for Bart it’s the Tree House etc) into storage. Again once you’ve added it to storage you can immediately place the building back into your game and assign the character to a different task. Be careful with this though, as some buildings came with more than 1 character (MOE’s for example came with Marge & Moe) and putting the building into storage would result in both characters getting kicked off tasks.

Now that you know how to correct the mistake, you don’t have to worry about running through donuts to fix a silly mistake and you can save them for more important things.