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Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball – Season 1

Hey hey there friends!

So… the other week or so, Alissa told me that Totbox planned a hiatus from the amazing Throwback posts that I’ve come to love and while I’ll miss the hilarity that is Totbox covering episodes of the Best. Show. Ever., I wondered if it was time for me to step into the arena and take on each season of The Simpsons. Wow though. Writing about each episode of the show is a task and a half. How to find time to watch each one and then give it the due diligence like Tot? It seemed like something that might end up low on my honey-do list.wookieetabletfull2Of course, then coincidence and a confluence of events occurred. One of the goals we’ve had on the site is to provide a variety of different formats for content for y’all. We already have the occasional gameplay videos from Alissa and I hope you’ve checked out the 5 episodes of Addicts Live. They’re a hoot and I’ve really enjoyed being on the last few. The last frontier we hadn’t crossed yet was just doing a podcast. But wait… I’m already doing that. In case you missed my blatant self-promotion from a few months back, I have been recording a podcast of my own where I ramble on about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. I’ve been having a great time and somehow have kept the show going for 23 episodes. This is where we get to said coincidence. Continue reading

Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday: Season 1 TLC

Hello Couch Potato(es) and Folks over at EA,

You may have seen one or two or thirteen of (my) Totbox’s Throwback Posts and since all of Season 1 has been written, I figure it’s time to reveal my ulterior motive… I have written them for many reasons (to keep me mentally busy, to see what other reader’s thoughts are on those episodes, to pretend I’m an important fixture to the TSTO Addict community) :p BUT my main purpose As Usual was hopes to get a little attention from EA itself (after all they are the true puppet masters of my gaming destiny). So I figure maybe if I gather all of Season 1 posts and link them, to form an Ultimate reference to Season 1 and the possibilities available, maybe they’ll take a peak and give me… I mean Us, some of those characters and things we have been wishing for.

I would like to call this “Hey EA, sEAson 1, COME ON!!!!!!” but I can’t neglect the readers here at TSTOA with a few more of my silly observation between Season 1 before diving into Season 2, After all did you see each post I made regarding Season 1? What if someone missed one? What if someone didn’t read any? 😮

Since I have a little OCD how about a little TLC (tender loving care) for my throwback posts? You can still access them by going to Behind The Game and selecting ThrowbackThursday but when you do you see the newest one and need to scroll down to read the older one. So I figure I’d make this “Season 1 TLC” (Throwbacks Listed Chronologically).

I hope your eyes are ready because here comes the first Totbox’s Throwback Season (1) Binge Read (which was another alternative title to this post) 😛

“Season 1”

School, Work, Home, what else is there? Hmm.. Holidays, Emotions, War, Nature, Crimes, Parties and MORE!!

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