Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball – Season 1

Hey hey there friends!

So… the other week or so, Alissa told me that Totbox planned a hiatus from the amazing Throwback posts that I’ve come to love and while I’ll miss the hilarity that is Totbox covering episodes of the Best. Show. Ever., I wondered if it was time for me to step into the arena and take on each season of The Simpsons. Wow though. Writing about each episode of the show is a task and a half. How to find time to watch each one and then give it the due diligence like Tot? It seemed like something that might end up low on my honey-do list.wookieetabletfull2Of course, then coincidence and a confluence of events occurred. One of the goals we’ve had on the site is to provide a variety of different formats for content for y’all. We already have the occasional gameplay videos from Alissa and I hope you’ve checked out the 5 episodes of Addicts Live. They’re a hoot and I’ve really enjoyed being on the last few. The last frontier we hadn’t crossed yet was just doing a podcast. But wait… I’m already doing that. In case you missed my blatant self-promotion from a few months back, I have been recording a podcast of my own where I ramble on about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. I’ve been having a great time and somehow have kept the show going for 23 episodes. This is where we get to said coincidence.

Laugh It Up Fuzzball Podcast Image

I was talking to Alissa about a plan I had to briefly review every season of The Simpsons in a segment I have on my show and then like the genius she is (there’s a reason I call her Alissa the Amazing), she wondered if I couldn’t just turn that into something we also offered here on the site. Like a shortened version of just Simpsons stuff. A mini-podcast culled from a larger one. Twice the fun with half the work (sort of). Genius. Mind blown. One of the best things about the team here is how we all work together and through a powerful melding of our collective creative minds, we somehow put out a product that thousands and thousands of you enjoy.


The thought hadn’t occurred to me that I could record normally for Laugh It Up Fuzzball AND provide something for all the awesome readers here that don’t necessarily want to listen to me ramble on about geekery for an hour each week. It sounded like a good plan to me so here we are. Long and short of all of this is I took the Simpsons segment of my podcast and turned it into a shortened audio version for anyone here that would want to listen to it. Additionally, it satisfies my desire to cover recaps of all the seasons of The Simpsons. Woo hoo!WookieeIn this first edition, I cover Season One of the show and then talk a little about some TSTO stuff. As a bonus, I included my verbal review of “Pork and Burns” (S28:E11). The plan is for this to be something we have on the site every week or so. As long as I do a long format episode that includes the Kwyjibo Corner (what I call my Simpsons segment on the podcast), there’ll be a shortened version here on Addicts. Every so often I do guest episodes which don’t cover the usual geek news, comics, The Simpsons, Star Wars, and whatever randomness finds its way onto the recording so there could be gaps occasionally. Anyhoo… without further words since the goal is just to supply an easy listen, here is this week’s Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball.


So that’s that friends. It happened and now I’ll wait in trepidation to see what y’all think. If you liked my rambling, there’s a whole bunch of long versions of the podcast. Previous episodes have had their own Kwyjibo Corners. Heck, if you wanted me to let you know the time marks for those from previous recordings, I’d be more than happy to do so. I’m proud of the podcast but could easily give you the Top 5 episodes to listen to if you so desired (hint: they include guests). Now I’m gonna go hide behind a comic book while I wait for the verdict.Halloween Addicts Image Wookiee

Congrats on completing Level 1 of this new experiment. For more info about Laugh It Up Fuzzball, you can check out the website ( There’s also a Facebook page ( if you want to join or you can reach me on twitter (@wookieeriot) or the website and of course, as always, here in the comments. Feel free to subscribe to Laugh It Up Fuzzball over on iTunes, googleplay, the twitcher app, or PlayerFM. Several other apps pull from all these so there’s a plethora of ways to listen.

I hope to see some of your thoughts, comments, and ideas. Hopefully you like this as much as I did recording and then putting it all together. If not… blame Alissa and Totbox. Seriously though… a big heartfelt thanks to Totbox for all the throwback posts. I enjoyed them and just hope this will do to fill the absence. Thanks so much for listening, I remain the Wookiee, your resident walking carpet of Simpsons geekery. You stay classy and thanks for stopping by.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball – Season 1

  1. It is currently January 20th 2017… I want to apologies for my abscesses my time machine has been on the fritz and I may or may not have prevented or caused the results of today’s big news (and we shall never speak of it again).

    Besides the time machine not working, I have been seeing doctors and shrinks that seem to disbelieve that my machine actually works (which at the moment needs time to cool down and maintenance it’self)

    I’m glad I inspired this post to some degree, I do wish Wookiee would a What A Wookie Wants – Season 1 (wether he agree’s with my choices or liked anything in the Don’t Mention It section).

    What was nice is that we did receive some of those items I mentioned. Anyway, Thanks for keeping it short, but I would have liked the WAWW S1 post.

    I’ll see when I can get everything in working order to continue on Season 2 (it does take the right amount of time and energy) , it’s hard to believe I’m still stuck on Season 2 and I hope to finish it someday. Season 3 is a different story (I can’t make any promises there).

    I gotta take care of somethings outside of the realm of The Simpsons and… not sure what else to say about that. :p

    • Definite inspiration. Take care of yourself and know we’ll always want to see more Throwbacks if your muse ever comes calling. I’ll just keep rambling in the meantime. As for the WAWW… maybe in the future. It could be fun.

  2. How do I locate the latest/newest mini game? And are there still random donuts for visiting friends Springfields?

  3. I loved that. You know I am a fan of your podcasts so that was awesome 😃! Can’t wait for me 👏

  4. Hello! I updated the game already and I still have the princess nerd pt 2 quest. I don’t even know how I did part 1. I never bought anything. Anyone know how I can get rid of this quest? Thanks!

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