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The Glitch is Gone :(

Hey there hoppereenos…errr…tappereenos…errrr….neighboreenos? Bunny here just making a quick pounce in and out to bring you some sad news with the newest Update into our game.

The Tile, Farm, Channel 6, etc. glitches that we took some great advantage of before the Valentines Event…I am here to report that sadly, none are working. All gone. 🙁 I have tried all methods in all the games I have access to, and all are only allowing one tap. As soon as the one tap is made, the item is gone for any other taps. These were indeed great while they lasted, so I hope all of you got what you could out of them.

We will keep an eye out for any more goodies that show and let you know.



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Level 38 Changes: New Squidport Tile Build Times and Pricing

Hey Everbunny! (and no, I can’t spell…not my fault…I’m too distracted. Mmmmmmmm distractions.)

Figured I would get this information out to you as the new Level 38 has made some changes within the game. Specifically, Squidport Tile build times and pricing.

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