Level 38 Changes: New Squidport Tile Build Times and Pricing

Hey Everbunny! (and no, I can’t spell…not my fault…I’m too distracted. Mmmmmmmm distractions.)

Figured I would get this information out to you as the new Level 38 has made some changes within the game. Specifically, Squidport Tile build times and pricing.

So what changes have been made?

New Build Times & Pricing…
1-4 Free (during quest line)
5- $250
6- $450
7- $850
8-19 $2,500/ 12 hrs
20-31 $3,350/16 hrs
32-46 $5,000/24 hrs
47-61 $10,000/48 hrs
62-89 $12,500/60 hrs
90-119 $15,000/72 hrs
120-150 $17,500/84 hrs
36 hr tiles are eliminated
Total time originally was 8,710 hours now it’s 7,878 hours

Old Build Times & Pricing
1-4  Free (during quest line)
Tile 5 – $250/60 minutes
Tile 6 – $450/2 hours
Tile 7 – $850/4 hours
Tile 8 – $1,700/8 hours
Tile 9 – $2,500/12 hours
Tile 10 – $3,350/16 hours
Tiles 11-15 – $5,000/24 hours
Tiles 16-30 – $7,500/1 day 12 hours
Tiles 31-60 – $10,000/2 days
Tiles 61-90 – $12,500/2 days 12 hours
Tiles 91-120 – $15,000/ 3 days
Tiles 121-150 – $17,500/ 3 days 12 hours

For those of you wondering…YES…Tile Glitch is still working for me in both my towns. Along with Cletus’ Farm and Channel 6. So keep using it while you can. (Gotta love electronics and their glitches.) 😉

Squidport Tile Glitch 1

Squidport Tile Glitch 2

Cletus' farm glitch

Channel 6 Glitch

Don’t forget to always leave at least one handshake on the locations. (Some even leave two, just to be safe.) Also, remember…only one tap on your neighbor’s locations at a time. Unless you are in contact and they clear the tap IMMEDIATELY…going out and coming right back and tapping the same location will still only give them one. That’s about it for now.



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31 responses to “Level 38 Changes: New Squidport Tile Build Times and Pricing

  1. My boardwalk section timer has been maxed at 3.5 days for ages but a few days back it dropped back down to just 12 hours. Nice!

    It MIGHT have coincided with the start of THoH 2016 but I wasn’t paying close attention to exactly when the change happened.

    Has anyone else seen this in their towns?

  2. Is there any way to make more than one squid port entrance? I have seen other lands that do have more than one but I can’t figure out how they did it. Help is appreciated!! Thx 🙂

  3. How long until I get multiple tiles at once? I read somewhere that early on, you started getting two per purchase then three until the max.

  4. Totally off topic but are Bunnykram and Bunnydud the same person?!? Or is Bunnykram the “Hugo Simpson II” of Bunnydud…???

  5. I have the max amount of tiles. I wish they’d update it to allow for more

  6. Has level 38 also changed the amount Miss Springfield and Barney earn for their tasks. They seem to be showing a higher earn rate than normal?

  7. Dammit i tapped the tile handshake by accident now i gotta wait 2.5 days again. D’oh!
    Im also growin corn so hope they dont fix that glitch the next few months. Gimme money and xp :O

  8. What’s the max amount of tiles???

  9. I already made the max amount of tiles. 😅

  10. Bunny what’s you’re tsto name so I can add you to my neighboreeno list

  11. Now that the Valentine’s update is on its way, I have a proposal for you guys to get information out a lot faster. It seems that most TSTO websites usually post the same things on the first couple days of the update (walkthroughs, overview of new content, Where Did That Come From, the list goes on…)

    It would be awesome if all the major TSTO sites on the Internet could team up and give the most comprehensive coverage of a major update yet. For instance, you might have one site doing the walkthroughs, another doing the overview of new content, and another doing the “Where Did That Come From” posts instead of every site doing the same things over a couple of days.

    I don’t think this would be too difficult to implement, just a couple of e-mails would do it. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’d be happy to help coordinate.

    • Thanks, this is something already attempted for a long time now. Too much inside information and detail to go into. Not to mention there is a LOT more to it then a simple trade off. Trust me. We have tried. Maybe…in the future…we will see. In the meantime, we will just keep on giving our readers all the information in one location. 😉

  12. Don’t forget the glitch works on the stage, too.

  13. Well let me know if those distractions start to weigh on you. I’d be happy to rub your Bunny feet ANYTIME 😀

  14. Distractions distractions distractions. There you go with those electronics and distractions again. Next thing you know you’re going to tell me you put your thumb through a tablet or something!

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