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The Glitch is Gone :(

Hey there hoppereenos…errr…tappereenos…errrr….neighboreenos? Bunny here just making a quick pounce in and out to bring you some sad news with the newest Update into our game.

The Tile, Farm, Channel 6, etc. glitches that we took some great advantage of before the Valentines Event…I am here to report that sadly, none are working. All gone. 🙁 I have tried all methods in all the games I have access to, and all are only allowing one tap. As soon as the one tap is made, the item is gone for any other taps. These were indeed great while they lasted, so I hope all of you got what you could out of them.

We will keep an eye out for any more goodies that show and let you know.



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Tapped Out on Christmas: What to Tap Now? Neighbor-eeno Guidance

Hey Howdy Hey New Year Tappers!

How’s 2014 treating you so far?  Sticking to those resolutions…2 days in?  🙂

I’ve been noticing more and more in the comments many tappers asking what’s next?  You’ve completed the Gift Card prizes (although if you haven’t…don’t panic you still have plenty of time…until next Tuesday to be exact), won all of the wheel prizes (again if you haven’t don’t panic…or feel one of the F words…you still have plenty of time) and you have no clue what to do until the next update.

Should you still be tapping Neighbor-eeno’s houses with Gift Cards?  Should you still be dropping gift bags?  Should you still be tapping your own presents?  Well over the next couple of days we’re going to take a look at things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming Tapped Out on Christmas and still keep your head in the game.

Today’s tip?  Some Neighbor-eeeno Guidance.  Let’s take a look at some ways you can help your friends and neighbors and prevent the Christmas Burn Out…

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Down on the Boardwalk… having Squidport Fun….

Well hello there tappers and tappettes!

Kind of a slow day here at Addicts as you can see from my silly attempt to sing an oldie with TSTO lyrics and failing.  I had written a whole verse and chorus but scrapped it to spare you the silliness lol.

As we ramp up for the new year.  I’m personally so excited for 2014 and all the new content we will have coming in the future.  Of course New Year’s Eve is synonymous with champagne and maybe a little debauchery so I figured I’d hit the kegs here at Addicts and see what’s on tap for today…

I know a lot of folks probably are feeling a little tapped-out with the holiday event, so I thought I’d take a break from it all and talk about a neglected area of a lot of Springfields… Squidport.  Whether you feel it is you or EA that is guilty of the neglect is up to you.  Like most things in life, you are the master of your destiny (and opinion), but I thought I’d show you a neat little trick or two to spice up your Springfield Pier Area.

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Squidport Tile Bores: A New Hope (A MUST READ)

CURRENT UPDATE: This Glitch No Longer Works.  

NOTE: This glitch is supposed to no longer work as it was fixed with the Holiday 2013 Update.  Some folks report the glitch still working so there is no harm in trying it out.  I hope we’re wrong.

Per Bunny: The Glitch is still alive and well working quite nicely in both her towns. Others still report it is gone. So it is a hit and miss. Keep tapping just in case, can’t hurt right? 

Hey there exhausted Halloween Party People.

I know it seems dumb to add “a must read” after a post title but I really had to this time.  I wanted to shoot out a quick post to all my favorite addicterinos who frequent this site with some potential awesome news about those blasted Squidport Tiles.

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