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Level 38 Changes: New Squidport Tile Build Times and Pricing

Hey Everbunny! (and no, I can’t spell…not my fault…I’m too distracted. Mmmmmmmm distractions.)

Figured I would get this information out to you as the new Level 38 has made some changes within the game. Specifically, Squidport Tile build times and pricing.

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Squidport Tile Bores: A New Hope (A MUST READ)

CURRENT UPDATE: This Glitch No Longer Works.  

NOTE: This glitch is supposed to no longer work as it was fixed with the Holiday 2013 Update.  Some folks report the glitch still working so there is no harm in trying it out.  I hope we’re wrong.

Per Bunny: The Glitch is still alive and well working quite nicely in both her towns. Others still report it is gone. So it is a hit and miss. Keep tapping just in case, can’t hurt right? 

Hey there exhausted Halloween Party People.

I know it seems dumb to add “a must read” after a post title but I really had to this time.  I wanted to shoot out a quick post to all my favorite addicterinos who frequent this site with some potential awesome news about those blasted Squidport Tiles.

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GUEST POST: Those Squidport T1£€$!

Below is a re-post of some amazing info compiled by our friend Em at Topix!  You can find out more from our friends at TSTOTopix.com!  

The Squidport extension was released 12th of June 2013 and is a permanent addition to the game. It will become available when you reach level 15. It is a multimillion dollar investment that will most likely take over a year to complete.

I consider “tile” to be a Four-Letter-Word that should not be used around children, so I will not use it in this post 🙂 Squidport will consists of 150 pieces of wood that you can place your SqP items on.
For those of us that began SqP when it was released and have not rushed any, or only a few of these slow, stupid, hateful, expensive pieces of wood, we are just starting on the $12.5K / 60h ones. I need at least 10 more to finish my very, very basic design. I will have no room for new buildings before Christmas 🙁
How slow and how expensive are these things anyway?!
#1-4 instant, free
#5   $250/1h
#6   $450/2h
#7   $850/4h
#8   $1.7K/8h
#9   $2.5K/12h
#10 $3.35K/16h
=$ 9100 / 33h – 1 day + 9h
#11 – 15 $ 5K / 24h = $ 25K / 5 days
#16 – 30 $ 7.5K / 36h – 1 1/2 days = $ 112.5K / 22 1/2 days
#31 – 60 $ 10K / 48h – 2 days =$ 300K / 60 days
#61 – 90 $ 12.5K / 60h – 2 1/2 days = $ 375K / 75 days
#91 – 120 $ 15K / 72h – 3 days = $ 450K / 90 days
#121 – 150 $ 17.5 / 84h – 3 1/2 days = $ 525K / 105 days
Total $ 1.766.600 / 358 days + 21h
You can, of course, rush these stupid things using Donuts. ~ 4300 Donuts is needed to get a 150 piece SqP instantly. Me, I’d rather spend my money on something else but I did rush some of the T1£€$ so I could continue the SqP quests.
The SqP quest has 11 chapters and 32 parts. To finish the entire Squidport quest you’re required to have 31 of these blasted things. This will take you 35 days + 21h if you don’t use Donuts to speed things up and it will cost you $ 156,600.
And that’s just the totals for the T1£€$! Add the costs for the buildings and decorations required the sum will be $ 698K including the minimum land/seaplots you need.
Happy Tapping!
Disclaimer: Me + math = disaster, so my calculations might be wrong.