The Glitch is Gone :(

Hey there hoppereenos…errr…tappereenos…errrr….neighboreenos? Bunny here just making a quick pounce in and out to bring you some sad news with the newest Update into our game.

The Tile, Farm, Channel 6, etc. glitches that we took some great advantage of before the Valentines Event…I am here to report that sadly, none are working. All gone. πŸ™ I have tried all methods in all the games I have access to, and all are only allowing one tap. As soon as the one tap is made, the item is gone for any other taps. These were indeed great while they lasted, so I hope all of you got what you could out of them.

We will keep an eye out for any more goodies that show and let you know.



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53 responses to “The Glitch is Gone :(

  1. Since this post hit, I have kept a single handshake on my Squidport entrance, in the hopes that the glitch would come back someday.

    I’m unhappy to report that tonight, I accidentally clicked on that handshake, so I can’t make any more tiles. I have nearly 200 tiles right now, so I can’t complain, but still, it’s a shame the glitch was removed.

  2. Noooooo!!!!

    Won’t somebody please think of children

  3. It says I have max tiles & cant make anymore. πŸ™
    Oh well nice I got a few from nice friends willing to tap. πŸ™‚

  4. Nice while it lasted.
    Glad I stocked up on tiles

  5. Since the update, I’ve been getting visits by “Frink” like he was another player with a town, I get XP and FP but I don’t see a town owned by him, but his name is in blue letters, not white like other players and he visits several times a day too.
    I have seen his name as a visitor in other players towns, and tried to add him but after a few months never got a reply, but he is still there waiting to be friended.
    how can this be?
    Is this normal?
    Part of the game?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you…

  6. This might sound a little selfish but knowing all of you are sharing this pain with me makes me feel a little better πŸ˜‰

    In the end only time will heal these wounds πŸ™

  7. I’ve still got two handshakes on mine. I haven’t tapped them yet, even though no more are coming in there’s still the hope that you guys are wrong again (remember the last time you said the tile glitch disappeared?)

    • It did disappear for a lot of people. Us lucky ones still had it, like me. This time around…nothing. I have tried 7 different games and nothing. πŸ™

      • 7 different games…spoken like a true Addict.

        Anyway, I’ve still got one handshake left, and am already at 190 tiles so no more manual building. Fingers crossed for the glitch to return…

        • Me? Addict? What gave it away? Lol πŸ˜‰

          I am still leaving the one up in my B town too to see if it makes a return. The A town I accidentally fat fingered and of course I am already maxed out now.

  8. What about the Springfield downs glitch? Is it still working with the new update?

  9. Well at least now I don’t feel as bad that I accidentally cleared my tile farming handshake during the VD event. I got what I could wish I would have known a about these sooner in poser to take better advantage. My corn was ten days away when VD started so never was able to take advantage of that one.

  10. A moment of silence…

    Thank you, Glitch, for your unwavering and non-judgemental support of the social habit that brings us all both limitless joy and greed (more! more! more!)….

    • Hahahahah. I did take full advantage of this in both my towns. I thought it would take me ages to get all my tiles, but thanks to the glitch…I got them all and then some for a very small in game fee. Crossing my fingers we get more lil treats like this in the future. πŸ˜‰

  11. :O

    Why did I just find this out! Oh yeah, must be because I just found you guys a month ago or so. πŸ™

    Meanwhile, I have been PAINFULLY building my port one tile at a time since it came out. DX

  12. So, in honor of Mr. B. B. King (well, Rick Darnell and Roy Hawkins).

    The glitch is gone
    The glitch is gone away
    The glitch is gone Bunny
    The glitch is gone away
    You know you done me wrong Bunny
    And you’ll be sorry someday

    The glitch is gone
    It’s gone away from me
    The glitch is gone Bunny
    The glitch is gone away from me
    Although, I’ll still live on
    But so XP poor I’ll be

    The glitch is gone
    It’s gone away for good
    The glitch is gone Bunny
    It’s gone away for good
    Someday I know I’ll be Level 40 Bunny
    Just like I know a good tapper should

    You know I’m free, free now Bunny
    I’m free from your spell
    Oh I’m free, free, free now
    I’m free from your spell
    And now that it’s all over
    All I can do is wish you well

  13. Boooo! I blame Bunny! If she hadn’t advertised it!!!!

    (oh, then I probably wouldn’t have known about it – in my best Emily Litella voice – never mind)

  14. D’OH!!!!!!

  15. In the words of Comic Book Guy: Worst. Unglitch. Ever.

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